Seniors and The Harvest

Yours now is to walk beside, yours to encourage, yours to bring into My Presence.

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I heard The LORD talking to me, yet talking to all seniors.

“I AM bringing you to a place of seniority. A place of ‘father figure’-ship. Training up the next generation ready for the next move.

Instilling wisdom and patience into eager and zealous youngsters, as well as passing on your experience.

Bringing many into the presence and introducing them to the Glory. Shining, glowing with His presence in the Glory and carrying others there too.”

For The LORD would say, to all the older Saints, “It is time to train the next generation ready to receive the baton. Time to instill wisdom, patience, Holiness, and loyalty into them.

Time for them to fly like eagles, time for them to run and not grow weary, time for them to go the extra mile.

Yours now is to walk beside, yours to encourage, yours to bring into My Presence. Theirs is to take hold of the baton you have carried so faithfully for so long.”

“This is now a team game!” says The LORD. “No longer will My people plow lonely furrows. No longer will you worry about who will pick up your ministry.

I AM removing the “I” from your testimony. I AM replacing “I” with “we” as you share the responsibility and as you share the joys and sorrows of success and failure.

Seniors, take your place and prepare your successors for the coming race — for they shall prove as good, if not better than you, and you shall rejoice with them as they carry home the Harvest!”






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