Meredith Boggs

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: The Gut/Anger Triad (Type 8, 9, and 1)

Episode #36 - The gut/anger triad is comprised of 8, 9, and 1 but looks very different in each. In this episode, we dive into the differences but also how the difference will set the framework for their spiritual practice of stillness.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Shadow, Side, and True Self

Episode #35 - Digging in now, we're going to take a close look at the shadow side of the different Enneagram types with their sin tendencies, passions, and fixations. We'll also explore the essence of each type which is reflected in the holy idea and their virtue that uniquely reflects the image of God.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Overview of The Triads (Head, Heart, and Gut)

Episode #34 - Our triad influences the way we see and perceive the world while also granting us a unique way to see and understand more of the character of God. Today's episode will be an overview of each triad and set the framework for the next several episodes.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Growth and the Enneagram

Episode #33 - Today we're diving into what the healthy, average, and unhealthy spaces look like and what growing in your Enneagram type means while we examine movement to different types in stress & security.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Childhood Wounds and Attacks on Virtue with The Enneagram

Episode #32 - Today we’re diving in deep into childhood wounds, where they stem from, and what happens when they go untended to and we’re talking about attacks on our virtue and in the framework on the Enneagram so that we can better navigate our shadow side.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: The Lies We Believe from an Enneagram Perspective

Episode #31 - The lies we believe influence the way we live, respond & interact with others. Through the lens of the Enneagram, we’re exploring those lies, the detrimental cycles they lead to, and how to live in freedom from them so that we are able to live in the fullness of who we were created to be, uniquely reflecting the image of God.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Identity and the Gospel with the Enneagram

Episode #30 - Before we dive headlong into the Enneagram & spiritual growth we have to lay the foundation of identity or the work will be for naught. In this episode we explore identity, how we've got it wrong (even with the Enneagram!), where it's actually found & how to approach the Enneagram in light of our identity.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: The Enneagram + Spiritual Growth

Episode #29 - We're back with season 3 of The Other Half Podcast & this season is exclusively about the Enneagram! We're doing a deep dive into the Enneagram and spiritual growth, catch the trailer for what to expect from this season & a little 2020 life update from Justin & Mer!

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Work, the Aggressive Stance and Leadership - with Sarajane Case

Episode #28 - In today's episode, Justin gets to interview Sarajane from Enneagram & Coffee! Justin and Sarajane talked about a ton about sevens on the Enneagram, the aggressive stance and lessons learned through the Enneagram at work. 

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Let's Talk About Sex and Intimacy with "Anatomy of Marriage" Founders

Episode #27 - Seth & Melanie Studley from the Anatomy of Marriage Podcast is back on the podcast and we're talking all things sex and intimacy on today's episode.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: In-Laws, Family of Origin, and Anatomy of Marriage

Episode #26 - Seth & Melanie Studley from the Anatomy of Marriage Podcast talk about navigating relationships with in-laws and how family of origin impacts marriages and relationships.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Cheating on the Enneagram (Part 2) - with Nicole Ayers

Episode #25 - Nicole Ayers is an entrepreneur, creative director, writer, moped enthusiast, #entj #enneagram8, and cat lady. She is the founder of Spirit Animal consulting, a firm + digital agency where they build custom teams of unicorns to help solve your business challenges.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: What We're Really Missing Out On By Ghosting

Episode #24 - We've done it, it's happened to us, but the culture of ghosting has got to stop. When we ghost, we actually miss out on the chance for others to know & support us & deprive ourselves of connection and belonging.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Cheating on the Enneagram and Exploring MBTI with Nicole Ayers

Episode #23 - Nicole Ayers is certified in Myers Brigg & in sharing her knowledge and expertise of the dimension of MBTI while comparing and contrasting with the enneagram.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: How To Disagree Productively in Personal and Professional Relationships

Episode #21 - Disagreements can be productive, healthy, in addition to helping you and the other party grow and learn but only if done well.  In this episode, you'll find a framework to make disagreement productive and what to avoid.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: The Art of Negotiating - with Jena Vivano

Episode #20 - Join hosts Justin and Meredith Boggs for a discussion with Jena Vivano about negotiating. Jena gives creative ideas on what and how to negotiate professionally and personally.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Networking in a Way That Doesn't Feel Fake with Jena Vivano

Episode #18 - Is networking necessary, do I really have to do it, and if so, how do I do it without feeling fake?  High-powered Career Coach Jena Vivano answers all these questions in today's episode. 

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Teaching the SNAP (Stop, Notice, Ask, Pivot) Enneagram Tool

Episode #17 - Teaching the Enneagram tool SNAP (Stop, Notice, Ask, Pivot) from the book "Road Back to You" by Ian Cron & Suzanne Stabile. SNAP is utilized to foster personal growth as it pertains to your individual enneagram type.  

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Triggers, Medicators, Emotional + Psychological Health - Part 2

Episode #15 - What are triggers, why do we get triggered, & do we use unhealthy things to medicate unpleasant emotions? It gets real on the podcast as Justin & Meredith divulge their own unhealthy cycles and patterns of triggers & medicators. 

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Triggers, Medicators, and Emotional + Psychological Health - Part 1

Episode #14 - What are triggers, why do we get triggered, & do we use unhealthy things to medicate unpleasant emotions? It gets real on the podcast as Justin & Meredith divulge their own unhealthy cycles and patterns of triggers & medicators. 


Episode #13 - After polling the audience a few weeks back, we’re talking about car conflicts & the top reasons you all shared you experience this type of conflict. We talk about why it happens, if it’s about something deeper than just your partners driving or navigating skills, & how to avoid the same cycle of conflict in the car!

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Own Your Everyday - with Jordan Lee Dooley

Episode #12 - Interview with Jordan Lee Dooley author of national bestseller Own Your Everyday about being an Enneagram type 3, shame, vulnerability, and recovering from an eating disorder.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Marriage After God with Aaron and Jennifer Smith

Episode #8 - Interview with Aaron & Jennifer Smith authors & founders of Marriage After God on the day of their book release! Ever since they married they have purposed to serve God and build His kingdom together.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Money and Marriage and Paying Off 54K in Debt

Episode #7 - We're taking all things money in marriage and how we paid off 54K of student loans in 13 months.  From relationship dynamics when you have one spender and one saver,  the stress of a less-stable income with one as the breadwinner and how to set boundaries & respect each other with finances, we get into it!