Patrick Antonucci

DAD HACKERS: How To Turn Boys Into Men

Episode #45 - Most men want to make sure that their boys grow into strong, healthy, Christ-following adults. And while this desire exists, many of us don't know what specific steps to take to make this happen.

DAD HACKERS: What Makes A Great Dad?

Episode #44 - A question that we often ask ourselves is, "What makes a great dad?" At the end of almost every episode I ask this question of my guests. Today's episode is a compilation of 10 of those answers.

DAD HACKERS: Intentional Living with Christopher McCluskey

Episode #42 - Christopher McCluskey and Patrick talk about Vision, Purpose, Missions, and Goals and how to use them so that you can steward your life well. We also dive into the topic of why many guys know what to do in life but have a difficult time taking action.

DAD HACKERS: Detached with Author TJ Burdick

Episode #41 - If you’re being honest, you probably waste way too much time on your phone. In fact, you would probably say that a majority of the time you spend on your phone is an unnecessary waste of time and that it distracts you from your work, your family, and your God.

DAD HACKERS: View From The Top with Aaron Walker

Episode #40 - Living a life of purpose and focus isn’t something only a few rare individuals can do. The good news is that you too can live life like this.

DAD HACKERS: Code of Character with Justin Bailey

Episode #39 - Do your actions line up with your beliefs? Does your vision for life line up with your values? Do the primary influencers in your life correspond to your mission?

DAD HACKERS: A Father's Blessing with Dr. Chuck Stecker

Episode #38 - Dr. Chuck Stecker joins us today to discuss this crucial time in our children’s lives. He has devoted his life and work to help families, churches, and in particular, fathers develop rites of passage for their boys and girls. We talk about the power of rites of passage, the importance of receiving a father’s blessing and being ver...

DAD HACKERS: Daddies and Daughters with Michelle Watson

Episode #37 - You and your daughter can grow together in extraordinary connection and bonding. What you need is a playbook of practical tools that offer you the help you need.

DAD HACKERS: The Entrepreneurial Family Man

Episode #36 - Whether it’s in your personal life, career, or family you want to make a move on your vision for life, but often there are things holding you back from doing what you know you are meant to do.

DAD HACKERS: Fight the Dad Bod with Cam Hall

Episode #35 - In any case, you’re probably feeling like your health is taking a back seat to things that are more urgent in life. And you wish there was a way you could be more consistent with your health in spite of your crazy, busy life. Fortunately, this is what today’s guest-Nutrition Coach Cam Hall-specializes in.

DAD HACKERS: Heart Work with Dr. Scott Turansky

Episode #34 - If you're like most parents, you have developed your own parenting strategy. Dr. Scott Turansky joins us today to talk about how to reach your child's heart to teach, train, and build a tremendous relationship.

DAD HACKERS: Meaningful Talk with Keith Dorscht

Episode #33 - You want to connect and bond more deeply with your children, but you just can’t seem to get your relationship with them to the next level. You try talking with them, spending time with them, you even take an interest in what they like. While all of these are good and healthy, they just don’t seem to be the “thing” that helps t...

DAD HACKERS: Order of Man with Ryan Michler

Episode #32 - You don’t have to live a life of business and chaos. Ryan Michler—a man who knows a thing or two about living life on purpose—joins us in this episode to talk about the power of saying no, the importance of accountability, and the mindset shift you need to make.

DAD HACKERS: Breaking the Cycle with Greg Edens

Episode #31 - You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes with your family that your parents made.

DAD HACKERS: Faithful Dad with Dave Thurman

Episode #30 - While you can’t control the future and ultimately you can’t control the decisions of your children, there are some things you can do now to develop your relationships with your children to increase the likelihood that they will not depart from the ways of the Lord as they grow into adults.

DAD HACKERS: Biblical Parenting with Ed Miller

Episode #29 - Ed Miller and the National Center for Biblical Parenting are on a mission to help parents understand how to implement a heart-based approach to parenting. Listen to our interview with Ed as he shares some of the practical tools they use to help parents train their children in the ways of the Lord!

DAD HACKERS: Cavetime with Jeff Voth

Episode #28 - A man needs a place of refuge he can go to to get recharged when things get rough. Every man should have his “cave” just like King David did.

DAD HACKERS: Divorce and Remarriage with Wade Allen

Episode #27 - Today we get to hear from Wade Allen. He's a preacher, a husband, and a father. And he's also been through a divorce. I know you’ll be blessed by what Wade has to share.

DAD HACKERS: Rough Cut Men with David Dusek

Episode #26 - In this episode founder of Rough Cut Men Ministry, David Dusek and I talk about why is it so important for men to begin engaging with other men at a gut level, the importance of accountability, and why men are specifically targeted by the devil.

DAD HACKERS: Next-Level Life with Chris LoCurto

Episode #25 - Do you feel that you are capable of so much more, but are not living up to the person God designed you to be? What does the best version of yourself look like? Chris LoCurto joins us today to talk about the Next-Level Life and gives us a glimpse into why people are often stuck in life and then shares a few action steps we can take to ...

DAD HACKERS: Self-Leadership with Dr. Gary Johnson

Episode #24 - Every man ought to have a plan for his life. A road map of sorts that helps him stay on the course that God has designed him for. Dr. Gary Johnson talks to us today not only about how to mentor, raise, and lead children but also on how to lead yourself.

DAD HACKERS: Parental Coaching with John Skelly

Episode #23 - Let's face it... Parenting is TOUGH. It's hard work, it's a learning process, and it's a humbling process. However, the work is well worth it.   Sometimes, in the business of life, we can to lose sight of the fact that we only get a finite number...

DAD HACKERS: Gun Control with Zac Sterling

Episode #22 - As fathers, it is important for us to be aware of our surroundings and to have a course of action should something present a threat to our family, ourselves, or our community. Firearms safety instructor Zac Sterling joins us today to talk about the complete personal protection plan, pistol and firearms safety, situational awareness, a...

DAD HACKERS: Dishonor with David Mike

Episode #21 - Have you ever made a bad decision in your life? I don't mean just a poor choice, but a terrible decision that led you down a path of darkness, regret, and more bad choices. Our guest today, David Mike, knows first hand how one bad decision can produce life-altering results. But he also knows the power of God's Grace, Forgiveness, and ...