LIV2DAY: Don't Miss the Message in the Mess

Are you feeling that there are “messes” all around you? In the world, in relationships, at home? Dr. Paula shares what “messes” she is experiencing and how taking a step back, seeking God’s clear MESSAGE in the midst of a “mess,” is really a way to find a gift in it all.

LIV2DAY: Healing from the Inside Out

Life revolves around cycles, and that includes our spiritual life, our physical life, and our emotional life. And so in all of those aspects of living, we experience cycles, and in each of those cycles, we experience levels of healing - healing that is very important to our overall health and well-being.

LIV2DAY: Good Friday

Join Dr. Paula for a special Easter episode.

LIV2DAY: Stir the Water

More now than ever, believers need to step up and claim an active role in defending the Word of God. Our political leaders need our support, and reaching out to them - calling and writing them - may give them the encouragement they most need to keep fighting the good fight.

LIV2DAY: Where is Your Voice?

In this episode of LIV2DAY, Dr. Paula takes on the topic of gender and sexuality and the many debates happening around our country regarding definitions, rights, privileges, and more. The sensitive issue of America's schoolchildren - what material they will or won't be exposed to, beginning at what age - and ultimately, at what cost?

LIV2DAY: Getting Your Micronutrients and Vitamins

When you consider your daily eating plan, how much of what you consume is actually whole food (alive) versus processed (dead) food? Dr. Paula offers some tips on making sure you incorporate more live food into your body, giving it the nutritional fuel God designed our bodies to use.

LIV2DAY: START2DAY by Taking a Break! + Ask Dr. Paula on Putting Devices Down

Are you a driven person who is always pushing, pushing to do more, accomplish more... check that next thing off of your to-do list? If you got really, really honest with yourself, could you admit that you are often over-exhausted, under-nourished, and desperately in need of a BREAK?!

LIV2DAY: Recovering from Illness

In this timely episode of her START2DAY series, she records from home as she recovers from an unexpected case of the flu, and shares the important steps she takes to speed bodily recovery, without loading up on synthetic medications.

LIV2DAY: Managing Emotional and Mental Stress

In this fourth episode of Dr. Paula's START2DAY to LIV2DAY series, Dr. Paula raises the undeniable issue of rising mental stress and anxiety in our culture and in the world we're living in today. Before we can stand strong on the battlefield, we must first attend to our own health.

LIV2DAY: Bible Study and Prayer

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the ups and downs of her own spiritual journey as a "busy" mom and businesswoman. Her honest, transparent testimony invites you to take a look at your own life and how the possibility of practicing the disciplines of study and prayer may be the keys to finding the abundant peace of mind that you deeply crave.

LIV2DAY: Toxins to Avoid

If you struggle with fatigue, auto-immune issues, or any number of chronic health challenges shared by many, then this episode is for YOU! Ridding the body of "toxic soup," as Dr. Paula puts it, is vital to good health and is the first step toward feeling better.

LIV2DAY: Dealing with Toxic People

In this second episode of LIV2DAY'S START2DAY series, Dr. Paula invites us into a bold start in improving our whole health - our mind, body, balance health - by confronting an all-too-common issue - dealing with toxic people. Dive in with us on this all-important issue; equip yourself and know that YOU are not alone.

LIV2DAY: Your START2DAY Game Plan!

Without a game plan, even the most eager people will eventually fizzle out when working toward any goal or objective. If you are ready to ramp up and start today regarding a new you, then get out your journal and a pen and get ready to learn some great tips straight out of Dr. Paula's playbook of living today in the full balance of mind, body, and ...

LIV2DAY: Your God-Given Immune System (START2DAY Series)

Dr. Paula kicks off 2022 with a long-awaited, new episode of LIV2DAY, and a focus on HEALTH! After a few weeks of being "under the weather," she shares with us the importance of activating the body's God-given immune system. Be sure to listen through to the end, when Dr. Paula offers instruction that you notetakers won't want to miss.