Sometimes God Brings the Storm

We can rest in what God is calling us to, and not worry about the opinions of the world!

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Regardless of the background or situation(s), you may have come from, God has called you and has a specific purpose for your life. The calling placed upon your life will look different than your neighbors, and He has called you from where you are— whether single, married, or divorced. Your economic situation, religious background, nor your past matters. God calls you from where you are, and that my friend, is a beautiful thing! We do not have to be perfect, nor do we have to have everything just so, before we step out and step into the life Christ has made new. As soon as you make a commitment to Him— it is time to go into God’s original plan for your life, no matter what stage of life, you are currently in.

Only let each person lead the life that the Lord assigned him, and to which God has called him. This is my rule in all the churches.”  – 1 Corithians 7:17 ESV

We can rest in what God is calling us to, and not worry about the opinions of the world! We can move forward freely as the Holy Spirit leads us, and be assured in the assignments given by our King— it is a RULE…an actual rule for the churches to live exactly as God is calling them to live. We, as children of God, are the church—- and must learn to listen well and often! 

For some, listening may look like digging into singleness and traveling, while for others, marriage and motherhood. The thing is, we cannot worry about what the world thinks of anything God is calling us to. If we faithfully follow His leading and are willing to become who He has intended us to be, we will see that His picture is always brighter and more beautiful than any picture we could try to create on our own.  And in all of this, just like God brought a large fish to swallow Jonah (where he thought he would surely die, yet it was for his benefit) we must remember, that sometimes—

God brings the storm.



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