Chris and Jamie Bailey

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The Essentials of an Emotionally Healthy Home

What are you striving for in this New Year? How confident are you that it’s the right thing for your marriage and family? Goals are great to have, BUT, if they’re not the right ones, what’s the point? Join us today as we talk about the value of striving for something really important—an emotionally healthy home.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to L.O.V.E. Your Way Through Conflict - Part 3

Today’s episode is part 3 in our 4 part series on How to L.O.V.E. your Way Through Conflict. We’re talking about how devaluing your spouse can be one of the quickest ways to derail a conversation and turn it into conflict. When you learn how to value your spouse it’s much easier to stay engaged and come to a resolution.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to L.O.V.E. Your Way Through Conflict - Part 2

This episode is part 2 of the “How to L.O.V.E. your Way through Conflict” 4 part series. Today we’re talking about really honing in on what’s going on with your spouse by the way they react or respond to you or what you’ve said or done.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Have the Best New Year as a Couple

Are you ready to have a great New Year? Or maybe you just don’t want a repeat of this past year? However you’re feeling about the year ahead, it’s important to have a focus, especially for your marriage. But there’s no need to be overwhelmed by setting big goals or making big changes. In today’s episode, we’re keeping it really simple a...

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Setting Boundaries with In-Laws

Do you ever feel like your marriage and your family are not your own, but instead just an extension of one or both sets of your parents? Are they calling the shots for your holiday plans, your schedules, and maybe even how you’re raising your kids? Maybe they just really struggle with accepting a no, so you’ve just found it was easier to go alo...

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Holiday Stress - Tips to De-stress this Christmas

In this episode, we’re here to help you keep your focus and have an intentional Christmas this year. Join us as we share some of the biggest stressors and dish out some practical tips on how to get rid of them so you can have a Christ-filled Christmas!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Help! My Spouse's Flaws Drive Me Nuts!

How much do you hate it when your husband is late for everything? How about when your wife’s makeup takes over the entire bathroom counter? Do these things drive you just a little nutso? Well, today’s episode is for you! We’re having a chat about what we can do about those flaws that drive us nuts in one another. The answer might surprise you...

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Help My Spouse with Anxiety - Part 2

Today we’re completing our two-part series on helping your spouse with anxiety. If you missed part one, be sure to go back and listen to it first. In today’s episode, you can hear more of our personal story and get some great, practical tips on how to help your spouse start the journey of overcoming anxiety.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Help My Spouse with Anxiety - Part 1

This is part one of a two-part series that will be sure to make you feel more equipped in helping your spouse move forward in a battle with anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety yourself, be sure to share this with your spouse so you can learn how to tackle it together. Anxiety is a real battle, but there is hope! We personally know that to be true!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to L.O.V.E. your way through Conflict - Part 1

This episode is the first of our L.O.V.E. series where we break down love in an acronym to help you be able to LOVE your way through conflict. In this episode, we’ll be sharing the value and the impact of what it means to truly listen to one another in your marriage.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Sowing and Reaping in Marriage

In this episode we’re talking about being intentional in your marriage—because you do get to have a good amount of say in what your marriage will look like in those golden, or close to golden years. We’re talking about the law of sowing and reaping. Join us for this hope-filled episode!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Dealing with Change as a Couple

Are you in a season of dealing with change? Maybe you’ve sent a child to kindergarten or college, or you’ve recently suffered a loss of a loved one, a job, or just your sense of normal. The reality is change is inevitable and we all must learn to deal with it somehow.


Join us on the podcast today as we share the truth about married sex and all the reasons to be having it. We’re also including some pretty astounding stats on porn that you need to hear!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Expectations and Assumptions

Join us for our final episode of the Communication Killers & their Kryptonite as we discuss the deeper problems with Expectations and Assumptions, and help you navigate your way out of them.


Part 2 of Communication Killers and Their Kryptonite Series - Words are powerful, but they’re certainly not everything when it comes to communication. In today’s episode, we want to be sure you know how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to communicating with your spouse.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Communication Dead Ends

Join us for Part 1 of the 3-part "Communication Killers & Their Kryptonite" series as we talk about 3 dead ends to communication. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging, we’ve got the kryptonite to help take away their power and get your communication skills up to speed!


In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of remembering—remembering the past year as a couple, remembering the struggles, the fun and most importantly remembering God’s faithfulness through it all.


Do you get stressed out during the holiday season? Holiday stress is a real thing that impacts the lives of many couples. In fact, we often refer to holiday stress as regular stress on steroids! Join Chris and Jamie to learn how you can beat it.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Gratitude, God, and Science

Are you grateful for your spouse? They don’t always make it easy, do they? But did you know there’s a lot of science behind what gratitude does to your brain and mental health? There are also big impacts it can make on your marriage.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Walking in an Attitude of Gratitude

Today’s show is the first part of a two-part series on Gratefulness. And oh, what a time we live in for living with an attitude of gratitude. If you can pull off walking in gratefulness during this season, you will surely be recognized as someone who is set apart!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The 7-Year Itch. Is it a thing?

Tune in today and find out as we talk about 4 things that might be making that 7-year, or perhaps that 2-year, 10-year, or even 20-year itch a problem in your marriage. Oh, and don’t worry, we will help you know what to do and give you some strategies to keep those nasty itches from popping up in the first place!


We’re asking each other a specific question, “What do you think we do that keeps our marriage alive?” Tune in to hear our individual answers, and then keep listening to find out what we both agree are the things that will do the opposite and kill your love.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Technology in Marriage

What gets in the way of connecting with our spouse more than anything nowadays? Technology, mainly our cell phones. They keep us attached to the outside world way more than they help us stay connected to our spouse. Join us today as we chat about the specific ways our phones can wreak havoc in our marriages, and then find out how we can use them fo...

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: What Not to Say to Your Spouse

Have you or your spouse ever gotten into hot water with each other? Chances are it’s because someone said something that they shouldn’t have. We’ve all been there a time or two, but today we want to help prevent you from falling into the same trap again.