THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Resting in His Peace

Join Sharon Bolan each week for Holy Spirit-filled teachings, prophetic words, interviews, and more!

ALONG THE WAY: The Post Modern Pilgrim’s Progress - with Joel Berry

For this special edition of AlongTheWay John Matarazzo talks with Babylon Bee Managing Editor, Joel Berry,  about the recent buzz at the Bee still in Twitter jail as they wait for Elon Musk to release them, Prophetic Satirical headlines, and the book that they really want to write. The Post Modern Pilgrim's Progress is an updated telling of the cl...

JOLT OF JOY PODCAST: How God Seeks You Out - No More Ordinary Day 8

Be inspired and changed by the story of Joseph Aaron, who learned how to live an abundant life despite circumstances and how God's love chased him.

LIV2DAY: Top 5 Toxic Offenders in What You Drink

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her Top 5 toxic-laden drinks that are important for us to consider. Given that our bodies need adequate hydration in order to run like a well-oiled machine, it's time to wake up, educate yourself, and retrain your habits.

LIFEPOINT CHURCH AZ: The Father in Our Day

Listen in to hear the LifePoint Church Sunday sermon.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Turn Up the Heat and Stop Being Lukewarm

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Revelation chapter 3 and Genesis chapter 46. We talked about being under attack, living lukewarm, and waking up from living a life of mediocrity.

EYES ON JESUS: Mama Bear Apologetics—Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies - Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Season 3 | Episode #15 - ​In this wide-ranging and insightful episode, we discuss waiting on the Lord and persevering through trial.


In Episode 11 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol talks to her great friend Monica about her story!

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: The Shulamite's Journey

The Lord wants you to know that just one GLANCE of your worshiping eyes overwhelms His heart. If you've had trouble finding His presence, or connecting with Jesus the way you once did, I believe today is going to free your heart in a powerful and precious way.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Living out Scripture in your Marriage

Knowing God’s word is important, but applying it is what it’s all about. This can be an area that you may be tripping up on in your marriage—knowing the word but not knowing what to do with it.

BUILDING STRONG HOMES PODCAST: Finding Silver Linings After Deep Loss - with Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson has had a lot of hard challenges in her young life but she's one of the most optimistic people I've ever met. Even though she's journeyed through the hardships she wants to be a bright light to those around her. You're gonna love Lauren!

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Spiritual Attacks and Distractions

InIn today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Revelation chapter 2 and Genesis chapter 45. Today we experienced a high amount of spiritual attacks, distractions, technical difficulties, and the like. Regardless, we powered through and God received glory.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Raising Kids in A Scary World with Danielle Poorman - Part 2

Episode #86 - Determining boundaries is hard in a fallen world. But boundaries help to protect us—not limit us. And we don't have boundaries if we don't keep them. Listen in to this episode as Denise Pass and Danielle Poorman continue their discussion about Raising kids in a scary world.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Cheating on the Enneagram and Exploring MBTI with Nicole Ayers

Episode #23 - Nicole Ayers is certified in Myers Brigg & in sharing her knowledge and expertise of the dimension of MBTI while comparing and contrasting with the enneagram.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Child Maturity - Part 1

Have you ever wondered why kids are so selfish?  The answer. They are supposed to be.  The primary goal of children between the age of 4 & 12 is to learn what satisfies them and how to take care of themselves.  Listen as we dive into the needs and tasks of the Child Stage of Maturity.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Melinda’s Worst Nightmare Became Her Reality... and She Survived!

HOW DOES A PERSON MAKE IT THROUGH THIS?  Listen to this full episode and find out!  You will hear the raw story of how Melinda walked through the valley of the shadow of death. You will hear about her dark times, her good times, and how God used people to help her.


DAD HACKERS: What it's Like to Be and Iron Man

In this special edition of the Dad Hackers podcast, Patrick takes you into one of their Iron Men Mastermind meetings to see first hand what it’s like to be a part of this exclusive band of brothers.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Growing Pains and Finding Purpose

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Jude chapter 1 and Genesis chapter 43. Today we talk about God‘s timing, living life on fire for Jesus, and having a sense of urgency.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Interview with CPT. John Arroyo, Retired U S Army, Green Beret

He was shot in the neck at point-blank range and left for dead by a mad man at the FORT HOOD MASS SHOOTING OF 2014. HEAR HIS AMAZING MIRACLE STORY right here on the podcast.

DARE 2 HEAR: The Power of Aligning Your Words to God’s Will - with Dr. Hakeem Collins

Dr. Hakeem Collins is back on the podcast with another powerful book. This time we are talking about the power of decrees and declarations by speaking and aligning our words with the Word of God. In today’s episode, we discuss breakthroughs, what breakthrough looks like, and how breakthrough is related to our words.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Finding Your Father - with Blair Linne

Join Carol McLeod this week for an eye-opening interview with guest Blair Linne on the subject of fatherhood.

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Preparing for Revival - with Dr. Kristi Lemley

There’s no doubt that God is ready to pour out revival all over this land. But, what do we need to do, and how do we need to posture ourselves in preparation for this mighty move of God? Find out as I interview my friend Dr. Kristi Lemley in this episode.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Dying to Self - with Special Guest Deron McBee (“Malibu” from the American Gladiators) - Part 1

Deron McBee, American Gladiator, shares his testimony of fame, fortune, and tragedy and trusting in God through it all. His testimony will encourage you to keep taking that next step. You will want to share this with those you know who may be struggling with loss, financial troubles, or addiction.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Trusting God’s Process and Timing

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in Jude chapter 1 and Genesis chapter 43. Today we talk about God‘s timing, living life on fire for Jesus, and having a sense of urgency.