Amy Elaine Martinez

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Beautiful Warrior with Tina Yeager

Episode #113 - In this episode, Tina Yeager helps us to break free from the insecurities of a lifetime. Yes, the battle is on and now, it's time to learn how to win.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Connecting Your Story to God's Story with Denise Hughes

Episode #112 - We've all experienced trauma in our lives. Children cover up their pain and then grow into adults with underlying issues. This results in discouragement and disappointment with ourselves, others, and often with God. We don't understand why we act the way we do. But, there is help for getting real healing for soul wounds.


Episode #111 - In this crazy, mixed-up world we find ourselves in, God has designed a place (actually a Person) of Peace for us. We can run to Jesus to find calm in the storm. There is refreshing available to us in the Presence. And, because we have the Holy Spirit living within, we can change the atmosphere, bringing Peace into every situation.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Laughing Through the Dark with Chonda Pierce

Episode #110 - Today’s show with co-hosts, LaTan Roland Murphy, Amy Elaine Martinez, and special guest, comedian Chonda Pierce was overflowing with JOY. We had a sweet time celebrating the power of rest and the restoration of joy.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Special Guest Mary Southerland of Girlfriends of God

Episode #109 - In this episode, co-hosts Amy Elaine Martinez and LaTan Roland Murphy have a powerful conversation with Mary Southerland, offering practical steps to help you overcome the debilitating fears in your life.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Overcoming Addiction with Olivia Cook

Episode #108 - With over 40 years of experience, Olivia Cook helps us to recognize our adversary and learn how to defeat our foe. "God wants to set people free!" Liv declares. Like one who takes us to court and has brought a lawsuit against us, our adversary appears to be winning, however, we can know that God is on the move. He longs to bring heal...

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Jennifer Holt Smith - Leading with Jesus

Episode #107 - Living out of the overflow is where ministry happens in our everyday lives. We’ve all been wondering what it looks like to do “Ministry Outside the Walls of a Church” and Jennifer Holt Smith‘s book is the perfect one to help us out! Listen in as we talk about not just leading like Jesus, but “Leading with Jesus.”

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Real Relationships with Blythe Daniel

Episode #106 - This week, we have a very special guest, our literary agent, and friend, Blythe Daniel on the show. We’re talking about Real Relationships and so much more! Everybody needs a lot of grace every day. Today, we're asking you this question: "Where is God drawing your heart today?"

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Crowned with Michael O'Brien, Singer-Songwriter

Episode #105 - We've got Singer/Songwriter, Michael O'Brien on the show talking about his latest project, Crown Him, released in April 2020. Married to the love of his life, Heidi, known for his 7-year tenure with Christian band Newsong, and a much-accomplished 20-year music veteran, Michael joins us for a powerful show you won't want to miss.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Spirtually Fit with Andrea Tomassi

Episode #104 - Get a spiritual workout with our special guest, Andrea Tomassi, in this episode of RVR. Andrea's BARR METHOD for navigating life will strengthen your resolve and help you get spiritually fit for life! Listen in to hear how you can walk boldly, live victoriously, and go courageously with your hosts, Amy Elaine and LaTan.


Episode #103 - In this episode, Friendship Part II, we're talking about the spiritual connection that makes all the difference.


Episode #102 - Life doesn't always go the way we planned. “God uses the sweet and salty experiences of life to bake a beautiful story of grace, hope, and love.” Tara's book, “Eat. Pie. Love.” will give you the courage to keep showing up and believe in God's story for your life.