ALONG THE WAY: The Harbingers of Things to Come - Behind The Scenes with Ken Peckett

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is releasing a special feature-length film that reveals even more secrets than his book “The Harbinger”. Go with him to the places where revelation unfolded and the patterns in the Bible expose what is happening in today’s headlines!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Impact Gratitude Has on our Mind

Episode #158 - Gratitude does not have to follow feelings. Feelings come when we choose how we are going to think. Listen in as Denise shares how gratitude can help us to shift negative mindsets.

DAD HACKERS: Who You Can Become When Life Doesn't Go As Planned - with Sheridan Voysey

Episode #67 - What do you do when life doesn’t go as planned? What do you do when your dreams are crushed?


Is it time for a SHIFT in your life? IF YOU or someone that you know is going through a difficult season of hardship or BURN OUT...then this conversation will be of great encouragement to them.

BLACK AND WHITE: Oh Momma! Celebrating Moms and Daughters - Part 2

Episode #118 - In honor of Mother's Day, listen in to this episode of Denise and her sons. Mommas raising boys looks a little different than raising daughters, but much remains the same. Our greatest goal is not that our sons will be like us but that they will be like Jesus.

ALONG THE WAY: The Influencer Impact - with Maria Armstrong

Maria Armstrong was living in a dark place, away from God, when a friend invited her to church. Now, Maria is inviting people to meet Jesus through her platform as a social media influencer.


In Episode 9 Carol interviews her good friend Terra about Infertility and Adoption.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Rest in the Midst of a Crazy Life

Episode #83 - Are you tired, friends? Rest is something we all need from time to time. Listen in and learn about the rest that God has for us all as we seek to be healthy all the way around this month.

DAD HACKERS: Being a Better Dad by Being a Better Son - with Allen Arnold

Episode #66 - Gentlemen, a lot of us are driven to succeed, achieve, produce, and create. But what’s the drive behind those ambitions? Is it to gain acceptance or approval? And if so, by whom?


Are you leading from the 2nd or 3rd Chair? Do you work for a leader that whom you do not agree with? Does your position require you to help someone else's vision succeed? THEN THIS INTERVIEW IS FOR YOU!

BLACK AND WHITE: Oh Momma! Celebrating Moms and Daughters - Part 1

Episode #116 - Do you wonder how you can make a difference in this world? And how you can impact our culture with the work of your hands? Listen in today as Denise interviews Brock Shinen, a lawyer, a speaker, and author of the book, The Christian Entrepreneur, and discover how you can better reach the world around you.

ALONG THE WAY: Dating Discovery - with Mike and Lisa Kunz

In this episode, you’re going to hear Mike and Lisa Kunz’s relationship journey and how their quest becomes their calling to help others with their own Dating Discovery.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Key to Emotional Health with Suzie Eller - Part 2

SD#82 - This month we are doing an overhaul on our health – from physical health last week to the key to emotional health this week. Listen in as Denise Pass and Suzie Eller continue their discussion on the secret to emotional health.

DAD HACKERS: Be a Man Who is Prepared

A man should be prepared. There’s always an ambush coming and it is essential as leaders in our homes that we accept the responsibility of being prepared for them.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Jay Mooney Interview 2

In this insightful and encouraging conversation, Jay Mooney offers his expert advice on the POWER that comes to a FAMILY and a MINISTRY that aligns itself in strategic ways to make disciples of the NEXT GENERATION.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Power of Humility

Episode #82 - The answer to shame is not found in pride, but humility. The only reason we are free from shame is the grace and faithfulness of God. Shame tries to point us back to who we were before Christ, but humility points us back to the One who our lives really are all about—Jesus. Listen in and discover how humility conquers shame in Jesus'...

BRIAN FLETCHER: Jesus Knows About Your Suffering

Episode #43 - Learn what it means to you that Jesus knows about your suffering.

ALONG THE WAY: Raising High His Signal - with Paul Bixler

Paul Bixler knew that his purpose for life was to be in TV production but he didn’t want to work at the small start-up station that his parents were pioneering back in Pittsburgh, but God called him back to be part of a great legacy of raising high God’s signal to the nations.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Key to Emotional Health with Suzie Eller (Part 1)

Episode 81 - This month we are doing an overhaul on our health – from physical health last week to the key to emotional health this week. Listen in as Denise Pass and Suzie Eller discuss the secret to emotional health.

DAD HACKERS: How to Be a Man on Mission - with Chris Cirullo

One of the things I know that's important for us as leaders in our home is to have a crystal clear vision of the direction God wants our families to go. Many men sit passively by as the days, weeks, months, and years go by.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Alton Garrison Interview 2

In today's conversation, we get to listen to the Leader of THE ACTS 2 JOURNEY, Brother Alton Garrison, speak to us on the subject of...WHAT THE ELDER AND YOUNGER GENERATION OF LEADERS need to be doing RIGHT NOW to be effective in this day and age.

BLACK AND WHITE: Got Sin in the Game

Episode #127 - When it comes to racism, we've got sin in the game. Racism is about more than skin—it is about sin.


Episode #42 - Everyone wants to live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Listen and find out exactly what the key to life is.

ALONG THE WAY: American Underdog (Special Edition with Producer Kevin Downs and Director Jon Erwin)

Kurt Warner is a went from bagging groceries to the NFL to winning the Superbowl with the greatest show on turf. His journey off the field led him to be a true success in life. His incredible story has been immortalized in the new film "American Underdog" starring Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, and Dennis Quaid.