Patrick Antonucci

DAD HACKERS: Being a Christian Dad in the Midst of Significant Change - with Dale Kreienkamp

Episode #70 - From the shame that can accompany unemployment, to the roller coaster of emotions, to the impact of unemployment on your family and faith life, to getting back into the job market, Dale shares with us his experience, wisdom, and sage advice.

DAD HACKERS: Religious Liberty and Your Rights as a Christian - with Jeremy Samek

Episode #69 - What’s more is that when our religious liberties are infringed upon, we DO have a Biblical basis for what to do and the ARE resources out there to help you. Listen in as we talk about religious liberties and your rights as a Christian.

DAD HACKERS: How to Be the Spiritual Leader of Your Home

Episode #68 - Many of us didn’t grow up in Christian homes and a significant amount of the men in our community didn’t have a present, engaged father as an example.

DAD HACKERS: A Story of God's Blessing - with Gaurav Sharma

Episode #59 - Every once in a while you get to meet someone who has an amazing story of how they came to know Jesus Christ and become a Christian. These stories are inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging because they show the mighty hand of God at work in the lives of His children.

DAD HACKERS: How to Make the Transition from Career to Calling

Episode #58 - Today we’re joined by Mike Yarbrough. Mike has made that transition from career to calling and he shares with us his story of going from a full-time software engineer to owning his own business that supports him and his family. We look at what you would need to do to make the switch from several different perspectives.

DAD HACKERS: How To Be A Faithful Father - with Rick Wertz

Episode #57 - Today we have Rick Wertz, founder, and president of Faithful Fathering. His mission is to engage dads to raise a Godly generation. We talk at length about how we as dads can prioritize our physical presence, be engaged emotionally, and lead spiritually by example.

DAD HACKERS: How to Think Big, But Act Small - with Elisha Peter Voetberg

Episode #56 - One of the things I struggle with personally and I know a lot of men struggle with as well is taking the little steps that lead to the big results in life. It’s so easy to dream big and think about what could possibly occur several years down the road.

DAD HACKERS: How To Be Intentional In Your Marriage with Special Guest Cody Chapman

Episode #55 - Cody Chapman from On Purpose Marriage is with us today to talk about how to be intentional in your marriage and how to create a marriage that you love and others admire. We get into some very specific actions you can begin taking today to be more intentional and purposeful in your marriage.

DAD HACKERS: How to Improve Communication with Your Wife with Matt Jacobson

Episode #54- Matt Jacobson from the Faithful Life Podcast and Faithful Man is with us today to discuss how to have a marriage that is marked by great communication. We discuss what a Biblical marriage is, specific questions to ask your wife to get to know her better, and how to train yourself to truly desire your wife (and I’m not just talking se...

DAD HACKERS: What is Biblical Manhood? - with Jarrett Samuels

Episode # -

DAD HACKERS: What It's Like To Grow Up In A Christ-Centered Home - with Chris Castor

Episode #52 - Many of us didn’t grow up in a Christian family and have a difficult time figuring out just how to do it now that we have our own family. Often we feel as though if we had an example of what to do we could emulate that and take it from there. Chris Castor joins us today to talk about what it’s like to be part of a family that has ...

DAD HACKERS: Why Men Struggle To Lead Their Families - with Isaac Tolpin

Episode #51 - Isaac Tolpin knows exactly what we’re going through. In our episode today he walks us through several of the steps he took to figure out how to lead his family in a Christ-like manner as well as several mindset shifts you may need to make to better equip you to lead your family like you want to.

DAD HACKERS: How To Build A Band Of Brothers - with Tom Schwab

Episode #50 - God put in us this need for other men to be in our lives to help sharpen us, keep us accountable, and lock shields with us as we go to battle against Satan.

DAD HACKERS: How To Stick To Your Budget, Conquer Debt, And Honor God With Your Finances with Bruce Ammons

Episode #49 - Listen in to hear Brice Ammons talk about the mindset you need to develop in order for you to successfully stick to a budget and pay off your debt. He gives some very practical steps you can begin taking today to get your finances in order.

DAD HACKERS: How To Raise Faithful Men with Charles Hooper

Episode #48 - Charles Hooper is a father of 6 boys who are now grown men. He and I dive deep into the steps that he took to prepare himself to be a father to these boys and the actions he took as he raised these boys to be faithful men.

DAD HACKERS: What To Do When Tragedy Strikes - with Paul Evans

Episode #47 - Our guest today, Paul Evans, shares with us his incredible story of tragic loss and how he processed that loss and actually used it as a catalyst for change in his life, the lives of others, and to serve and glorify God.

DAD HACKERS: How to Lead Your Family Better

Episode #46 - Rob Reinow joins us today to talk about how to lead your family well. As a husband for almost 25 years and a father of 7, he knows first-hand the struggles that you're going through.

DAD HACKERS: How To Turn Boys Into Men

Episode #45 - Most men want to make sure that their boys grow into strong, healthy, Christ-following adults. And while this desire exists, many of us don't know what specific steps to take to make this happen.

DAD HACKERS: What Makes A Great Dad?

Episode #44 - A question that we often ask ourselves is, "What makes a great dad?" At the end of almost every episode I ask this question of my guests. Today's episode is a compilation of 10 of those answers.

DAD HACKERS: Intentional Living with Christopher McCluskey

Episode #42 - Christopher McCluskey and Patrick talk about Vision, Purpose, Missions, and Goals and how to use them so that you can steward your life well. We also dive into the topic of why many guys know what to do in life but have a difficult time taking action.

DAD HACKERS: Detached with Author TJ Burdick

Episode #41 - If you’re being honest, you probably waste way too much time on your phone. In fact, you would probably say that a majority of the time you spend on your phone is an unnecessary waste of time and that it distracts you from your work, your family, and your God.

DAD HACKERS: View From The Top with Aaron Walker

Episode #40 - Living a life of purpose and focus isn’t something only a few rare individuals can do. The good news is that you too can live life like this.

DAD HACKERS: Code of Character with Justin Bailey

Episode #39 - Do your actions line up with your beliefs? Does your vision for life line up with your values? Do the primary influencers in your life correspond to your mission?

DAD HACKERS: A Father's Blessing with Dr. Chuck Stecker

Episode #38 - Dr. Chuck Stecker joins us today to discuss this crucial time in our children’s lives. He has devoted his life and work to help families, churches, and in particular, fathers develop rites of passage for their boys and girls. We talk about the power of rites of passage, the importance of receiving a father’s blessing and being ver...