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Today Becky shares lots of ideas to make gratitude fun at any age--from toddlers to high schoolers. We even throw in a few tips for grandparents!

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Your 100-Fold Blessing

In honor of our 100th episode, we will look into what the Bible says about the 100-fold blessing and how we can tap into it through a life of thanksgiving.

THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST: The Addicted Brain - Structure (Part 1)

Join Christian Addiction Recovery Coach and Counselor James Egidio in Part I of this four-part series titled the Addicted Brain Structure and Function of the 99Relapses Podcast.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: How to Receive God’s Compassion and Love

In today’s episode, we talk about the love and compassion that God exhibits and the natural part of his character. We also talk about the way of life and sin that indefinitely lead to death.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Progressive Christianity - Is It Our Garden Moment?

I wonder today if those same words by Satan are being whispered in some Christian’s ears, “Did God really say?” Progressive Christianity is pushing a narrative that changes what God said is good and right according to His Word.


In the last lesson, we witnessed the visit by Nicodemus, who was taught that the most important Christian message was to be born again. And then we saw John the Baptist give Jesus all the glory rather than to himself. After the events in Chapter 3,  Jesus now departs for Judea.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table - Part 8

Tennison and Ginelle welcome two more friends from the Table in this Episode, Callie Craig and Cathy Reum. Listen in as they discuss the beauty that happens around the Table, how family bonds are created, how what happens at the Table is different from other gatherings, and how being a part of this community has filled a space that they were longi...


If you’ve searched for HOPE for America and the nations, don’t miss this podcast! Every day matters and the MOVE of God that shall NEVER end is HERE.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: God Always Comes through on Time

Today we talk about God answering prayers and coming through in unusual ways. He doesn’t always work in the way that we expect but he’s always on time, and he never fails us.

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Wake Up With Hope - Why Should I Fear?

Join Sharon Bolan each week for Holy Spirit-filled teachings, prophetic words, interviews, and more!

ALONG THE WAY: For Unto Us a Song is Given with Jean Watson

Episode #38 - Jean Watson is a concert violinist with the voice of an angel. She shares how God reopened the door to her musical career and has sent her to the nations!

JOLT OF JOY PODCAST: Bow at the Feet of the Commander (Profiles in Greatness Day 12)

Jesus's voice is the only voice you need to hear in battle. Listen to find out how through this continued study of Joshua and receive your Jericho.

LIV2DAY: Numbers + God

Follow along with Paula in the discovery of just a few examples of how detailed and magnificent our Creator's numerical handiwork can truly be.

LIFEPOINT CHURCH AZ: Broken and Contrite

Listen in to hear the LifePoint Church Sunday sermon.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: What is God Trying to Show You in this Season?

Today we talk about being thankful, grateful, and keeping our eyes on Jesus even through times that are uncomfortable. I believe God is always trying to show us something, even in the middle of storms.

EYES ON JESUS: Celebrating Work and Finding Joy in Our Ability to Create - with Jordan Raynor

Season 3 | Episode #7 - Jordan Raynor helps Christians respond to the radical, biblical truth that their work matters for eternity.


In a world full of differing opinions and ever-changing cultures, it’s nearly impossible to walk through this life unscathed. At some point, whether intentionally or not, we will hurt others, and others will hurt us.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: How to Live in Peace. An Encounter.

In this episode, we encounter the Lord together so that He can do a deeper work of healing in our hearts.

BUILDING STRONG HOMES PODCAST: Building a Family through Adoption - with Stacey Chapman

Today I’m excited to welcome Stacey Chapman to the podcast! Stacey and her husband, Erick, have an amazing story of adopting three children, and after they felt their family was complete, they felt God leading them to take on one more.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: God Opens Your Eyes to Help Others Open Theirs

We talk about Paul actively preaching while in prison and recounting why God opened his eyes. He did so with Paul and every believer so that they could tell other people about the good news of Jesus.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Heart of the Father - Part 1

This week, Denise unpacks how knowing our Heavenly Father's heart impacts interactions with our dads and shares three ways our fathers can demonstrate care to us.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Enneagram Type 2 - Momentum, Getting Back on Track, and the Payoff

Episode #45 - Simple steps for Type 2’s to maintain the momentum, get back on track when they get derailed and what the payoff will be when they have put in the reps and done the work of personal and spiritual growth.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church - Group Identity—Maturity, Jesus, and the Sermon on the Mount

Part 15 - What if Jesus was constantly creating Identity statements for His followers to grab ahold of?  What if the Sermon on Mount was one big identity statement?  How would that change how we read it? Tennison and Ginelle will discuss these questions and more in this episode.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: A Word of Encouragement Over Anxiety

Learn how peace is a weapon that we use against the enemy. In this podcast, we are going to talk about the four principles to build your life: faith, prayer, God’s Word, Fruit of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, PEACE, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control.