Reigniting Intimacy: Protecting our Marriage

SD Episode #79 - Marriage—the one relationship we hoped would bring us the most joy can sometimes be a place of pain. But it does not have to be that way. Reigniting intimacy—protecting our marriage helps to restore our marriage to better than we ever hoped. Are you protecting the most important relationship you have?

DAD HACKERS: The Quest for Biblical Masculinity with Jeff Hemmer

Episode # 121 - We are joined by author and pastor, Jeff Hemmer. His book, Man Up! The Quest for Biblical Masculinity cuts through all the noise of the world and gets right to the heart of what it means to be a man.

Reigniting Intimacy—Happiness in our Marriage

SD#78 - This month we are talking about reigniting intimacy—happiness in our marriage. Happiness does not just happen. It is chosen. And there are many traps that can distract us from the joy God has given us in our marriage relationship. In this episode, we discuss twelve things that can rob us of happiness in our marriage . . . if we let them.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: What I Learned From My #MeToo #ChurchToo Story

Episode 36 - Jill shares her own untold story of #MeToo #ChurchToo to help others identify, deal with, and recover from similar situations.

Got Sin in the Game

Episode #127 - Listen as Denise Pass and Jennifer Elwood discuss how to counter sins behind racism and biblically-sound ways to address the top five sins lurking behind racism's shadow.

Truly Satisfied

Episode #57 - Find out where true satisfaction comes from.

God Speaks Through Dreams with Corry Robinson

Episode #21 - Listen to host Tammie Southerland's interview with Corry Robinson as they dive into how God speaks to EVERYONE through dreams.

Get Your Life Back with John Eldredge

Episode #110 - Join host Patrick Antonucci with special gues, John Eldredge, bestselling author, counselor, and teacher.

Finding Your Greater Story with Sam Collier

Episode #63 - When Sam Collier and his twin sister were adopted into a loving family the trajectory of his life drastically changed for the better. Years later his adopted father heard God tell him that his kids needed to find their biological mother… and that Steve Harvey was going to help

Discipleship: An Interview with Dr. Daniel McNaughton

In this interview, Dr. Daniel McNaughton outlines what it means to be a disciple and the importance of Mentorship and Coaching.

So Stinkin' Funny with Chonda Pierce

Episode #101 - Emmy® -nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce or “the country comic” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.

Reigniting Intimacy: Cherishing One Another

SD#77 - This month we are talking about reigniting intimacy in our marriage. Our words and actions matter and can affect how valued our spouse feels. Listen in to this episode as Denise and Clay Pass discuss what it means to cherish one another in their marriage. 

Men and Mentors with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring

Episode # 116- Our interview today is with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring. We discuss men and mentoring and a host of other relevant topics for Christian Men.

Pulling the Grace Card, part 2

Episode #126 - Our value does not come from our race, but by being made in the image of God. Racism is prejudice with power. But there is a power greater—grace.

Tim Keller - All of Life is Repentance

Episode #58 - Listen as Brian shares a short paper by Tim Keller on how All of Life is Repentance.

Finding Your Voice After Surviving an Airplane Crash with Jerry Schemmel

Episode #62 - From surviving a plane crash and being a hero to racing on a bicycle across the United States to being the voice of the Rockies… but really being a voice for Jesus, Jerry Schemmel is truly an Amazing American!

Connecting Your Story to God’s Story with Guest Denise Hughes

Episode #22 - Listen in as we talk about how it’s never too early or too late with God. His timing is perfect and He uses us wherever we are in life.

Interview with Cynthia Cavanaugh

In Episode #33 of The Joy of Motherhood, host Carol McLeod interviews author and speaker Cynthia Cavanaugh!

Being a Better Dad by Being a Better Son

Episode #66 - Gentlemen, a lot of us are driven to succeed, achieve, produce, and create. But what’s the drive behind those ambitions? Is it to gain acceptance or approval? And if so, by whom?

Exploring the Shame Behind Racism

Episode #128 - In this episode, Denise Pass examines aspects of shame in racism with Shell Singh, ministry team member of Seeing Deep Ministries. Listen in as they discuss racism across different cultures in both biblical times and the present.

When You Desire Nearness with Guest Podcaster Molly Fletcher

Episode #60 - In this episode, guest podcaster Molly Fletcher shared her thoughts on how the Gospel has changed her during this Coronavirus crisis time.

Prophetic Word | Don’t Be Stuck in Transition

Episode #23 - It is my desire to not only catch on fire but see you burn all the days of your life. God has been preparing you to not just be a voice but be long-standing in the season that has been prophesied.

“Unifying the Burgh” with Luke Negron

Episode #60 - Listen in as John Matarazzo interviews Luke Negron, a man he saw cleaning up the trash from the streets of Pittsburgh, PA… the same city he's trying to represent to Congress in Washington D.C.

Embracing Our Sacred Role in a Changing World with Guest Bob Fabey

Episode #45 - We are called to be salt and light in this world. How can we do this and stay both relevant and true to Jesus’ teachings while we love on a lost and dying world?