The Jesus Habit: Daily Devotion

We Are Better Than This

Episode #53 - We can do better. In our struggle against these sins, we have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.

Discipline, Hardships, & Love

Episode #52 - We think it’s loving our kids to not discipline them. Scripture teaches an entirely different story.

You've Got More to Give, I Just Know It

Episode #51 - Remember that Jesus was fully human and that He did not use His divinity to the advantage of His humanity.

Muster Up The Faith

Episode #50 - God is not impressed or concerned with our strength or ability to perform.

Only In Reverse

Episode #49 - He lived a remarkable life of faith, saw God do some incredible things, but still died seeing the promise from a distance.

The Safety of Preconceived Notions

Episode #48 - There is no guarantee that what God is going to ask of us next will fit within the safety of our preconceived notions.

Blind Faith vs. Biblical Faith

Episode #47 - We should not allow ourselves to be rattled when His promises don’t come true in this lifetime.

Faith and Ark Building

Episode #46 - If a man can build the Freedom Tower and the Golden Gate bridge and the pyramids, is it really much of a stretch to believe that God could create the earth as we know it in 6 days?

It’s Easy To Forget

Episode #45 - Remember! Don’t throw away your confidence now, it is going to be richly rewarded. 

My Actions Disclose My Values

We have turned God’s precious community of believers into a commodity that we consume.

Watch Your Heading

Episode #43 - We’ve allowed the twinkling of all these other stars to catch our attention. We gaze and gaze upon them until we find our ship is headed or drifting, in that direction.

Flee at Once

Episode #42 - We have the right and responsibility to enter into God’s presence. That’s the only way we are transformed.

Soap & Water

Episode #41 - There are just some things that soap and water can’t fix. 

Been Made Holy/Being Made Holy

Episode #40 - What we should do is look forward to the kind of life God intended for us here in this life right now.