Video Podcast

Time to Grow

Coach and Joe have a conversation with two Ascent School students about their journeys and the importance of community.

The Reverend and the Producer TAKE OVER!

The Reverend Andy Stone and the Producer Brian Fannin guest host the COACH & JOE Quarantine Studio!


Yes, You Can Hear God!

Mama Wendy joins the boys again on set to talk about why every single person can hear from God and what the keys are to opening your ears a little more this week or even today!

Tubby and the Captain

Tubby and the Captain discuss how to navigate life with faith during the uncertain times of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Goodbye, Fear. Hello, Faith.

Coach & Joe discuss how to lean on our faith to shed fear in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Tubby and the Captain Takeover! | COACH & JOE | Quarantine Studio!

Quarantine Studio - Tubby and the Captain Takeover! // COACH & JOE // Quarantine Studio!

Winning Friendships feat. Big Show and Block Head

Coach and Joe pull up a couch to host some of Chad's closest friends since childhood. They call themselves the Wolf Pack and they're here to teach us some insider tips on how to make great friendships that last.

Rebellion: Part 3

Join Coach and Joe as they discuss the origins of the rebellious heart and how to overcome and walk in fellowship with God!

A Winemaker's Guide to the Bible

Coach, Joe, and the whole team pack up their gear and head to the Cityscape Winery to join Josh and Debra Jones for a session of wine smelling (yes, you read that right).

Rebellion: Part 2

Coach, Joe, and frequent guest Michael Thorton sit down to discuss rebellion in a live broadcast at Bridgeway Church.

Rebellion: Part 1

Coach, Joe, and frequent guest Michael Thorton sit down to discuss rebellion in a live broadcast at Bridgeway Church.

Getting 20/20 Vision for 2020 with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode #83 - In a day and age where we are all seeking clarity, creating vision boards, and looking for some kind of enlightenment, we can be left in the dark, seeing double, or even get blurry vision.

Vulnerability to Transformation feat. Jessica Longshore (LIVE)

One of our favorite guests, Jessica Longshore, takes the Bridgeway Church stage with Coach to discuss the necessity of genuine transformation.


False Prophets and Prophecy

Coach and Joe are both back in the studio today to push the edges of what we think about modern-day prophecy and false prophets.


The Chaos of the Holy Spirit feat. Fred Kruger

This week, Coach and Joe get out of the studio to put an elder on the spot without warning! Join the guys in Coach's office as they surprise interview Fred Kruger.


Chocolate Cake Marriage with Guest Michelle Sullivan

Episode #81 - We’re talking to author Michelle Sullivan about her book, about her book, Chocolate Cake Marriage: The Recipe to Refresh, Revive or Restore. Yes, it’s the perfect conversation for Valentine’s Day!


Doing Church Wrong // The Discipleship Mandate feat. Corey Reid

Coach, Joe, and frequent guest Corey Reid sit down to discuss how our current church model may be completely unbiblical.


Divorce, Restoration, and Community

Join Coach, Joe, and Armando as they hash out the types of community you can and can't live without, and which one will all but guarantee your growth.


Go Ahead and Die feat. Jess Longshore

Episode #96 - Coach, Joe, and their special guest Jessica Longshore gather around the table to discuss the challenging difference between receiving Jesus as your Savior and choosing to follow Him.


What to Do When You Don’t Have Answers

Episode #77 - What can you do when you don’t have any answers? That’s exactly what we’re talking about this episode on Real Victory Radio!


Knowing and Being Known feat. Miriam Beard

Miriam Beard and the boys sit a spell to explain to us the relationship-centered core of God and what that piece of Him looks like practically.


Where Are We Even Going?

Episode #74 - Coach and Joe take some time to ponder whether or not the destination is irrelevant and if maybe we’re just en route to discover the heart of God.


Resting in Storms

Episode #93 - In this episode, Coach and Joe set sail to explain how to find rest during the storms of life rather than just avoiding them.


Making Room for Paradox

Episode #92 - Coach and Joe grab a seat in our first full episode on YouTube to explain the necessity of accepting paradoxes when it comes to the nature of God.