Single Isn’t Scary: Positives of Rolling Solo

As long as God is our first priority, He will shift our hearts and passions in the ways they should go. If that means being single or being married, we will find solace in His will.

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Single and Ready to Mingle

Couples, rings, weddings— they’re everywhere! You try to turn your cheek, but when you look the other way, you only see more. You cannot escape the romantic vortex. Furthermore, you might feel a pang in your heart. It stinks, doesn’t it, not having a hand to hold or an arm to settle into? Not having candlelit dinners or movie dates. Not having a buddy to enjoy your favorite TV shows with. The list goes on. Being single seems lame.

If you’re on social media, you’re even further into the busy whirlwind of save-the-dates. Every day, Facebook is teeming with recent engagement announcements. Instagram photos are robust with smiling couples on adventures to the mountains or the beach. All of your friends have 100-day snap streaks on SnapChat with their “boo-things.”

And if social media isn’t in your face enough, I’m sure you’ve also received peer pressure to find that special someone. People constantly talk about finding a partner who can “run the race of life” with them. Church members have no problem reminding you about the importance of being “equally yoked,” too. Let’s not forget all the holidays and important events—Thanks, Valentine’s Day—that single you out (no pun intended) because you have no significant other.

No matter how much you try to ignore it, single-awareness won’t immediately fade. That little voice in your head will surely whisper to you, telling you that you’ll be single forever and that no one truly loves you. I know because I’ve been single. In the past, I’ve argued with myself, trying to rationalize every reason I wasn’t in a relationship: Am I not pretty enough? Am I not cool enough? Maybe I don’t have the smarts. Maybe I’m an overwhelming person. Thankfully, through the tears, doubt, and heartache, I continued to find peace and joy in God for that season of my life. My perspective on singleness has made all the difference.


Will Someone Like it Enough to Put a Ring on It?

For a majority of us, singleness is just a season. For others, marriage never comes along (and that’s okay). If you take a look at history, there have been plenty of role models who never saw their wedding day. Mother Teresa is a prime example. Though she never had a spouse, she was that much more devoted to God and her calling. Her deep capacity to love was unwavering, and hundreds if not thousands of women and children were blessed by her.

All in all, I’m a firm believer that God gives us the passions He wants us to possess. When we obediently follow Him and give our lives to Him, He makes sure that we have everything we need and more (some of which we never fathomed). As long as God is our first priority, He will shift our hearts and passions in the ways they should go. If that means being single or being married, we will find solace in His will. Whichever way life takes us, there is still a purpose for it.

In this series, we will find out why being single isn’t as scary as we’ve believed it to be. We will talk about practical ways to navigate life while rolling solo and enjoy the ride all the while. Next, read “Single Isn’t Scary: Independence.



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