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Genesis 13

Episode #13 of Ann Lindholm's podcast "Just" a Housewife. Walking through Genesis 13

Got Sin in the Game

Episode #127 - Listen as Denise Pass and Jennifer Elwood discuss how to counter sins behind racism and biblically-sound ways to address the top five sins lurking behind racism's shadow.

Live Unshackled and Free from Fear with Kathy DeGraw

Episode #25 - Are you tired of fear running your life? Learn how to conquer it and live unshackled with Kathy DeGraw, the founder and president of Kathy DeGraw Ministries, a prophetic healing and deliverance ministry.

Podcast launch with Josiah Alipate

Episode 6 with Josiah Alipate - For my podcast launch I'm asking my 8 amazing guests about a time they had Godly discernment and a time they did not in order for us to learn and grow together.

Truly Satisfied

Episode #57 - Find out where true satisfaction comes from.

Holy Spirit

Episode 3 -In this episode, we discuss the role of the Holy Spirit at He fills believers to seal their salvation, equip them for holy living, and empower them to be witnesses in the world.

God Speaks Through Dreams with Corry Robinson

Episode #21 - Listen to host Tammie Southerland's interview with Corry Robinson as they dive into how God speaks to EVERYONE through dreams.

Get Your Life Back with John Eldredge

Episode #110 - Join host Patrick Antonucci with special gues, John Eldredge, bestselling author, counselor, and teacher.


Episode #64 - Prophetic healing expert Kathy DeGraw uncovers the lies holding us back from receiving the fullness of Christ’s sacrifice in our lives. 

Finding Your Greater Story with Sam Collier

Episode #63 - When Sam Collier and his twin sister were adopted into a loving family the trajectory of his life drastically changed for the better. Years later his adopted father heard God tell him that his kids needed to find their biological mother… and that Steve Harvey was going to help

So Stinkin' Funny with Chonda Pierce

Episode #101 - Emmy® -nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce or “the country comic” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.

Podcast launch with Jon Groves

Episode 5 with Jon Groves- For my podcast launch I'm asking my 8 amazing guests about a time they had Godly discernment and a time they did not in order for us to learn and grow together.

Podcast launch with Jody Burkeen

Episode 4 with Jody Burkeen- For my podcast launch I'm asking my 8 amazing guests about a time they had Godly discernment and a time they did not in order for us to learn and grow together.

Beauty from Ashes, Mrs. Ashley Sloan

Episode #33 - In this episode, Jay and Jess get the extreme pleasure of interviewing the one and only Ashley Sloan. Ashley is a farmwife out of southern Oklahoma that has endured more in one life than anyone should, but she is here to tell her story of how God has worked it all for good in her life!

Reigniting Intimacy: Cherishing One Another

SD#77 - This month we are talking about reigniting intimacy in our marriage. Our words and actions matter and can affect how valued our spouse feels. Listen in to this episode as Denise and Clay Pass discuss what it means to cherish one another in their marriage. 

Boundaries & Enneagram Stances

Episode #11 - Being aware of boundaries, setting, and respecting them according to the enneagram stances (independent, dependent, and withdrawing.)

Men and Mentors with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring

Episode # 116- Our interview today is with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring. We discuss men and mentoring and a host of other relevant topics for Christian Men.

The Uncommon Girls

Episode #14 of Ann Lindholm's podcast "Just" a Housewife



Episode 2 - Why does a person need to be saved? How does salvation come? How do we know Jesus is the only way to salvation? Can a person lose their salvation? Why do Christians feel the need to preach salvation to everyone else?” 

Words Matter

Episode #67 - Not only are words important, but we must understand the power that is in and behind spoken words. We are designed to listen to what is spoken. Our words are powerful and they have authority! 

Pulling the Grace Card, part 2

Episode #126 - Our value does not come from our race, but by being made in the image of God. Racism is prejudice with power. But there is a power greater—grace.

Soar to New Heights with Blue Angels Leader Greg Wooldridge

Episode 24 - “The Boss,” Greg Wooldridge was a physically fit and heart-healthy former Navy fighter pilot when he was hit by an episode of Sudden Cardiac Death. A non-believer at the time, Greg experienced God’s mercy and the blessing of yet another second chance in a life blessed with many second chances.

Tim Keller - All of Life is Repentance

Episode #58 - Listen as Brian shares a short paper by Tim Keller on how All of Life is Repentance.


Nazarite Resurgence Part 1

Episode 24 - God is calling back those consecrated to him. The Lord is calling His people away from sin and the world. Samson, John The Baptist, Hannah, and others in the Bible show us the Nazarite journey. We see both failure and success in walking out God’s...