Coach & Joe Video

Just Ask Your Dad, with Joe Keller

Video Podcast Episode #131 - Joe Reynolds and Joe Keller sit down for another episode to chat about the thought that maybe God’s faithfulness can often look like rejecting our prayers for certain “blessings” because he knows that we’re not ready to steward them yet. They also give practical steps toward hearing the voice of God in some ways...

A Regular Joe featuring Joe Keller

Video Podcast Episode #130 - Special guest Joe Keller from the Ascent Leadership School sits down to tell Joe Reynolds the story about his year of wrestling with God like Jacob did in the Bible and how our healing doesn’t free us into independence but rather into even more dependence in God.

Dream Interpretation - Part 2 with Sean Curtis

Video Podcast Episode #129 - In this episode, Coach and Sean Curtis talk about chasing baby ducks with too much chili, the brass tacks of dreams, and how to approach what Coach calls the “Ninja Land” of dream interpretation.

Dream Interpretation with Sean Curtis

Episode #128 - Did you know dreams are a normal, even Biblical way to hear from God? In this episode, Coach sits down with special guest Sean Curtis to discuss some incredible dreams and some practical steps toward beginner dream interpretation.

The Truth About Judgement w/Sean Curtis

Episode #127 - Coach brings special guest Sean Curtis to the table to chat about the importance of embracing a loving, tender father who also judges and how we use doctrine as clothing to cover our shame instead of accepting God’s invitation to be naked and unashamed.

Tax Day Edition

Episode #116 - In today’s special Tax Day episode, Joe and Micah take a fun but hard look at Jesus’ instructions regarding taxes and whether or not we may be operating in more fear than faith when it comes to our finances.

Constantly Connected with Heidi Baker

Episode #98 - Watch Coach and Joe sit around the table with Heidi Baker, Founder and President of Iris Global to teach us about God’s desire to be constantly connected with us in every single aspect of our lives.

Out of the Box God with Corey Reid

Episode #111 - Coach, Joe, and Corey spend another episode diving into the notion that maybe our God is sovereign and may choose to speak in any way he wants, and that we could be missing his voice every single day.

Prophetic for Dummies with Corey Reid

Episode #110 - Coach and Joe grab a mug with their special guest Corey Reid to investigate the steps a beginner would take to hear the voice of God in their lives as well as some more advanced steps towards entering what Coach calls the prophetic “Ninja Land”.

Is Jesus Even Worth It? with Brian Fannin

Episode #109 - Coach and Preacher the dog sit down with Brian Fannin the producer of Coach and Joe to shoot him with some hard questions on the person of Jesus and ask why He’s even worth following.