Sons and Daughters of the Spirit – Rise Up!

Know that you need not know every detail. You only need trust in My plans to complete the good work I have begun from ages past!

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These are unprecedented times when information is at war with itself. As everyone desperately clings to any news of coming help and tries to share hopeful intel, the enemy instead uses it to divide and conquer. In prayer this morning, I simply began typing as I heard His voice whisper in my ear….

Where are the people of My SPIRIT? Heaven calls you upwards! That which is taking place now and is to come, is something of the SPIRIT that is beyond human reach. It is not accessible to the rational mind, educated intellect, or natural means. No, what is true, right, and good can only be obtained by the SPIRIT and that which belongs to a higher realm.

This is a clashing of kingdoms – not just between good and evil, but between the flesh and the spirit. Don’t be surprised by the divisions, the conflicts, and the confusion. Don’t you know that the battles that rage within you and among you are between your soul and the spirit? You instinctively know there is a higher dimension, but your flesh and the enemy of your soul fights to keep you earthbound. I say to refuse its clutch and come up higher!

You cannot possibly comprehend what is taking place right now. You cannot possibly know the depths of My love and My goodness in the midst of the darkness and looming clouds. And yet – I am answering your prayers and responding to your cries for justice – with a passion and zeal that is not of this world!

I am not confined to man’s frustrations or impatience. I am not bound by man’s laws for I am the Giver of Law and the one who determines its boundaries. It is I who determines the truth from the lie, the just from the unjust, and the process of prosecution and judgment. It matters not what the enemies of My Kingdom do or say, for they have no authority in my realm. They have no standing and no voice. Their arguments are as DUNG to me! That’s right! DUNG! They are a stench to My nostrils and I will no longer tolerate their poison or their presence. It is time to evict the Strongmen! It is time for cleansing and the disinfecting agent of My Spirit to come so that I can pour out MY fragrance upon the earth – the aroma of LIFE, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM in the Son!

Do not spend yourselves on debates and disagreements which cannot be fully interpreted in this realm. Do not be surprised at the differing views among your brethren, for I speak to each one but in PART, not the whole. Do not allow your differing perspectives to divide you! I call you each to come up higher and be clothed by My Spirit. It is a cloak of humility and a mantle of peace. It is only those who wear the garment of My Spirit that can see clearly and walk without stumbling. Stay clothed in My Spirit as it will protect your heart and guard your soul.

We are entering into the time of MY SPIRIT on the earth. The deliverance now taking place will remove the cancer that has been growing from deep within the network of nations for generations. You have prayed for the roots, and that is what I am doing. The surgery has gone deep and has been painful, and yet it is an operation and pruning that must take place in order for the glory to come! Trust My plan, for I never do things in part. Every step has been established and every rock overturned. There is nothing that has been hidden from my sight and there is no injustice that will not be accounted for. That which you cannot see or understand has not been to frustrate you, but to protect you. Know that you need not know every detail. You only need trust in My plans to complete the good work I have begun from ages past! My word is accomplishing its purposes and you WILL see them fulfilled.

Sons and daughters of the Spirit, rise up! Look for others who reflect My SPIRIT and not the flesh. Listen to those who call you to BELIEVE and not doubt. Watch those who walk in HOPE and purpose. Draw from those who have journeyed with me through time and learned to know my ways and heart even more than my words. Do not let the LETTER of My word rob you of the SPIRIT of My word! Refuse to debase your faith to mere principle. Faith that is alive and active always carries HOPE, PURPOSE, and a belief in My Spirit that is BEYOND human comprehension.  Do not allow UNBELIEF to rob you of My promises or the workings of My Spirit, for they will never be understood by the flesh or given to those who limit their perspective to that which they can control. Lay down your need to be proven right and allow Me to do that which only I can do.

It is of the SPIRIT and is the ONLY way THROUGH.

“But, as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him, these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:9-10 ESV)




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