Saying Yes To God With Andrea Coli

Episode #56 - How much free will does God give us? Can we miss His plan if we choose to go a different route? Does God use our ideas and let us add on to His?

Birthing Courage with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode #74 - Have you ever thought about courage as something to be birthed? Join us to hear more about how Mary, Mother of Jesus, literally birthed courage–providing our solution to living victoriously!

Jesus, Me, Anxiety & COVID19

Episode #4 - I can almost assure you that you'll break a smile while listening to me talk about my 5 stages of coping with COVID-19 and the 5 ways I'm combatting my anxiety during this incredibly anxious time. 

Sharing Your Message with Misty Phillip

God has created each of us with a purpose and a plan, with specific gifts and a calling. We can all teach each other something, especially when we get together with other like-minded believers.

Jesus Knows About Your Suffering

Episode #43 - Learn what it means to you that Jesus knows about your suffering.

Hearing God’s Lullaby with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode #75 - We’re in the quiet time… the land of in-between… there’s a lull… this place where one year is ending and a new one begins.

Out of Control

Episode #3 - When circumstances can't be fixed or managed by me, my anxiety tends to take over. Join me as I discuss how I cope with feeling out of control.

How to Sell more Books and Build your Brand with Dave Chesson

In today’s ripe market, you can become a full-time author by adapting to the way the market works. Take a listen to figure out how!

Tim Keller's "All of Life is Repentance"

Episode #58 - Listen in as Brian read's a short paper by Tim Keller on how "All of Life is Repentance."

How God Opens Doors With Amy Joob

Episode #58 - How do you pursue what God's called you to and still represent Him well? Amy and I talk about how to be bold in your faith in an area that may be uncomfortable…

The Power Behind Words with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode #76 - On this episode of Real Victory Radio, we’re talking about WORDS and the power behind them!

Enjoying Life after Death with Bill Dolan

As a busy CEO of a thriving company, Bill Dolan was on his own trajectory toward success. Then one day, everything changed.


Episode #2 - Regardless of the ugly or dark parts of our lives, His desire is to hear from us, not from the version of us we think He wants to hear from. 

Impacting our Culture with the Work of Our Hands

Episode #116 - Do you wonder how you can make a difference in this world? Listen in today as Denise interviews Brock Shinen, author of the book The Christian Entrepreneur, and discover how you can better reach the world around you.

Truly Satisfied

Episode #57 - Find out where true satisfaction comes from!

Fruitful Living with Amy Elaine Martinez & LaTan Roland Murphy

Episode #87 - Fruitful Living is a life that bears much fruit. That’s the kind of life we are called to live, and it’s possible. Better yet, it’s beautiful!

The Power Of Kindness With Julie Fisk And Kendra Roehl

Episode #59 - How can you get connected to a group of women that believe kindness is key to thriving in life? Take a listen to this week's podcast. 

Keeping Your Values in Your Core Message

Episode #115 - We are called to reach and connect with a disconnected world around us, but our values can become an outward expression. Listen in as Brock Shinen, a lawyer, a speaker, and author of the book, The Christian Entrepreneur, shares key principles to help us reach the world around us.

Worthy: Celebrating The Value of Women with Special Guest Eric Schumacher

"Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women" by Eric Schumacher and Elyse Fitzpatrick is what we’re talking about on today’s show! Wondering what the Bible says about women? The topic of women in the church is highly debated and this book is an absolute must-read!

An Opportunity To Choose Jesus!

Join Pastor Roy Geesey an encouraging message during the COVID-19 Pandemic., drawing from the story of the Israelites transition to the promised land in the book of Exodus.

Home Sweet Home With Natasha Bure

Episode 55 - My guest today is Natasha Bure. Natasha is a 21-year-old actress, social media influencer, singer, YouTuber, author, and daughter of Candice Cameron Bure. She has appeared in films such as Hallmark’s Switched for Christmas, Faith, Hope, Love, and her upcoming film, Home Sweet Home. 

Simple Obedience

Listen to Outreach Pastor’s Roy Geesey with a message on simple obedience and stepping into God's plan for your life.

God Did Not Do This To Me - Lisa Stringer AlongTheWay 46

Join John Matarazzo and special guest Lisa Stringer to hear her story of hardship and triumph. Lisa shares God's goodness through her rise in the radio industry, followed by the hardship of divorce and illness.

Live Without Regrets

Episode #56 - Learn how the Gospel can teach us how to live without regrets!