Coach & Joe Audio

Jehovah Sneaky, Part 2

Episode #34 - In today’s episode, special guest Bryan Schwartz continues our look back into his past to discuss the supernatural power of God at work when he didn’t even believe in it.

Beards and Breakthrough

Episode #32 - Have you ever felt like you were just steps away from a breakthrough in your life? Join Coach and Blake Berg as they talk about the value of vulnerability.

Sin vs. Saint

Episode #31 - Coach and his special guest Blake Berg walk us through how to ensure our remembrance as a friend of God by staying low, hungry, and humble.

How to Hear God

Episode #30 - In today’s podcast, Coach and his special guest Blake Berg chat about learning to think like God and hear His voice. Is it a hearing problem or a hunger problem?


Episode #29 - Join Coach and Joe as they talk about exposure, hiding our perceived shame, and how it all traces back to the Garden.

Rejecting Prophetic Words

Episode #28 - Coach and Joe talk about how to honor prophetic words, not just tolerate them, and caution us not to judge the packages in which God delivers his words.

Lost in Translation

Episode #27 - Join Coach and Joe as they pose the concept that humanity may still be prone to consuming second-hand interpretation rather than discovering the first-hand revelation by knowing the Word of God. 

A Laughing God: Part 2

Episode #26 - Laugh along with Coach and Joe in part two of this podcast as they talk about valuing the joy that God offers when walking with Him.

Just Ask Your Dad, with Joe Keller

Audio Podcast Episode #131 - Joe Reynolds and Joe Keller sit down for another episode to chat about the thought that maybe God’s faithfulness can often look like rejecting our prayers for certain “blessings” because he knows that we’re not ready to steward them yet. They also give practical steps toward hearing the voice of God in some ways...

Set Apart

Episode #24 - God desires deep friendship with all of us, but on whose terms? Join Coach and Joe on friendship with God and the role consecration plays in ascending the mountain.


Episode #23 - We all go through different “seasons” in our lives. But is rest seasonal? Join Coach and Joe as they talk through rest, what it is, and how to find it.

Weakness is our Power

Episode #22 - While we are as clean as Jesus, we can’t just proclaim the promises of God in our lives without acknowledging where we come from and where we are now. Join Coach and Joe as they talk about weaknesses and God's grace.

Prophetic Promises

Episode #21 - Join Coach and Joe for a conversation on the prophetic—words, promises, fulfillment, and where our focus should always be.

Community and Vulnerability

Episode #20 - Join Joe and Tennison as they discuss community, vulnerability, and how they both play a pivotal role in our lives today.

A Regular Joe featuring Joe Keller

Audio Podcast Episode #130 - Special guest Joe Keller from the Ascent Leadership School sits down to tell Joe Reynolds the story about his year of wrestling with God like Jacob did in the Bible and how our healing doesn’t free us into independence but rather into even more dependence in God.

Competent or Covenant?

Episode #19 - Run with Coach and Joe today as they scale the hurdle of faithfully growing our talents while still learning to lean completely on God.

Dream Interpretation - Part 2 with Sean Curtis

Audio Podcast Episode #129 - In this episode, Coach and Sean Curtis talk about chasing baby ducks with too much chili, the brass tacks of dreams, and how to approach what Coach calls the “Ninja Land” of dream interpretation.

Challenging Love

Episode #18 - Join us today as Coach and Joe go after the misconception that loving someone where they are at doesn’t include challenging them to grow.

Friendship in the Waiting

Episode #17 - What do you do when God's promises seem to be on a completely different timeline than you expected? Join Joe and his guest Chris King as they talk through the process of finding God in the waiting.

What We're Really Made For

Episode #16 - Could our fight for reverence be at the expense of our true identity? Join Coach and Joe as they unearth Genesis 1-3 and find out what we were really made for.

Dream Interpretation with Sean Curtis

Audio Podcast - Episode #128 - Did you know dreams are a normal, even Biblical way to hear from God? In this episode, Coach sits down with special guest Sean Curtis to discuss some incredible dreams and some practical steps toward beginner dream interpretation.

The Truth About Judgement with Sean Curtis

Audio Podcast Episode #127 - Coach brings special guest Sean Curtis to the table to chat about the importance of embracing a loving, tender father who also judges and how we use doctrine as clothing to cover our shame instead of accepting God’s invitation to be naked and unashamed.

Do You Only Say What Your Father Says?

Episode #15 - Is intimacy with God more than just setting time aside to study the Bible? Join Coach and Joe as they talk about intimacy with God…what it is and what it isn’t.

Whose Dream Are You Dreaming?

Episode #14 - What does it look like to dream over yourself what Father dreams over you? Join Coach and Joe as they talk about hopes, dreams, plans, and what it looks like to go after “Plan A."