Patrick Antonucci

DAD HACKERS: Gun Control with Zac Sterling

Episode #22 - As fathers, it is important for us to be aware of our surroundings and to have a course of action should something present a threat to our family, ourselves, or our community. Firearms safety instructor Zac Sterling joins us today to talk about the complete personal protection plan, pistol and firearms safety, situational awareness, a...

DAD HACKERS: Dishonor with David Mike

Episode #21 - Have you ever made a bad decision in your life? I don't mean just a poor choice, but a terrible decision that led you down a path of darkness, regret, and more bad choices. Our guest today, David Mike, knows first hand how one bad decision can produce life-altering results. But he also knows the power of God's Grace, Forgiveness, and ...

DAD HACKERS: Together with Geoff Surratt

Episode #20 - Geoff Surratt talks to us today about the ups and downs of serving and doing ministry together with your spouse. He talks about his near divorce and what he did to save his marriage and move forward in ministry and life. This episode is packed full of practical tips, advice, and action steps for you to take. Even if you're a single pa...

DAD HACKERS: Family Legacy with Special Guest Jeff Faull

Episode #19 - Jeff Faull comes from a family of preachers and has raised Godly children who are raising his grandchildren in the faith. He is practicing the vision of Dad Hackers to equip men to raise up the next generation of Christ-followers and to help them leave a legacy of multi-generational faithfulness.

DAD HACKERS: Having "The Talk" with Your Kids with Luke Gilkerson

Episode #18 - Do you struggle with talking to your kids about sex and sexuality? In our over-sexualized culture, it is crucial that your children learn about sex and sexuality from you rather than from the world. Luke Gilkerson joins us today to talk about the goodness and power of God's gift of human sexuality and how to talk to your kids about se...

DAD HACKERS: Rescued by God with Jason Sautel

Episode #126 - Our guest today is Jason Sautel. Jason spent much of his early adulthood as a decorated firefighter in one of the toughest firehouses in the country and today shares Christ-centered stories and lessons from his time there to his 700,000+ Facebook followers. He loves his wife of sixteen years, Kristie, his four two-legged children, hi...

DAD HACKERS: How to Become a Man of Influence with Paul Edwards

Episode #125 - Join host Patrick Antonucci for an interesting conversation with Paul Edwards. Paul wears many hats–best selling author, podcast host, professional ghostwriter. Husband, father, older brother to younger men. Amateur theologian, men’s physique competitor, voice mimic, and recovering insurance salesman.

DAD HACKERS: How Men Seek God with Tyler Smith

Episode #124 - Join Patrick Antonucci for an enlightening discussion with Tyler D. Smith. Tyler is a pastor, father, NBA sportswriter, basketball coach, author; and former Christian music industry veteran.

DAD HACKERS: Becoming a Whole Hearted Man with Aaron McHugh

Episode #123 - Aaron McHugh joins us today as a special guest on the Dad Hackers Podcast. Aaron is a writer, podcaster, adventurer, and author of the best-selling book, Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work. He is mastering the art of living a sustainable work-life balance that constantly interweaves rhythms of play and ad...

DAD HACKERS: Man Up God's Way with Jody Burkeen

Episode #122 - Jody Burkeen is the founder and president of Man Up God's Way Ministries. He shares with us today how to be consistent and disciplined as well as steps to overcome sexual addiction.

DAD HACKERS: How Men Become Kings with Morgan Snyder

Episode #120 - Host Patrick Antonucci speaks to special guest, Morgan Snyder, who is an author, speaker, and Director of Strategy at Ransomed Heart Ministries. We get pretty deep in this conversation to help you on the road to Biblical masculinity.

DAD HACKERS: The Quest for Biblical Masculinity with Jeff Hemmer

Episode # 121 - We are joined by author and pastor, Jeff Hemmer. His book, Man Up! The Quest for Biblical Masculinity cuts through all the noise of the world and gets right to the heart of what it means to be a man.

Get Your Life Back with John Eldredge

Episode #110 - Join host Patrick Antonucci with special gues, John Eldredge, bestselling author, counselor, and teacher.