The Jesus Habit: Daily Devotion

Normal Sounds So Good (in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Listen to or Read Episode 122 - There will be a new normal as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Whether that’s good or bad will depend on us. We can long for things to go back to the way they were or we can look for ways that God can work in the new normal.

Why Should We Become Love?

Episode 120 - Becoming love. It’s a great idea. We’ve done our best to unpack the what and how but such concepts can be really hard to grasp. We’ve address some of the why, but really why? Why should we become love?

The Bridge Builds The Muscles Of Faith

Episode 119 - Do you wish you had more faith? If I told you that there was a way for you to build your faith and get more faith as a result of doing something, would you do it? 

Free From Salt In A Salty Ocean

Episode 118 - The danger is in becoming hypocrites. Either doing the right thing for the wrong reasons or doing nothing for the so-called right reasons. This is what we call hypocrisy.


What's In A Name?

Episode 114 - It’s not just the name that matters, it’s what’s in that name. You can call yourself a Christian, but if there isn’t any love to back that up, there’s nothing in that name.

Like A Moth To A Bug Light

Episode 117 - The only way to live in the love of God is to let it flow through our lives.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Episode #113 - Love isn’t simply obeying the rules so you don’t fear punishment. It’s serving others sacrificially.

Sometimes Love Is Inconvenient

Episode #112 - As we live during this worldwide health crisis and being the leader of a small church, I have found myself asking the question: “How does the church lead by example during this time?”

Love Doesn’t Quit

Episode #111 - Love keeps on forever abiding. Because love is a personal sacrifice, something we give away, the moment we stop giving it, we stop being love.

Beyond Principle To Personhood

Episode #110 - Love goes beyond principle to personhood. And when love is who we are, it changes how we view God’s commands.

Love Goes Beyond Passion To Perfection

Episode #109 - Is there anything wrong with following your passions? No, not necessarily. As long as you understand some things.

Beyond Performance To Presence

Episode #108 - What did we do as a result of the fear surrounding the virus? Well, the University of Washington canceled in-person classes until the end of the month.

Love Is A Flow (Love Doesn’t Suck)

Episode #107 - God is love and every way we experience love in this life is because that love is flowing from God into us and our world.

The Beginning of Becoming Love is Unbecoming Ourselves

Episode #106 - Are we ever ashamed of Jesus? I think many Christians struggle with this in our time. Jesus is no longer the cool kid.

The Pathway To Becoming Love

Episode #105 - Don’t miss that. The kingdom of heaven is for those who are poor in spirit. The kingdom of heaven is for the humble.

The Love of the World vs. The Love of God

Episode #104 - This is the world's love. It uses people, places, and things to get our own needs met.

The Lusts of the Flesh, The Lusts of the Eyes, and The Pride of Life

Episode #103 - The beginning of becoming love is unbecoming ourselves. That’s the only way we can open ourselves up to God’s love.

Our Deceptive Hearts

Episode #102 - What kind of tree do you want to be? Do you want to be by a stream or by parched lands? 

People and Stories

Episode #101 - Since God is love, if we want to become love, we have to spend more time with God if we stand a chance of becoming like Him.

Weekend at Bernie’s and Edgar Suits

Episode #100 - If God is going to be in our presence and be our God as is His eternal plan, He has to deal with the impurities in His people.

Something Has To Die For Love To Come To Life

Episode #99 - Just like Jesus planted Himself in that tomb so we could have the life of the Spirit, we follow Him into a death like His so we can receive a life like His. 

Modern Day Idols

Episode #98 - Just like the Israelites worshipped the idol while they were waiting on God, my heart is also prone to wander in seasons of waiting. 

Light Pollution

Episode #97 - If we want to see God, we’re going to have to deal with the light pollution keeping God’s light from getting to our souls.


Ambassadors of Good

Episode #96 - “Whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me” has become so popular and overused that we probably tend to gloss over at the reading of this story.