Moving On Season 2

MOVING ON: You Do Not Have to Like Your New Family, with Tim Watson - Part 1

Episode #35 - This week Jay and Jess sit down with the brilliant Tim Watson to get real on some very tough topics that nearly all blended families face at one point or another. Tim has a rich arsenal of ideas and practices that can help in navigating THE toughest thing on earth - blending a family!

MOVING ON: Huddle Co Podcast - We Have Lift Off

Episode #1 - Meet five amazing friends Canada to Texas, Ok to Utah...and don't forget about our Durango Farmerdoll! Sherri, Ash, Jess, Kam, and B gather for their very first Huddle Co Podcast episode, where they discuss most embarrassing moments, break-ups, growth from struggles, and how each of them has felt most affected by the past six months. ...

MOVING ON: Let's All Get the Heck Off This Struggle-Bus

Episode #34 - After a brief hiatus, join Jay and Jess for a new episode to encourage and inspire.

MOVING ON: Hey! Get Out of Your Way!

Episode #13 - Jay and Jess discuss the many ways our pride can keep us from truly enjoying the amazing things that are waiting for us, and how simply getting out of our own way can open our lives up to an abundance of happiness, fulfillment, and love!

MOVING ON: As Many Reps As Possible

Episode #12 - This week we discuss the benefits of exercise and physical activity in reaching new levels of health, happiness, and clarity that are SURE to help us thrive in each of our relationships with our families, friends, and ourselves!


Episode #19 - This week they talk about comparisons, and how incorrect it is "to compare what we don't know about someone's lives to what we do know about our own". Comparison can be the thief of all joy, and the Normans discuss what they can do to relearn healthier practices for themselves and their children.

MOVING ON: I Get My Way, and You Get Yours

Episode #15 - My favorite thing we discussed in this episode was how we walked through a situation that has caused an ugly fight between us 100% of the time, and THIS time it DID NOT. We break it down like a game-tape!

MOVING ON: Your Past Does Not Mean a Hill of Beans

Episode #18 - In this episode, Jay and Jess discuss the three reasons for their WHY for their podcast. They also share some of their favorite farm, life, and heart hacks. Near the end, the discussion turns back to a recurring topic, physical fitness and it's a beneficial role in fighting off stress, depression, and anxiety.

The Power of Christ and the Support of a Good Woman with Jerry Searls

Episode #20 - Jerry Searls describes his battle with alcoholism, and the destruction it brought to his life and family. He experienced the power of Christ with the Lord coming in and kicking it for him, changing him from the inside out to the loving, happy, crazy, fun-loving man they call their "brother" these days!

Beauty from Ashes, Mrs. Ashley Sloan

Episode #33 - In this episode, Jay and Jess get the extreme pleasure of interviewing the one and only Ashley Sloan. Ashley is a farmwife out of southern Oklahoma that has endured more in one life than anyone should, but she is here to tell her story of how God has worked it all for good in her life!

Caught the Devil in a Big Fat Lie

Episode #32 - Jay and Jess have FINALLY returned to the mics to pour out the contents of their hearts! Did they use a whole bunch of words? Yep!

Preachers, Police, and the Penitentiary with Jason Norton

Episode #22 - Jay and Jess speak with the King's Trail Cowboy Church head pastor, Jason Norton as he shares his incredible story of survival and growth throughout the most difficult seasons of his life.

Teaching Grace to the Youngins'

Episode #23 - We've set out to teach our children the concepts of grace, humility, and compassion at a much younger age than when we learned it! 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Episode #24 - Thanks to Lee Mahler for the title on this one!

Faith Rise Up

Episode #30 - Jay and Jess discuss their feelings, hopes, and heart from inside the walls of their Norman Quarantine.

Dropping Some Ropes We Had Been Pulling On For Years

Episode #31 - In the quiet and stillness of the quarantine, we were stripped of our distractions and left to face some glaring negative habits that we had developed in our marriage.

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

Episode #25 - Tune in to catch one of the latest episodes from the Moving On Podcast!

Being Famous to Your Family

Episode #29 - Jay and Jess are back this week, a little late because of corn-plant, discussing the importance of being famous to your family.

The Misbehaviors of Some Tired Folks

Episode #26 - This week, Jay and Jess return from Hawaii on an exhausting red-eye flight that sets the tone for a brutal, exhausting week of sickness and addiction deprivation.

A Comeback Story for the Books with Cody Aaron

Episode #28 - Take a listen as Cody shares his story bankruptcy, loss, devastation, and an unfortunate mule that decided to add insult to injury.


Hard Day's Night

Episode #27 - In this episode, we try to gracefully discuss one of the lowest afternoons we have experienced since the very beginning of blending our family, if not THE lowest.