BLACK AND WHITE: Self-Care—Caring for our Soul

Episode #75 - Neglecting care for our souls can have devastating consequences. Listen in as Angela and Denise share key principles of biblical self-care that we all need. We can recalibrate our hearts in God's presence. 

BRIAN FLETCHER: From Frantic to Freedom

Episode #44 - Does your life ever feel frantic and out of control? There is only one way to get it back in order. 

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: End-Times Clarity with Billy Humphrey - Part 2

Episode #13 - Billy Humphreys dives deeper into eschatology (the study of the End-Times). In this new episode, we learn the difference between previous harvests and the coming Day of The Lord. We will see glory, trails, and heaven open over the earth at the same time as we see His final judgments.

ALONG THE WAY: I Love To Tell The Story with Special Guest Ron Hutchcraft

Ron Hutchcraft learned how to avoid “Nobel Detours” in his life and even in the worst moment of his life asked God to not waste his grief. Ron’s message of “Hope When Your Heart is Breaking,” will help you find God’s purpose for you, even through the pain.


Episode #102 - Life doesn't always go the way we planned. “God uses the sweet and salty experiences of life to bake a beautiful story of grace, hope, and love.” Tara's book, “Eat. Pie. Love.” will give you the courage to keep showing up and believe in God's story for your life.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: How To Raise Brave Kids Copy

In Episode 2 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol gives coaching tips to mothers on how to raise brave kids in today's culture. She also answers a listener's question, if you have any question you want Carol to answer about motherhood, send them to [email protected]

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Creating Bonding Moments for Adoptive Moms

Denise and guests Robin Gerblick and Jennifer Elwood discuss the blessing of adoption. Listen in to this message with 10 tips on bonding with adopted children that will enrich and encourage your motherhood journey in any season.

DAD HACKERS: What It's Like To Grow Up In A Christ-Centered Home with Chris Castor

Episode #52 - Many of us didn’t grow up in a Christian family and have a difficult time figuring out just how to do it now that we have our own family. Often we feel as though if we had an example of what to do we could emulate that and take it from there. Chris Castor joins us today to talk about what it’s like to be part of a family that has ...

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Scotty Gibbons Interview

Do you or someone you know live in constant chronic pain? THEN PLEASE LISTEN to Pastor Scotty Gibbons' testimony. It will be a great encouragement to your heart! For over 30+ years...he has led ministry at a very high level with constant physical pain.

MIMIKA TV: How to Sell More Books and Build Your Brand with Dave Chesson

In today’s ripe market, you can become a full-time author by adapting to the way the market works. Take a listen to figure out how!

BLACK AND WHITE: Keeping Your Marriage Fun

Episode #74 - Has your marriage gotten to be a little ho-hum or hard? Marriage can be fun again. Listen in as Angela and Denise share some of the things that have kept their marriage fun and fulfilling even in the midst of the monotony and craziness of life.

BRIAN FLETCHER: Is Ministry Worth it?

Episode #71 - Join Brian Fletcher as he contemplates this important question that many wonder as they pursue what God has called them to do.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: End-Times Clarity with Billy Humphrey - Part 1

Episode #12 - Billy Humphreys brings clarity and understanding to eschatology (the study of the End-Times). Right now, we are in a reset. We are praying about what Jesus wants for the church during this time. The church is on a trajectory for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Saying Yes To God With Andrea Coli

Episode #56 - How much free will does God give us? Can we miss His plan if we choose to go a different route? Does God use our ideas and let us add on to His?

ALONG THE WAY: For Unto Us a Song is Given with Jean Watson

Episode #38 - Jean Watson is a concert violinist with the voice of an angel. She shares how God reopened the door to her musical career and has sent her to the nations!

So Stinkin' Funny with Chonda Pierce

Episode #101 - Emmy® -nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce or “the country comic” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Carol's Top 10 List of Motherhood

In Episode #1 of The Joy of Motherhood, with host Carol McLeod. Following the pilot episode of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol decided to do her top ten list of motherhood for episode 1! Listen through as she counts down all 10 important things to do to be a great mom to your kids!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Hidden Strength of Single Moms with Anne McCabe

As we continue celebrating the month of Mother's Day and the release of Denise and her ministry team's new book, "Mommy and Me: Cooking with Jesus," Denise and guest Anne McCabe share 5 hidden strengths of single moms. Listen in, no matter what season of motherhood you're in, and glean solid wisdom from this encouraging message.

DAD HACKERS: Why Men Struggle To Lead Their Families - with Isaac Tolpin

Episode #51 - Isaac Tolpin knows exactly what we’re going through. In our episode today he walks us through several of the steps he took to figure out how to lead his family in a Christ-like manner as well as several mindset shifts you may need to make to better equip you to lead your family like you want to.


In this interview, we sit down with the General Supt. of the Assemblies of God to talk about Pentecostal Leadership for the 21st Century.

MIMIKA TV: Wholeness, Healing, and Unity with Dr. Barbara Lowe

God is calling women to WHOLENESS so that He can use them MIGHTILY for His purposes and plans for REVIVAL in our world. In today’s podcast episode we talk with Dr. Barbara Lowe about her mission to help women find wholeness, healing, and unity.

BLACK AND WHITE: What Matters Most as a Wife

Episode #73 - If you have ever felt like the verses describing the excellent wife in Proverbs 31 are an impossible standard you could never live up to, you are not alone. But there is hope! God does not have such verses in His word to torment us. Listen in as Denise and Angela discuss what matters most as a wife.  

Jesus Knows About Your Suffering

Episode #43 - Learn what it means to you that Jesus knows about your suffering.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Global Reset with Corey Russell

Episode #11 - The Lord is calling the Church into a season of fresh alignment with heaven and our families. He is preparing us for whatever comes around the corner. We are being delivered from the "gods" of our busy day and bringing us into a fresh, slower context with Him