Soaking in the Word of God: A Review of Let It Marinate

Antonwaun Johnson cultivates an opportunity for those heeding his words to learn from the Word and to let it marinate like sweet honey to their souls.

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Whether you are a man or woman, at any age, Let it Marinate is a relevant book for everyone looking to grow. Antonwaun Johnson is a relatable author who knows what it’s like to weather every season of life. He acts as a friendly conscience, providing readers with a safe place of validation while continuously pointing them to the One who understands their situation.

One of the unique parts of this publication, which is styled like a devotional, is its application of Scripture. While Johnson provides thorough teachings about certain passages or verses, he gives readers follow-up Scripture to study for themselves. He cultivates an opportunity for those heeding his words to learn from the Word and to let it marinate like sweet honey to their souls.

Throughout the whole book, I found myself rereading strong sentences inspired by the Holy Spirit. And I quickly realized why he titled this collection of sermon-like material the way he did. Much like a person engages a savory steak one bite at a time, pacing his or herself to enjoy every flavor, I wanted to chew on the hard-hitting sentences he wrote again and again. These ‘mic-droppers’ are exactly the type of thing I encourage others to record on sticky notes for their mirrors, dashboards, and Bibles.

Let It Marinate covers an array of biblical stories from Jonah’s trip to Ninevah and David’s encounter with Goliath to Israel’s weary journey to the Promised Land and Job’s trials and tribulations. Johnson expresses how we can learn from these men’s experiences and utilize their tools—faith, hope, prayer, praise, and determination—even today to overcome our own obstacles and walk in the Light. Once wisdom, knowledge, and understanding have been gained, Johnson releases his readers to continue to marinate on the things God has spoken.

Please enjoy this excerpt from “Let Him Prepare You” in Let It Marinate:

Most people I know generally take the meat out of the package and prep it. Depending on the meat, it may be thoroughly washed first. Next, it is seasoned to fit a specific taste. While the meat is being prepared, the oven is being pre-heated so that it is ready when the meat is ready. Once the prepping is done, the meat is placed in or on the stove depending on if it is being fried or baked. During the cooking process, the meat is periodically checked to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

If it is taken out too early, then it is not edible and could actually cause sickness. If it is taken out too late, then it may not be edible or as fulfilling. When the time is right, the meat is removed from the oven and served. Each morsel melts in your mouth as the seasonings enhance the flavor of the meat. The nutrients fulfill the needs of your body as the meat is consumed. You are blessed by the meat that was prepped, seasoned, and cooked just right. Oh, taste and see!

I contend that God can bless us any time He desires but chooses the right time, the time when we are ready to receive the blessing. See, He unpacks us and prepares us for the blessing. He washes the impurities away so that we don’t ruin the blessing. After He washes us, He seasons us with grace and mercy. Grace and mercy protect us from the next step, the fire.

Oh, blessings do not come easy. It takes us going through something to get to the blessing. It is grace and mercy that help us to come out of the fire with no scars. We don’t look like what we’ve been through thanks to grace and mercy! The fire burns off anything we may have acquired after being washed by the blood! The fire reminds us that God is in control and what we will receive is not from our actions but God’s will.


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