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ONE VOICE PODCAST: Inside War—From the Jungle to the Jordan (Part 2)

Tony Maisey tells his story of childhood trauma that led to the jungle of Peru.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Inside War—From the Jungle to the Jordan (Part 1)

Tony Maisey tells his story of childhood trauma that led to the jungle of Peru.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Becoming Fully Alive in Spirit Soul and Body - with Dr. Carol Tanksley

Dr. Carol Tanksley tells her story of overcoming fear, anxiety, and the death of her husband.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: True Story of Miracles in the Ukraine in War

Maksim tells of miracles that have never been told while Ukraine was being attacked!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: She Found Grace - with Serena Dyksen

Serena Dyksen is the author of She Found His Grace, her life story of healing and finding God’s grace after abortion and sexual trauma. She has a heart for every to know that it is possible to find God’s grace after abortion.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Kimberly Moses’s Story of Salvation

Kimberly tells us her story of how she was raised as a Buddhist but got baptized at the age of 12. After a near-death encounter around the age of 21, she fully gave her life to Jesus.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Char Blair’s God Story….from Gender Dysphoria to Holiness!

Char Blair says that God put HIS desires in her heart and that is what changed everything. Becoming HOLY and having fellowship with the Holy Spirit changes a person from the inside out. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Peggy Lakin’s Story of Compounded Faith

A story of restoration and of making it through a walk of darkness that she and her family had never known. Stepping into a total dependency on God as she had never experienced. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: The Difference Between Revival and an Awakening! - with Dr. Jamie Morgan

God wants YOU and He wants to use YOU and your story for His glory!  We are in the last days and God is looking for soldiers to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Joey Shares 5 Practical Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety affects our spirit, soul, and body!  In this week’s podcast, Joey will share with us how we can deal with anxiety in practical and spiritual ways!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dudley Bradley’s Story of Grief and Pain - Part 2

Dudley Bradley Jr. continues his story on how grief has affected his life and all those around him.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dudley Bradley’s Story of Grief and Pain - Part 1

Dudley Bradley Jr. tells his story of being a caretaker to finally laying his wife to rest in the arms of Jesus.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Young New Ager Saved by the Power of God - with Everett Roeth

Ex-New-ager talks about his experience in the world while searching for something powerful in his life. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God and the LGBTQ Community

Janet Boyes challenges individuals and the church to reach out with a message of hope and restoration to those who struggle with identity issues.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Demons and Angels - with Pastor Dan Tomberlin

Pastor Dan Tomberlin talks to us about demons & angels and the authority that Jesus has given us.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Former New Ager and Ex-Astrologer Gives Her Life to Jesus

Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologer for 8 years and teacher of astrology; a former practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs, and who engaged in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel tells about how she came to know the ONE TRUE living God, JESUS! This is one of the m...

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Redeeming the Time

God has given Reed Swanson a powerful Word all from the book of Ephesians!  He is actually writing a book called, “How To Redeem the Time in Evil Days” First four chapters of his book are on Identity:   Learning how to love yourself, how to value your value, being worthy of love, and being forgiven!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God of Multiplication

In this episode you will hear an encouraging word that  God is not wanting to destroy you,  nor put sickness on you,  steal from you, take away from you or leave you depressed, desolate, and alone! No! God is a God of multiplication and He’s wanting to add and multiply in your life, not subtract and divide.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Has Something Better

You don’t choose your assignments but they choose you! All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now.  You are called to greatness!  God has something GREATER…something BETTER in your life, in your destiny. GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God has a Promise Attached to Your Pain!

When tears become your food and drink, God has a promise attached to them!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Seeing Jesus and Alive in My Circumstances

Let’s do something different and take the word “view” or “arrival” and use it in our everyday life and practice “Seeing Jesus Alive” and ACTIVE!  Let’s prepare and get ready for Jesus to show up in our everyday lives! Jesus is taking His place in my thoughts, my circumstances, my disappointment,  in my losses, and in my blessing!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Finding H.E.R - with Marie Frazier

Finding H.E.R. is a love story of a man and woman finding their way to God and in return, she finds H.E.R.self in the process and her husband finds his way back home!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Jeff Stanford’s Story of a Covid Near Death Experience

Jeff Stanford is a pastor who had covid pneumonia and was lying on his death bed. But Joy, his wife, brought healing to him by her faith believing that he would live and not die!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Divine Blueprint

God will take the mess, pain, and of your life and work it all together for His divine plan. What the world calls coincidence, God calls providence.