Fashion Meets Faith


FASHION MEETS FAITH: Announcing the 2021 Spring Colors!

I'm so excited to share Pantone's 2021 spring colors on today's Style Tip!!! We'll go over how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, my personal favorites, and the neutrals that will be trending throughout the season!


FASHION MEETS FAITH: Organize Your Jewelry With Me!

This weekend I'm taking you inside my closet to share how I clean out and organize my jewelry for the new year! Grab your jewelry and let's do this together!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Prepping Your Closet for the New Year!

This week on Style Tips, I'm sharing a few tips on how to prep your closet for the new year! We'll discuss a few tried and true tips to organizing, plus I'll show you simple stress-free ways to tackle a closet cleanout in bite-size bits.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: My Favorite Things—Gifts for the WHOLE family

Today I'm sharing Part TWO of my favorite things Christmas series! I'll show you a few of the gifts I'll be giving to loved ones this year and helping you out with some quick shopping tips along the way!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: My Favorite Things—Faith-Based Gifts

Merry Christmas to you and yours! This month on Style Tips, I'm playing Santa for a few episodes and sharing my favorite gift ideas! We'll be starting with faith-based gifts today, and I can't wait to see which ones you grab for your friends and family!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Finding Freedom in Friendship with Maggie Rowe

This week I had the honor of sitting down with author, Maggie Rowe, to talk about finding freedom in our friendships. Maggie's written an INCREDIBLE book, "The Life We Share."

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Christmas Sweater Style - Meet My Sister!

This week I'm introducing you to one of my favorite people in the entire world, MY SISTER!!! Wendi absolutely loves Christmas sweaters, so I knew she was the perfect person to help me with this style tip! Have questions on how to style your Christmas sweater?

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Making Your Virtual Thanksgiving Memorable! with Kim Nowlin

In this episode, Kim gives us some amazing ideas on how to incorporate new traditions and fresh ideas into your Thanksgiving fashion, faith, and fun! Whether you're celebrating virtually or in person, Kim covers it all and offers some great tips and tricks along the way!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Making Your Virtual Thanksgiving Memorable! (with Kim Nowlin)

In this episode, Kim gives us some amazing ideas on how to incorporate new traditions and fresh ideas into your Thanksgiving fashion, faith, and fun! Whether you're celebrating virtually or in person, Kim covers it all and offers some great tips and tricks along the way!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Should You Try a Men's Pant? (with Cynthia Ki)

Today I'm chatting with VIP Member, Cynthia Ki, about how she discovered that men's pants (and shoes!) actually work better for her body type! Throughout this episode, Cynthia shares her quick sizing tips, how she keeps her men's pieces feminine with styling, and how she got over the insecurities of wearing men's items.


Do you ever stare at your outfit and feel like you have no shoes to match? Well, before you go out and buy ONE pair that matches just ONE outfit, let me teach you my secret to picking the perfect shoe every time! By matching your shoe to your hair color, you create a head to toe look that works for literally any outfit!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Fashion Tips for Cooler Weather

As we transition from summer to fall, it can feel a little overwhelming when choosing what to wear! Some days a light jacket is needed, others feel like tank top weather. So how do you successfully prepare for anything?

FASHION MEETS FAITH: A Crash Course In Discovering Your Body Shape

Today's style tip is all about discovering your body shape! I'll teach the simplest way to identify your body type through my BODX system and we'll discuss the do's and don'ts for dressing each shape!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: How To Style A Graphic Tee

Are you struggling with how to style your favorite graphic tee for the fall season? Well, struggle no more sister! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite ways to style a graphic tee! From scarves to crafty neckline ideas, you'll feel fabulous in your tee no matter what the weather!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Home Tour - How I'm Decorating For Fall!

In this week's episode, we're taking a quick break from my usual Style Tips to show you how I'm styling my HOME for the fall season!! I'll invite you inside my home and share stories behind my favorite items, plus I'll share where I got certain pieces! I can't wait to hear how YOU are decorating for fall!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: What's IN for Fall Trends?

On this episode of Style Tips, I'm sharing 12 of my favorite Fall trends, from shoes to looks to patterns! We'll go through each category and talk about the trending styles, plus I'll share how the Closet Outfit Planner is the perfect guide for your Fall wardrobe!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Thrifting with the Closet Outfit Planner!

In today's episode, I invited a mother/daughter duo to come on and talk about how they used this planner to create an entire wardrobe for under $70 at thrift stores! Their story is UNREAL, and I can't wait for you to see all the pieces they picked up on their shopping trip!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Behind the Scenes with a VIP!

Episode #215 - On today's Style Tip, I invited my friend Catherine to come on and talk about her experience with the Sisterhood. We discuss how it's changed her life, what she's learned, and what she's excited about for this new year!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 10 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Is your makeup routine aging you? While many tried and true tips we learned in our youth still apply, as we grow older there are a few that may be worth retiring! On today's Style Tip, Shari is sharing 10 makeup mistakes that age you and how to fix them!


When it comes to transitioning into gray hair, there are a few tricks that really make a difference! Today I'm sharing some simple tips to help you feel confident in your gray, from hairstyle to wardrobe style!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Style Tips for Hip and Thigh Gain with Cheri Varner

Episode #184 - Do you gain in your hips and thighs? If so, you have what I call the "D-Body Type!" On today's Style Tip, I'm inviting my dear friend Cheri Varner to pop in and discuss a few quick tips for dressing your best when you gain in your lower half. We chat about beauty standards and why sometimes as women we battle with self-worth.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Slimming Style Tips for Belly Gain! (with Jennifer Jackson)

Do you find that you gain most of your weight in the belly area? As women age, this seems to be the case for the majority of us! If you feel a bit insecure about your tummy or just want some "sleekening" style tips, that's what my friend Jennifer Jackson and I are discussing today!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Pastor's Wife Style - Cowboy Church Edition!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 6 Ways to Protect Your Glasses

This week I'm sharing some simple ways to ensure your glasses maintain their flawless finish! Whether you're a daily glasses wearer or love your seasonal sunnies, these tips will keep your favorite pair in perfect shape!