Janet Swanson

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Let Perseverance Finish Its Work in You

A prophetic word for those who have been suffering! Hope is not something you pull out of the sky! It is PRODUCED!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Miraculous Stories - with Chris and Jan Igwe

Chris Igwe’s family calls him the “Umbrella of Hope” because, since a child, he’s had a keen awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God in his life. Chris tells his story of persecution and suffering but also shares the miraculous stories that God performed in his life and that saved his life.  

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Blessed to Have Been Abandoned - with Monica Kelsey

Monica Kelsey is adopted and found out later on in life she was a product of rape. Monica made it her mission to help parents in crisis as her own birth mother was when she abandoned Monica as an infant.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dee’s Story of Healing and Redemption, Part 3

Dee Boyd is helping women rediscover self-worth after sexual trauma and abortion.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dee’s Story of Healing and Redemption, Part 2

Dee Boyd is helping women rediscover self-worth after sexual trauma and abortion.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dee’s Story of Healing and Redemption, Part 1

Dee Boyd is helping women rediscover self-worth after sexual trauma and abortion.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Tourette’s, a Gift Found in the Middle of Trouble

Caleb tells his story of the diagnoses of Tourette’s and how God showed him that it’s his gift, not a curse!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: The Canty Singers

A mom and two daughters find their hope and their way through Covid by making music together!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: When Life Hits You Like A Truck!

Bishop Gary Lewis was hit with a pandemic and literally involved in a “hit and run” accident while riding his bike. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Faith Like a Parachute!

A story of how God helped a pastor build his church through a Life Coach and Faith.  Because of his faith and a life coach, the church has survived the pandemic and is now thriving! 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Believing For a Miracle!

Christi Cowart almost lost her mom to Covid Pneumonia, but God performed a miracle and delivered her off of her sick bed! God shhhhh’d the storm and brought peace to every troubled heart!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Mental Health In Our Youth

Three signs that may indicate that someone will follow through with suicide.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: A Story of Miracles, Signs and Wonders - with Special Guest Jim Hockaday

Jim Hockaday is a man who walks in the power of the Holy Spirit with the gift of healing and miracles.  He has his own  Story of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in his own life. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: The Miracle of Marriage Restoration

Emmanuel Almeraz grew up hard, fatherless, and in the projects! Always struggling, fighting, and getting into some trouble.  Debbie, his wife, prayed for him and never gave up on God to heal and restore their marriage.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: A Loving Heavenly Father Who Looks Out For Us!

This is a story of hard beginnings, a hard life, and a life without a father.  People in the community became the hands, feet, and heart of God as they reached out and helped a child whose mom was in prison and whose dad was not involved in his life. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Swanson Boys', Pastor Sons' Giving Tribute to their Father

The sons of Pastor Cary and Janet Swanson give their perspective of what it’s like growing up in a pastor’s home and their view of their father.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Faythe Radona, "He Brought Me Out of a Horrible Pit!"

Faythe Radona is a survivor of childhood abuse, abandonment, drugs, sex trafficking, domestic violence, self-harm, and suicide!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dr. Musielak—Mom, Doctor, and Speaker (Oh My!)

Dr. Delene Musielak is a doctor, motivational speaker, and devout follower of Christ. In this episode, she discusses how God works and speaks through her medical practice.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: How God Can Take What the Enemy Meant for Harm and Turn It for Good

Kenise Etwaru talks to us about her divorce and how God took all the broken pieces of her life and built something beautiful from her ashes! 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Let the Church Arise and Take Her Place! with LeighAnn Soesby

LeighAnn Soesby is praying for the body of Christ to rise up and take her place. The House of God is a house of prayer.  Out of prayer, you will start to see restoration, healing, restoration, and miracles. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Live Your Healthiest and Best Life, in Spirit, Soul, and Body

Heather Wallace lost 122 pounds! She actually gained 100 pounds after having a hysterectomy. She tells how God helped her through it all in order to do it!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Perfect Timing Today

Recognizing God’s faithfulness throughout the generations… even in a pandemic!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Chare’s Story of Healing

This month we are bringing awareness to childhood sexual abuse. Chare shares her story of healing from childhood sexual abuse by her grandfather, who was a Christian and highly respected in the community and the church.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: He Heals the Broken-hearted and Binds Up their Wounds

Beth shares her story of healing from the one thing her father had always tried to protect her from!