ALONG THE WAY: Learning, Launching, and Leading - with Doug Smith

Doug Smith always had the potential to be a great leader but needed pointed in the right direction and given the tools to succeed. A John Maxwell leadership CD from a mentor set Doug on the right path and developed a passion to launch into a leadership journey.

ALONG THE WAY: Audacious Generosity with Kevin White

It is better to give than to receive so when Kevin White learned how the experience, receive, and give more than he ever thought possible it led him on an adventure of Audacious Generosity!

ALONG THE WAY: Cleaning Up Management Waste with Larry O’Donnell

Episode #76 - Larry O’Donnell is known for his Servant Leadership and that made way for him to be the very first “Undercover Boss” for the popular CBS show. He shares his journey of finding success as well as learning from failures in faith, family, and career. 


We can transform the way we think about time and seek to let go of the “perfect rhythm” and be content with the rhythm that God has willed for us to do in the time we have been given.

ALONG THE WAY: Asking Better Questions - with Dean Nelson

Episode #75 - Asking better questions is key if you want to have life-changing conversations. Dean Nelson is an award-winning journalist, author, and Director of Point Loma Nazarene University's journalism program. He is always looking for the deeper story in his interviews and he has even found that God Hides in Plain Sight.


Renewing your mind is not just a good thing to do. Don’t neglect mind renewal. It affects your whole life.

ALONG THE WAY: Fast Past the Deception Point with Barry Zungre

Episode #74 - After Barry Zungre was radically saved, he wanted to be a missionary. After several years with YWAM, God called him back into the business world where he started a successful Computer business. Fasting Past the Deception Point has always been a key way for Barry to seek God’s voice to make important decisions.

ALONG THE WAY: Upset The World with Tim Ross

Episode #73 - Tim Ross wanted to be a Detective with the police but God Upset His Plans and led him into the pulpit. God has led him to pastor under T.D. Jakes and Robert Morris before being sent out to pioneer Embassy City Church in the most diverse zip code in the US. Tim Ross is a man who God is using to Upset The World

ALONG THE WAY: They Lied To Us - with Victoria Robinson

Episode #72 - When Victoria Robinson realized that she was pregnant again she thought that she couldn’t handle another child so she decided to have an abortion. The physical, emotional, and spiritual wound from that broke her inside. In this conversation, she shares how God brought people into her life that helped her find forgiveness, hope, and ...

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Pursuing God's Perspective

We have looked at how we lost perspective, what the past did to shape our perspective, what is affecting our perspective in the present, what being in Christ should do to our perspective, and now finally what is God's perspective for us and this world? And how do we pursue His perspective instead of getting trapped in the world's perspectives? List...

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Examining Who We Are in Christ

This is where the abundant life is found—when we have the mind of Christ. Listen in as Denise talks about how who we are in Christ impacts our perspective.

ALONG THE WAY: Resilience God Style with Major General Bob Dees

Episode #71 - When Bob Dees went to West Point it was for all the wrong reasons but he learned to be resilient in the process. He hid God’s word in his heart in preparation for the worst-case scenario, but that investment has paid dividends his entire life. Hear how resilience God’s style guides retired Major General Bob Dees’ life.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Looking to the Present

All month long we are trying to realign our perspective to God's. First, we had to recognize the shift that has happened in our perspective and to do so, we are looking to God's word, to our past and now this week to our present. We can grow accustomed to our status quo so much so that we do not question our perspective or modus operandi. Listen in...

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Looking to the Past

The breaching of the capital perhaps can waken us up for the need to not just believe the perspective we are hearing from either camp. So how do we find truth? How do we regain our perspective when we have let our perspective be tainted in a fallen world? By looking to the past. The past can be a tutor if we are willing to listen. 

ALONG THE WAY: It’s Not Over - with Josh Gagnon

Episode #70 - Josh Gagnon “accidentally” started a church while he was running a successful New England drywall company. That small group bible study grew into Next Level Church with campuses in 10 locations spanning different east coast states. In this conversation, hear how his faith fills the gaps in his life and establishes unchanging pilla...

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective

Our perspective affects our lives profoundly. One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to lose perspective. Confused and disillusioned, we try to find the meaning of this life. To find perspective we need to relinquish our own and ask for God's. Listen in as Denise shares how we can lose the world's perspective and gain God's.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Momma Mindset - The Myths of Motherhood (Part 2)

What lies have you believed and how have you refuted those lies with God’s word? Listen in and be encouraged!

ALONG THE WAY: Finding the Story Between The Lines

Episode #12 - Discover how an encounter with a homeless man led John onto an unexpected life path AlongTheWay

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Momma Mindset - The Myths of Motherhood (Part 1)

Being a mom is so very challenging, no matter what stage you are in. If you feel like a failure or maybe just need an encouraging boost, listen in.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewing Your Purpose

Listen in for five tips to help you to keep your mindset from drifting from your purpose and being faithful to God's call on your life.

ALONG THE WAY: Ancient Prophecy Through a Modern Lens with Doug Hershey

Episode #69 - When Doug Hershey first went to Israel, he thought he would benefit from the trip but what he wasn’t expecting was a unique calling from God… to lead people to and experience Israel while focusing on how Ancient Prophecy is coming true TODAY! Israel is truly Rising!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewing Your Resolve

Our resolve is not to suffer but to have the same attitude and response to suffering that Christ did. 

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewing Your Focus

Mind renewal is not dependent upon perfect circumstances, but it is dependent upon a perfect God. What we focus on shapes our mindset and worldview. Renewing your focus takes intentionality and practice. Listen in to some tips on how to renew your focus and, ultimately, your mind in Christ.

ALONG THE WAY: From Prison to Pulpit - Juan Martinez's Story of Redemption

Hear how Martinez's life-altering encounter with Jesus Christ propelled him from a path of destruction to one of redemption and ministry. His journey, marked by divine intervention and a newfound purpose, is a stirring testimony to the life-changing power of faith.