Loving Yourself Like God Loves You, with Abi Stomvoll

Join Jill with special guest, Abi Stomvoll from the Bethel School of Ministry. Abi teaches others how to encounter unconditional love, be true to yourself and experience abundant life.

Constantly Connected with Heidi Baker

Episode #98 - Watch Coach and Joe sit around the table with Heidi Baker, Founder and President of Iris Global to teach us about God’s desire to be constantly connected with us in every single aspect of our lives.

Created For This with Roy Geesey

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey deliver a powerful testimony and message about using your gifts to glorify God. This session was recorded at the Kingdom Winds presents Catch the Wind event on October 6, 2018.

Ten and Counting

10 years of marriage...10 podcasts episodes...and counting!!

Creative Courage

As God blesses us with unique gifts and inspires us to create, He also calls us to step out in courage to share our works to advance the Kingdom of God. Jessie Flowers offers a moving message filled with powerful testimony and biblical teaching to overcome inherent vulnerability and step out on the water.

Prophetic for Dummies with Corey Reid

Episode #110 - Listen as Coach and Joe grab a mug with their special guest Corey Reid to investigate the steps a beginner would take to hear the voice of God in their lives as well as some more advanced steps towards entering what Coach calls the prophetic “Ninja Land”.

Meet Coach & Joe

Episode #1 - Meet Coach (Chad Norris) and Joe (Joe Reynolds). In this episode, we hear what led Joe across the country to follow God.

Labor of Love - Part 1

Listen to the new Bridgeway Church "Labor of Love" Series, featuring Andy Stone, Pastor of Adult Ministries.

Multiply or Multitude (with Duncan and Kate Smith)

Episode #102 - Coach welcomes Duncan and Kate Smith to the table all the way from Catch the Fire in Raleigh, North Carolina to discover more about the difference between investing in the multitudes from a stage or discipling a few through the context of family.

Planting People (with Nick and Marjorie Allen)

Episode #103 - Coach grabs another chair between Nick and Marjorie Allan to hear the story of their church The Well in Sheffield, England as well as discuss wisdom and practical steps to church planting and following Jesus.