The 7 Deadly Relationships with Mary DeMuth

Jill Monaco talks to Mary DeMuth about her new book and how to handle a friendship breakup and heal from the pain that comes with broken relationship patterns.

Kanye West Declares Jesus is King

God is a Dad is back to break down the biggest event in Christian music history: Kanye West's new album "Jesus is King."

Get Your Hopes Up

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey’s Sunday message on daring to believe that He is able!

DH 082: How Men Can Develop Discipline and Which Areas to Focus On

Chad and Patrick sit down to talk about why many men in church are tired, disconnected, and distracted, and how honoring the Sabbath plays an instrumental role.

Keepers of the Flame

Listen to Outreach Church’s Weyman Dodson with an encouraging and challenging message on being keepers of the faith.

DH 081: Seven Pillars of Purpose Every Man of God Must Pursue

As men of God, we must be careful how we spend the limited number of finite days we have on this earth to do God's will.

Living Philippians 2

Listen to Outreach Pastor’s Roy Geesey with a message on the simple truth that will transform everyday life.

The Power Of Your Words With Kristin Bonin

It’s easy to be convicted of harsh words, gossip, or slander. But there is one thing that we don’t often talk about—flattery. Join Jill and her guest Kristin Bonin on the power of our words.

DH 080: How to Overcome Anger | Aaron of Dad in the Trenches

Join the founder of Dad Hackers with the founder of Dad in the Trenches. In this episode, the two discuss the importance of Scripture, the effects of pride, and the need for repentance.

Go and Make Disciples

Listen to Bridgeway Church's morning service, including Disciples Church pastor Javez Nuñoz with a message on discipleship.

Now Look!

Listen to Outreach Pastor's Roy Geesey with a message on seeing things from God’s perspective.

Jesus's Culture

Listen to Outreach Church’s Senior Pastor Roy Geesey, who shares how Jesus taught us to handle cultural and religious divides.

DH 079: Raising Mature, Internally Motivated Christ-Following Children Part 5-The Conscience

Join Patrick in part 5 of a multi-part series on raising mature, internally motivated, Christ-following children. Today he talks about the four ways the conscience prompts a child.

Choosing Worship

Listen to Outreach Church’s Senior Pastor Roy Geesey with a message on choosing worship.

DH 078: Raising Mature, Internally Motivated Christ-Following Children Part 4-Map the Plan

Patrick continues with part 4 in this series on raising mature, internally motivated, Christ-following children. In this session, he talks about good theology, strategy, and technique.

Understanding Your Purpose, Place and Position With Jen Tringale

Join Jill Monaco as she talks with Jen Tringale about unlocking purpose and potential, understanding our childhood dreams, and discovering the path of our callings.

DH 077: Raising Mature, Internally Motivated Christ-Following Children Part 3-Develop the Plan

In this episode, Patrick recommends 5 steps parents should take in order to begin developing a specific, targeted strategy for eliciting heart change in children.

DH 076: Giving a Reason for the Hope that You Have | Author Scott Shay

Scott A. Shay, leading businessman, thought leader, and author of two widely read books, joins Patrick Antonucci in the newest Dad Hackers episode. Be sure to check it out!

How To Be A Courageous Creative With Jenny Randle

Wouldn’t you love to learn about how to be free to be who God made you to be? What does it look like to live that way? Join Jill's conversation today with author and Emmy-winner Jenny Randle.

DH 075: Becoming a Man of Mastery

Join Patrick as he talks with Michael Bulloch who shares stories and actionable lessons for breaking out of mediocrity and meandering through life to achieve elite level focus and performance.

DH 074: Fulfilling Your Potential

Join Patrick Antonucci with his special guest Kenyon Zitzka on an excellent conversation about fatherhood.

DH 073: What it's Like to Be and Iron Man

In this special edition of the Dad Hackers podcast, Patrick takes you into one of their Iron Men Mastermind meetings to see first hand what it’s like to be a part of this exclusive band of brothers.

Living A Supernatural Purpose-Filled Life With Carla Pratico

Join Jill Monaco as she talks with Carla Pratico about how God saved her, to how He worked it out for her to meet her husband, and what He has shown her about our purpose in this life.

DH 060: How To Cultivate A Marriage That Glorifies God

Listen in as Patrick talks about Christ-centered marriages with Aaron Smith, a man who's passionate about seeing husbands transform for the glory of God!