Coach & Joe Audio

The Tightrope of Paradox or The Pursuit of Paradox

Episode #56 - Join Coach and Joe for a spell as they pursue the necessity of paradox in our lives.

The Process and the Pearl

Episode #55 - Coach and Joe walk us through the importance of accepting suffering so that we can walk through uncomfortable territories and into our Promised Land. 

Kind or Stern: Part 2

In this episode, Coach and Joe explore Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and talk more on the joy that we can receive when we understand both the kindness and severity of God. 

Kind or Stern: Part 1

Episode #53 - Coach and Joe spend time explaining the double-sided coin of God’s kindness and sternness mentioned in Romans 11:22. 

Crushing Comparison

Episode #52 - Join Coach and Joe as they show us the kind of accomplishment God values and why we shouldn’t walk under the weight of comparison. 

Objectively Prophetic: Part 2

Episode #50 - Joe sits back down with his guest Lee Vartanian to chat about the responsibilities we have when delivering prophetic words.

Objectively Prophetic

Episode #49 - Joe sits down with special guest Lee Vartanian to talk about his role as the senior prophet of Bridgeway Church and what it looks like to properly steward messages from the Lord.

Follow or Hollow

Episode #48 - Join today as Coach and Joe make distinctions between following Jesus or merely believing in Him.

A Long Dress Rehearsal

Episode #47 - Sit down with Coach and Joe as they talk about finding true fulfillment on earth by understanding that it’s merely an entry point into eternity.

Preoccupied By Promise

Episode #46 - Join in today as Coach and Joe draw a line between spending time chasing the promises of God or focusing completely on connecting to Jesus as the vine.

Double-sided Discipleship: Part 2

Episode #45 - Join in today as Coach and Joe challenge us to pursue the supernatural and walk us through a practical road map towards finding (as well as being) a leader worth following.

Finger of God 2, Part 2

Episode #44 - Join Coach with special guest Will Hacker (director of Finger of God 2) in part 2 of this podcast as they continue a conversation on being all-in with God.

Finger of God 2, Part 1

Episode #43 - Join Coach with special guest Will Hacker (director of Finger of God 2) in part 1 of this podcast. Will looks back at how he got involved in making movies and the cost and reward of being all-in with God.

Double-sided Discipleship: Part 1

Episode #42 - Coach and Joe spend some time challenging American Christianity by drawing lines in the sand between genuine discipleship and the creation of merely competent people.

Friendship After Loss

Episode #41 - Coach and Joe sit down with special guest Cristi Morris, a woman who's chosen to walk in friendship with a good God after unspeakable loss.

Following the Leader

Episode #40 - Special guest Brian Fannin joins Joe in a follow-up conversation on the ways of true community, discipleship, and how to find leaders that are worth emulating.

The Methodology and Scorecard of Heaven, Part 2

Episode #39 - In Part 2 of this episode series, Coach and Joe talk about honoring the original discipleship structure that God laid out in His Church

The Methodology and Scorecard of Heaven, Part 1

Episode #38 - In Part 1 of this podcast, Coach and Joe challenge leaders to reconsider the true role of leadership in the Church


If we aren't investing in the generations to come, then what are we doing? Join Coach and Joe as they talk through the Legacy Campaign.

Reason and Treason

Episode #36 - Join Coach and Joe today as they help define the difference between operating in our human reasoning and having faith and obedience to do exactly what God calls us to do.

A Bold Approach

Episode #35 - In today’s episode, Coach and special guest Bryan Schwartz talk about the power of the prophetic, the importance of staying hungry, and how to boldly approach the throne of God

Jehovah Sneaky, Part 2

Episode #34 - In today’s episode, special guest Bryan Schwartz continues our look back into his past to discuss the supernatural power of God at work when he didn’t even believe in it.

Beards and Breakthrough

Episode #32 - Have you ever felt like you were just steps away from a breakthrough in your life? Join Coach and Blake Berg as they talk about the value of vulnerability.

Sin vs. Saint

Episode #31 - Coach and his special guest Blake Berg walk us through how to ensure our remembrance as a friend of God by staying low, hungry, and humble.