Tim Ferrara

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST - Igniting the Wildfires of Revival - Jessi Green

Episode #29 - Jessi Green is a revivalist, preacher, wife, mom, visionary, and creative. Jessi is the director of Saturate which is a global revival movement that is uniting the Church in reaching those that don’t know Jesus. In this podcast, she explains why discipleship and discernment are key ingredients to revival.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How a Cancer Diagnosis Propelled Jim Burns to See How to Make Each Day Count

Episode #28 - Jim Burns is the president of HomeWord, speaks to thousands of people around the world each year, and has more than two million resources in print in twenty languages. He is the author of multiple books. 

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Discipleship Habits that Lead to Explosive Spiritual Growth - with Justin Kendrick

Episode #27 - Justin Kendrick is the lead pastor of Vox Church, which he founded in 2011 with a small group of friends on the doorstep of Yale University. Since then, Vox has grown to multiple locations across New England

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How to Know When the Holy Spirit is Talking to You - Samuel Deuth

Episode #26 - Samuel and Katie Deuth are on the pastoral team at Awaken Church in San Diego.  They travel full-time ministering to churches and working to help church leaders develop a strategy for discipleship and growth. 

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How to Stay Grounded in Truth in a Cancel Culture - with Frank Turek

Episode #25, Season 2 - Listen as Tim and Frank discuss how to show the love of Christ when someone challenges your faith, progressive Christianity, and much more.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Guarding Against a Breach in the Wall Around Your Family - with Troy Mangum

Episode #24, Season 2 - My guest is Troy Mangum.   Troy is an author, speaker, and podcaster of The Kindling Fire.  Tory is a men’s advocate and his newest book is Fatherhood Faceplants.  Troy lives in North Carolina with his wife.  They have two sons, two daughters, and one son-in-law.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Apologetics, Relationships, and Sexual Purity - with Dr. Sean McDowell

Episode #23, Season 2 - Sean has a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith. Sean is an Associate Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.  Sean is the co-host for the Think Biblically podcast and he has written, co-written, or...

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Mark Roser Shares How to Find Peace when You are Blindsided by Tragedy

Episode #22 - In this episode, we discuss a personal tragedy in Mark Roser's life that literally blindsided him and his family.  He shares about tragedy and loss and where God is when He feels far away.  Mark also shares comfort and hope for those who are facing loss.   

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Dr. George Barna on Why Worldview Matters

Episode #21 - Dr. George Barna is a professor at Arizona Christian University. He founded the Barna Group and is now the Director of Research at the cultural research center at ACU. Dr. Barna has written more than 50 books. He is often called the “most quoted person in the Christian Church today.”

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: From Porn Star to Pastor, Joshua Broome Shares His Testimony

Episode - Joshua Broome is a husband, father, and pastor.  He is an ex- adult film star who was radically changed by the power of Jesus. He lives today as a testimony of the goodness of God and shares that hope with others that he meets.  This episode is more based on his testimony than my other episodes that are question/answer.   

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Mark Batterson on How to Make or Break Any Habit in 30 days

Episode #19, Season 2 - Mark Batterson is the New York Times best-selling author of 22 books, including his newest book Do It for a Day: How to Make or Break Any Habit in 30 Days.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Ex-Stripper Rob Kowalski Tells How He Encountered the Power of God in a Hotel Room and Now Shares Keys to Sexual Purity

Episode -

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Jeannie Cunnion on Why Life is Better with the Holy Spirit

Episode #17, Season 2 - Jeannie Cunnion is an author and a frequent speaker at women’s conferences and parenting events around the country.  Her latest book is Don’t Miss Out: Daring to believe life is better with the Holy Spirit

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Ken Ham on the Importance of Building Your Foundation on Biblical Authority

Episode #16, Season 2 - My guest this week is Dr. Ken Ham.  Ken is the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum and the world-renowned Ark Encounter.  Ken is the author of more than 25 books and is a sought-after Christian speaker.  

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Michael L. Brown Talks About Revival and Getting a Vision for What God Can Do

Episode #15, Season 2 - Dr. Michael L Brown is the founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries and of FIRE School of Ministry.  He is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Line of Fire.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Marriage Restoration after being on the Brink of Divorce - with Founder of Dad Tired, Jerrad Lopes

Episode - Jerrad Lopes is a Christian pastor and the founder of dadtired.com, a nonprofit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their families well.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: David A.R. White Discusses His New Movie "God's Not Dead: We The People"

Episode #13 - What is the role of the Christian in the balance of religious freedom and submitting to government authority?  How can Christians have discernment about what they and their children watch in entertainment media?  How can we keep our eyes on Jesus every day in a world of distractions?

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Levi Lusko Discusses His New Kids' Devotional "Roar Like a Lion"

Season 2, Episode #12 - Tim discusses a variety of topics with Levi Lusko regarding his new book, including how to engage with your children and make Bible reading something they look forward to.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How to Have Hope when Your Heart is Breaking - with Ron Hutchcraft

Episode #11 - For over 30 years, Ron Hutchcraft has been a part of people's daily lives through his popular radio program "A Word With You". Ron is the co-founder of "On Eagles' Wings®," an outreach and leadership development program for Native American and First Nations young people.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Life Lessons and Love Languages with Gary Chapman

Season 2, Episode #10 - Dr. Chapman is an author, speaker, and counselor—and has a passion for people and for helping them form lasting relationships. He is the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages series which has been translated into 50 languages and sold more than 12 million worldwide.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Michael Jr. Explains Why it's Funny How Life Works

Season 2, Episode #9 - Michael Jr.'s debut book FUNNY HOW LIFE WORKS is out now and shares pivotal, often hilarious stories from his life, punctuated by self-reflections, universal truths, and earnest encouragement for readers to pick up the same threads and lessons in their own lives.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Memes with a Message with Michael Moore, aka The Honest Youth Pastor

Season 2 Episode #7 - My guest is Michael Moore aka The Honest Youth Pastor.  Michael has a ministry of equipping people with understanding theology and breaking down concepts in the church for people to understand along with the frequent meme.  Michael has a podcast and a growing YouTube channel. 

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: The Problem of Jesus and Answering Skeptics - with Mark Clark

Episode #7, Season 2 - Listen into an enlightening and encouraging discussion with Village Church Founding Pastor, Mark Clark, about staying on the path God put you on and addressing doubters and skeptics.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Proactively Preventing Burnout - with Guest Wayne Cordeiro

Season 2, Episode #6 - Founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, Wayne Cordeiro, discusses promotion that feels like demotion, obedience, rest, and preventing burnout.