Dr. Paula McDonald

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 9

In Chapter Nine, Dr. Paula continues by looking at the sounds of the fifth and sixth trumpet blasts.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to Others + BONUS Ask Dr. Paula!

Coming to you from her studio in North Texas, Dr. Paula McDonald records this time-sensitive message on the importance of connecting to others. In the midst of this February 2021 deep freeze ridden with power outages, water shortages, potential flooding, and more, across much of our country, Dr. Paula shares how now more than ever we truly need one...

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 8

In this episode of Exhale Bible Study on Revelation, Dr. Paula takes on a study of Chapter 8, with the opening of the Seventh Seal.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 7

Welcome to Dr. Paula McDonald's study on the Book of Revelation, her current series in the Exhale Bible Discovery. Join her here each week as she takes a deep dive into the Bible, going verse by verse, line by line.

LIV2DAY: Jesus Saved, Not Shamed

Today's episode raises the issue of a phenomenon that seems to be on the rise among well-meaning Christians - a disposition of "righteous anger," which sounds much like "righteous indignation." Dr. Paula breaks down the issue and explains why it matters and what we, as Christians, must carefully guard against.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 6

As we dig more and more deeply into this fascinating book in the Bible, we come to see clearly that there is nothing to fear for those of us who have salvation through Christ, God's gift to the world. Come with us as the stage is now set with John's heavenly experience prior to the opening of the seals.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 5

In this episode, Dr. Paula picks up in Chapter five, beginning right where Chapter 4 left off. We're still in the throne room, and what a beautiful glimpse into the throne room of Heaven God gives us in these chapters.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to God

Listen in as Dr. Paula McDonald walks us through the divine connection created by God to His children and all of the wondrous ways in which His designs are replicated in the physical world around us.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 4

Welcome to Dr. Paula McDonald's seventh podcast in her Exhale Bible Study series on the book of Revelation. This episode focuses on Chapter 4, and while it contains only eleven verses, it is packed with promises of Heaven where believers will one day dwell.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 3

Dr. Paula dives into this sixth episode of the Exhale Bible Study Series on Revelation with a detailed walk-through of Chapter 3. From Paul's letters to the three churches, to what it means to be clothed in "white," to the message of what is given to those who overcome, this episode is richly packed.

LIV2DAY: Navigating the Storms of Life + Ask Dr. Paula!

If you feel caught unprepared or alone, let this episode offer you some solid footing. No matter what life brings, the Bible provides us with wisdom applicable to any situation.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 2

In this episode of Exhale Bible Discovery, Dr. Paula takes us through Revelation, Chapter 2, and the letters to the seven churches. God is calling His children to wake up!

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Chapter 1

The book of Revelation is the unveiling of the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus and his message are fully revealed and introduced. Jump in with Dr. Paula for this "opening scene" that gives the reader focus, hope, encouragement, and splendor.

LIV2DAY: Healing a Broken Heart + Ask Dr. Paula! on Tips on Staying Healthy During "Back to School"

Who do you turn to in a time of crisis... when your heart is broken, and the grief can feel overwhelming? In the above scriptures, we are told to come to our Father. He is our truest confidante and our Comforter.


Have you ever had someone make you a promise, only to break it? Most of us have had that experience. Broken promises, or covenants, have had devastating effects on mankind. Conversely, we serve a God who keeps His promises. As we dig deeper into the book of Revelation, we are able to see more fully how His promises are fulfilled.

LIV2DAY: Attitude Check

As Christians, the attitude we carry into the world each day is a reflection of who we are in Christ and can speak volumes to those around us. If you think others don't notice, you're probably wrong.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Revelation Outline, History, and Prophecy

In this second episode of Exhale Bible Discovery, Dr. Paula walks us through a brief outline of the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation, laying the foundation for the lessons ahead. Be sure to visit drpaulamcdonald.com for the lesson plan corresponding with this episode!

LIV2DAY: Living a Life of Abundance in Christ

In this episode, Dr. Paula revisits the definition of the word "abundance" - its many meanings and what God intended "living in abundance" to be for His children.

EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY: Introduction to Revelation - with Dr. Paula McDonald

Never has there been a more perfect time to dig into the book of Revelation than right now. Eschatology is a Christian theology concerning the study of end times. It is the study of Christ, future return, the rapture, the final judgment, and the eternal judgment of those who have denied Christ. The ultimate message is the one that Christ is coming ...

LIV2DAY: Combatting Spiritual Drought

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her thoughts on the concept of a spiritual drought, something all believers may experience at one time or another. If all circumstances are circumstances from which we can learn, grow spiritually, and draw nearer to God, then what IS available for us in times of drought? And how do we move out of it?

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! - Exercise

Join Dr. Paula in this brief introduction to how to get your body moving one muscle at a time, even if you have compromised joints or a disability. You do not have to become a top athlete in order to improve your health and overall fitness.

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! - The Wonders of Water

Day 4 - In this episode, Dr. Paula goes beyond the obvious topic of water as vital to hydration, health, and balance in the body and dives into the three different forms of water as analogous to the three different forms of God as presented in the Trinity.

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! - Genetic Impressions

Day 3 - We are not only a product of our ancestors in terms of our anatomy, a tendency toward certain diseases, or other physiological traits; but we are also born with genetic impressions of their likes, dislikes, tastes, fears, experiences, and more.

LIV2DAY: Top 31 Replay! - Broken2Brave

Day 2 - It's inevitable that we will experience brokenness and pain in this life. How do we put the pieces back together? If you missed this podcast when it first aired last November, be sure to tune in now as Dr. Paula discusses the bravery within each of us that is available, and how being broken doesn't have to mean "forever."