SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Choose Brave - Part 1

This month we have been discussing how to be brave and this is so important today when we have been living in a culture that is so filled with fear from COVID. Listen in as Katie Westenberg, author of “I Choose Brave: Embracing Holy Courage and Understanding Godly Fear,” helps us evaluate what godly fear really looks like.

DAD HACKERS: How To Turn Boys Into Men

Episode #45 - Most men want to make sure that their boys grow into strong, healthy, Christ-following adults. And while this desire exists, many of us don't know what specific steps to take to make this happen.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Auntie Anne Beiler Interview

In today's interview, we sit down with one of America's Top Business Women, Anne Beiler, the Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, to talk about the all-important subject of... Transparency in Leadership.

MIMIKA TV: Calling and Mindset

If you have lost the idea of what your calling, purpose, gifts, and talents are; you need to peel back the layers to rediscover them. If you have felt stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled in what you are doing, listen and be inspired. You might closer than you think!

BLACK AND WHITE: Find Your Fearless - Preserving Our Hope

Episode # 83 - Could the women from biblical times speak to our fear today? It is possible to rise above the doubts that try to kill our courage. Listen in as Denise and Angela share from Angela's new book, "Fearless: Ordinary Women of the Bible who Dared to do Extraordinary things", and learn how to stand up to fear and preserve our hope at all ti...

BRIAN FLETCHER: Three Questions to Ask Before You Do Anything the Bible Tells You to Do

Episode #3 - The redemptive story of the Bible has the power to motivate us to action, not just give us a bunch of rules to follow.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Go Deeper Into God’s Presence

Episode #27 - Most people don’t realize that the Song of Solomon is about maturing in love. In today’s episode, we are diving into Chapter Five. We walk through seasons of testing and into seasons of awakening, so we can minister to others because we will KNOW He is the one. The Lord has led you through a season of trial, AFTER your salvation e...

ALONG THE WAY: Using Chicken Sandwiches as a Tool to Connect With People with Trudy Cathy White

Trudy Cathy White’s family is best known for founding Chick-fil-A, but her story is so much more than fast food. She learned how to use Chicken Sandwiches as a tool to connect with people and see lives around the world changed. Her journey takes her from Chicken to Brazil and back!

PAST TO POWER PODCAST: Perfect Peace with Kim Alexis

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Interview with Kim Erickson

In episode 31 Carol has a fantastic interview with author Kim Erickson!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: How to Be Brave When Surrounded by Death

This month we are talking about how to be brave in a scary world. Today I want to tackle the looming fear that we don’t want to talk about—the fear of death—and seven ways that we can be brave.

DAD HACKERS: What Makes A Great Dad?

Episode #44 - A question that we often ask ourselves is, "What makes a great dad?" At the end of almost every episode I ask this question of my guests. Today's episode is a compilation of 10 of those answers.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Jeffery Portmann Interview

In this interview, we sit down with Dr. Jeffery Portmann, Director of the Church Multiplication Network, to discuss...HOW TO START HEALTHY CHURCHES WITH HEALTHY LEADERSHIP.

MIMIKA TV: Healing After Breast Cancer with Tamsin Wroot

This episode is especially special to me as I have my very own sister, Tamsin, on the show. Our family had to endure a heart-wrenching season in 2019 of walking through Tamsin’s breast cancer diagnosis. To say it was a shock to us all is an understatement as she was only 37 years old when diagnosed.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Power of Humility

The answer to shame is not found in pride, but humility. The only reason we are free from shame is the grace and faithfulness of God. Shame tries to point us back to who we were before Christ, but humility points us back to the One who our lives really are all about—Jesus. Listen in and discover how humility conquers shame in Jesus' name!

Nazarite Resurgence - Part 3

Episode #26 - In this episode, we will go deeper into what it means to walk in consecration as a lifestyle and I will share a prophetic dream about reaching the inner tent and presence of the Lord. Check out parts one and two if you haven't!

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Saying Yes To God With Andrea Coli

Episode #56 - How much free will does God give us? Can we miss His plan if we choose to go a different route? Does God use our ideas and let us add on to His?

PAST TO POWER PODCAST: The Grace Parade with Janell Rardon

On today's show, we have a special guest, Janell Rardon joining us. Her new book, "Stronger Every Day: 9 Tools for an Emotionally Healthy You." is a must-read. Listen in and find out why.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Interview with Becky Harling

In episode 30 Carol interviews friend and author Becky Harling!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewed with Heather Dixon - Part 2

This month, Denise has been discussing renewing our mindset and we are continuing our discussion on finding hope with author Heather M. Dixon, author of “Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story.” Join us for part two as we discuss the truth that hope is not dependent on anyone else than our faithful, trustworthy God.

ALONG THE WAY: Exposing The Hijacked Church with Lucas Miles

Lucas Miles exposes how the Church has been Hijacked but hope is not lost. He says that it can be brought back into alignment with the Word of God through unity and faith.

DAD HACKERS: Intentional Living with Christopher McCluskey

Episode #42 - Christopher McCluskey and Patrick talk about Vision, Purpose, Missions, and Goals and how to use them so that you can steward your life well. We also dive into the topic of why many guys know what to do in life but have a difficult time taking action.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Mark Batterson Interview

In this exciting and timely interview, we sit down with Pastor Mark Batterson to talk about his brand new book WIN THE DAY...the lessons found in this latest book are incredibly relevant and much needed in today's culture.

MIMIKA TV: Spring Cleaning the Soul with Dr. Pam Morrison

Come and enjoy a conversation I had with Dr. Pam Morrison on her podcast, “Rooted by the Stream.” Enjoy.