Camille and Calvin Hanson

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: New Zealand Culture and Slang — Learn English with Camille

Do you speak Kiwi? Well, it's actually English, but "Kiwi" is the term used for people from New Zealand. During the First World War, New Zealand soldiers were referred to as 'Kiwis', and the nickname stuck.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Do you know your numbers? - American English Vocabulary Basics

Learn numbers in English with me Camille. Watch this video as much as you need and repeat after me.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: The BEST Spot in Panama City with @Ciudadano del Mundo

The Cinta Costera in Panama City, Panama is a massive green public park area on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It offers panoramic views of the city, jogging areas, and lots of food spots!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Languages and Culture with Janet Based in Turkey

I'm so excited to chat with Janet an English teacher living in Turkey but is Filipino! She is sure to have some interesting insights into language learning, travel, and culture. 

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: A Bengali Gives His Best Tips on Learning English-Iconic Indra

Indrajit (@ICONIC INDRA) gives tips on learning the English language and how he overcame discouragement from others to learn English on his own.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: YOOPER Home - Tour My Childhood Home - in Slow English

Enjoy a tour of my beautiful childhood home and land where I grew up!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: What's Your Love Language - Dating in America - Interviewing Men - PART 3

I had the privilege of interviewing three American men about their experiences dating in the USA. Learn about American culture and learn some American English keywords! They mention "love languages".

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Just 8 Months of Learning English!

My dear Brazilian friend Beatriz shares about her experience learning English only 8 months in. She is so brave for doing this interview and showing the REAL process and struggle of what it's really like to learn a language.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Spanish vs Portuguese - Which is better?

Calvin and I discuss different aspects of each language, Spanish and Portuguese. We cover some grammar and false friends. We give you our opinions on accents and which Spanish and Portuguese we like.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Dating in America - Interviewing Men, Part 2

Part 2 of 3 - I had the privilege of interviewing three American men about their experiences dating in the USA. Learn about American culture and learn some American English keywords! This is not a representation of all men in the USA but gives you one perspective.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Dating in America - Interviewing Men

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: An interview with Grandma - American English Interviews

What an honor to sit with my 86(June 4th was her birthday) year-old Grandma Betty and hear from her experiences in life including raising 9 kids! Enjoy the interview and watch for the English keywords to help you with your vocabulary!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: American vs Italian Speaking Spanish - Language Learning

My Italian friend Marika and I have a conversation about language learning in Spanish.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: A Polyglot talk with Lindie Botes

Thanks for joining Polyglot Lindie Botes and me for some language learning tips & tricks and hear about Lindie's experiences growing up and living internationally!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: The 22 Hardest Words to Say in English

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Common Weather Expressions in American English

Learn Common American English weather expressions with Camille! Get your notepads ready and watch this video as much as you need to master these weather terms.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Germans 🇩🇪 in the USA - American Culture and Language Interview

We sat down with some German friends, Daniel & Sabrina, that Calvin met through Internations Expat Network.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Nashville Tennessee y'all-Make-up Tips from Kaylea - Vlog with English Keywords

I visit my friend Kaylea in Nashville Tennessee for the first time! She shows me the sites (tourist spots) and some hidden gems ;) We hope you enjoy!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: The Cutest Southern Accent - The South

I interviewed my cousin Trisha who just happens to have the cutest southern accent *Bless her heart* :) She shares her experience living and growing up in the South (South Carolina).

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: 2021 GOAL - Camille's Best Tips to Learn English

TODAY is a great time to create a strategy for your language learning in 2021! Write down your goals, think positive, and watch this video for more tips to find success in 2021 language learning!

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: TOP TEN Mistakes Brazilians Make when Speaking English

I Zoom with my Brazilian friend and English teacher Fernanda and talk about the top 10 mistakes Brazilians make when speaking English. I hope you enjoy and fix some of your mistakes.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Cooking Finnish Pancakes (Pannukakku) with My Mom

I grew up eating the delicious Pannukakku! (Finnish Pancake). While in Michigan visiting my mom, I thought it'd be fun to do a vlog showing how to make this simple yet unique pancake.

THE HOLISTIC PURSUIT: Slow English Conversation about Daily Routine

Camille and her sister Jessica have a slow English conversation about daily Routines. Follow along with subtitles and watch multiple times to catch the phrases.


Fun and Funny — Do you know how to use them?? In this video, I'll give you the differences and show you some examples.