Audio Podcast

DAD HACKERS: How To Stick To Your Budget, Conquer Debt, And Honor God With Your Finances with Bruce Ammons

Episode #49 - Listen in to hear Brice Ammons talk about the mindset you need to develop in order for you to successfully stick to a budget and pay off your debt. He gives some very practical steps you can begin taking today to get your finances in order.

DARE 2 HEAR: Nearer to God - with Dr. Wayman Ming Jr.

The last 18-months have been a wake-up call for the modern believer. Now it is still to arm ourselves with spiritual truths and insights from the Bible.  Dr. Wayman Ming, Jr. and Debbie discuss how people in the midst of suffering lose hope, how Satan is a kleptomaniac, and what “gaptivity” is, and how hearing from heaven involves both sacred ...

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Worshiping Through Tragedy - with Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent stepped away from the spotlight to heal after the tragic death of her husband and childhood sweetheart while on a missions trip. That day would change the world forever. That day changed Tammy forever. Tune in for Tammy’s amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in a hopeless situation.

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Crisis is a Catalyst - Dr. JP Vick

Join host Donna Sparks for a discussion with Dr. JP Vick.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Spiritual Warfare - Part 2

Join Jaime Luce for part 2 of a new continuing series on spiritual warfare.


Join Pastor Roy Geesey with an encouraging message.


The weariness of life is often too much for us to bear. Thankfully, Jesus calls us to come to Him and rest, promising that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Join Carol today as she shares from Matthew 11:28-30 and several Psalms of the unmatched hope we have in coming to God, our one true refuge.

LET'S WALK IT OUT: Season 1 Finale—What Now?

This season, we discussed the stories of God's faithfulness, even in the hardest times of our life. But what do we do now? This is meant to be more than an emotional experience- if you let it, this could be your opportunity to change your life. Don't miss the season one finale of Let's Walk It Out!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Reset Your Mindset in 2022

We are victors through our circumstances when we reset our mindset with God’s word. Listen in as Denise shares principles from God's word to help you to reset your mindset in 2022. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Bringing Children Hope - with Denise May

Episode #120 - During the pandemic, anxiety levels sky-rocketed among children. After watching her students struggle in the shut-down, Denise May authored “Emmy’s Big Change” to help students navigate change, process anxiety, and inspire hope.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Spiritual Warfare - Part 1

Join Jaime Luce for a new continuing series on spiritual warfare.

BRIAN FLETCHER: Jen Wilkin Destroys Self-Esteem

Episode #28 - Brian Fletcher plays a clip from Ask Pastor John with special guest Jen Wilkin about identity and self-esteem.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Are You Out Of Context

It is easy to take things out of context in this fast-paced world. However, as Christians, it is important that we live a life in context.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Activate Healing Through Joy with Richie Seltzer

Episode #20 - Rejoice, and again I say rejoice! Activate your joy by faith and you will activate healing!  In this episode, Richie Seltzer shares a powerful testimony of a woman standing up out of a wheelchair at a healing meeting

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church - Group Identity—Maturity, Jesus, and the Sermon on the Mount

Part 15 - What if Jesus was constantly creating Identity statements for His followers to grab ahold of?  What if the Sermon on Mount was one big identity statement?  How would that change how we read it? Tennison and Ginelle will discuss these questions and more in this episode.

THE HOPE STREAMS PODCAST: Does it Work for You and Your Marriage?

You have freedom from your Heavenly Father to listen to Him, to yourself, and to each other to DISCOVER what works for you and ADJUST when it changes!

Living An Intentional Life With Rachael Gilbert

Join Jill and her special guest Rachael Gilbert as you learn what it means to be an intentional influencer and honor all that God has entrusted to us.

ALONG THE WAY: "The Dreams Guy” - with John E Thomas

JOLT OF JOY PODCAST: Rejoice in the Lord Always

God has given us clear steps for dealing with the heavyweight of anxiety we often face. Join Carol today as she shares from the wise words of Paul in Philippians chapter 4. 

LIV2DAY: Miracles STILL Happen!

And in this episode, Dr. Paula shares with you her story of a life-changing experience that confirmed for her that miracles STILL happen. Miracles happen all around us, really. And as people who pray, sometimes we see the miracles God worked in our lives as we look back, even if we don't see the miracle in the moment.

PAST TO POWER PODCAST: Fire Keeper Amy Grant

FireKeepers tend the fire at Amy Grant's ranch and there's a lot to learn about life on the farm in this episode. Join Amy Elaine and LaTan as we chat with Amy Grant about the art of tending the fire in our own lives.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How to Know When the Holy Spirit is Talking to You - Samuel Deuth

Episode #26 - Samuel and Katie Deuth are on the pastoral team at Awaken Church in San Diego.  They travel full-time ministering to churches and working to help church leaders develop a strategy for discipleship and growth. 

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Interview with Erica Wiggenhorn

In episode 32 Carol Interviews author Erica Wiggenhorn!


Join Gretchen Rodriguez in this episode, as she shares the powerful encounter she had with Jesus where He answered those questions. She will never again wonder if He cares, and she prays you will walk away from this episode feeling the same way.