Jennifer Hand

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: A Little Goes a Long Way - with Rachael Adams

Today Jenn welcomes fellow author and podcaster Rachael Adams to talk about how God works through small things.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: Still Becoming - with Laura Acuna

Today Jenn welcomes Laura Acuna to talk about her new book, Still Becoming.  Laura challenges us to re-think our struggles with disordered eating, body image, and dieting through the lens of self-compassion and God’s grace.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: I Am Transformed - with Julianna Bevere

Today Jenn welcomes Juli Bevere to talk about her new book with Sons and Daughters, I Am Transformed.  Sons and Daughters is a collective of young adults who help this generation discover the adventure, freedom, and purpose found in our Creator.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: Introducing "My Yes is on the Table"

Thank you for listening to My Yes Is On The Table, a podcast hosted by Jennifer Hand and Coming Alive Ministries.  Today Jenn introduces her new show and tells the story behind her new book, My Yes Is On The Table.


Maddie Rey is a 23-year-old Christian Recording Artist, Youth Speaker, Author Performer, Dancer, Actress, YouTuber, and overall Influencer.  Today they talk about how Maddies put her yes on the table, as we are all this season. They also talk about Maddie’s book, No More Lies, as well as Maddie’s love for the local church.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: Joy Comes in the Morning - with Baylor Wilson

Jenn welcomes Baylor Wilson to the show today.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: Scared To Life - with Ryan George

Ryan George is a spiritual leader and adventurer who has encountered the way of Jesus in exciting and precarious situations.  His passion is to help others bring new adventures to seemingly mundane places and experiences of daily life.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: An Unexpected Revival - with Erica Wiggenhorn

Today Jennifer Hand and Erica Wiggenhorn discuss how to discern the voice of God, how God brings about revival, and how to rest in contentment when facing disappointment.

COMING ALIVE CONVERSATIONS: Seeing Our Invisible God - with Lynn Cowell

Lynn Cowell is a speaker and author with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Join Jenn and Lynn as they discuss what to do when God seems to have vanished, what to do when you are walking through uncertainty, and how to find encouragement in the Word of God.