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God is more concerned with your foundation being secure than anything else because He knows that if your foundation is secure then you will be able to stand and withstand the test of time.

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Recently in a time of prayer, I heard this so strong in my spirit, “set up anointing.” After hearing this, I really leaned into the Lord asking for greater revelation about this word. As I continued to pray, I felt that what the Lord was saying was that a set up anointing is something that you can walk into whenever you are anointed to build something. That could be a book, blog, business, ministry, family, etc. The set-up anointing is something you can walk in that will help you to craft whatever God is calling you to put your hands to.

For many people, this is a season where you may not experience radical or explosive breakthroughs. However, do not be discouraged! I believe this is a season in which God is preparing you in order to launch you into your next assignment for the Kingdom of God. This is a season where the Lord is setting many up for what He will do in and through them in the future. You may sense in this season that not much is happening outwardly, but if you will say yes to the preparation you will experience exponential expansion afterward!

When my wife and I were building our dream home, we found the best and most trusted people in our area to do all of the groundwork and foundation. In order to make sure the foundation was sure, they spent much more time doing the groundwork and laying the foundation than they did building the entire rest of our house. Why? Because you could build the most beautiful house around but if the foundation is not sure then it will not stand. I believe that is what God is doing in so many in this hour. He is doing the groundwork to ensure your foundation. There is a reason why Jesus shares the parable about building your house upon the rock instead of the sand. God is more concerned with your foundation being secure than anything else because He knows that if your foundation is secure then you will be able to stand and withstand the test of time. God wants you to be fruitful for generations, not just one fleeting season!

In this season do exactly what Jesus did in Mark 1:35, early in the morning, every day, get alone with God, and make sure your relationship and prayer life is the secure foundation you build everything else upon. All of those incredible prophetic promises God has given to you will not be fully manifested in your life until you have that set up anointing. If you do not have a strong you cannot bear the full weight of the purpose and destiny God has for you. Jesus had a season of preparation even after the Father confirmed and identified Him as His beloved Son as John the Baptist baptized Him. Immediately after this, Jesus withdrew into the wilderness to prepare Himself and secure His foundation through fasting and prayer. 

So I want to encourage you with this word today, don’t be dismayed if you are looking for your explosive breakthrough season and it seems to be delayed. Delay does not always mean God’s denial. It often is just simply the Lord using the time to prepare us so that when He does launch us into our next, we will have longevity. Think of it this way, if there is a vase with a crack in it, no matter how much water you pour into it, it will never be full because it is damaged. In seasons of preparation, the Lord fills those holes. Then because we have been made whole, we are able to fulfill the calling He has upon our lives to our fullest potential. In this season, God the Father wants to help you, bless you, and strengthen you. Because of this time of preparation, you will be able to carry the weight of the anointing that the Lord is going to bring upon you in the next season! Say yes to the set up anointing!


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