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The secret place can seem elusive or hard to understand how to find. At first, it was for me. But, as I spent time in prayer, reading the Bible, and just talking to Him daily, a relationship grew within me.

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Dear ‘LB’ friends,

I call you ‘LB’ because we all have our own life beats. If we breathe, we have life experiences, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. My life has contained all of them, and I want to share some of them with you.

I could just share the hard times, but that wouldn’t give the whole picture. I’m thrilled to say I found the One, the only One, who gave me answers to my many ‘whys.’ I guess I shouldn’t say I found Him because He was there with me all the time. I just didn’t know it. Most of us don’t realize He’s with us. He’s only a prayer or a whisper away. I’m still in a process or on a journey to know Him more. He, of course, is Jesus.

I mention my secret place on the logo because the secret place is anywhere we pray and communicate with Him. While in my time of praying and listening, I, many times, get answers and direction. There is a Scripture in Ps. 91 that exhorts, ‘He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ The secret place can seem elusive or hard to understand how to find. At first, it was for me. I had thoughts like, What in the world is a secret place? If it has to do with getting closer to God, I want it, but how do I get there?

But, as I spent time in prayer, reading the Bible, and just talking to Him daily, a relationship grew within me. It didn’t happen overnight, but it came. I started to trust and love Him. With joy, I realized as I felt His presence, I had entered His secret place. At all times, I felt His acceptance and love. I never felt condemned or unworthy; just the opposite, I felt uplifted and cherished. Our secret place to pray and seek the Lord can be anywhere we slow down and tune into Him from outside on a bench to a darkened bedroom.

Many times, when I prayed, He talked to me with words of encouragement, love, and direction. I began to treasure those times. Prayers got answered, and I got more and more excited to be His child. I tell you this because the secret place is for all of us. He certainly wants us all to be there. This is why He created us: to fellowship and love Him. He longs to show His love to us. We may find it hard to believe that the tremendous God who runs the universe actually cares for us or longs to love our little lives, but He does—it’s true. He doesn’t feel we are small or insignificant. To Him, we are all special with our individual personalities and temperaments.

To begin, all we have to do is believe Jesus is Lord and receive Him in our hearts, turn away from any sins (that stuff we know we shouldn’t have done), and talk to Him. This may sound hard to some of us, especially if we have never prayed before. “How do I do it? I don’t know how to talk religion.” But He waits and loves our attempts and understands everything about us. He doesn’t want religion but, rather, a relationship with Him.

To others, it may sound too easy. We may say, “It’s too simple, too easy. There’s got to be a catch.” The same answer applies; He waits, listens, and understands. We are all at different places in our journeys. The thing to remember is we can trust Him. There are other things to learn, but for now, we have begun.

I’ll tell you in later reflections about my secret place, its beauty, and its comfort, why it was hard to trust Him and go from being a spiritual orphan to being His daughter. I’ll write to you about the many damaging, emotional layers developed while being raised in a dysfunctional family, how He graciously removed and healed the memories.

I’ll share a letter telling of my gratefulness to Him along with fun notes I’ve written of experiences of myself and others from a memory Christmas tree, a yummy soup recipe (at least that’s what my grandson says), “offerings” at the warm, sandy beach, and the rugged beauty of the Colorado mountains with its special wildlife of a deer family I call Doe, Rae, Me, Buckaroo, and Big Bubba (along with an adorable chipmunk couple called Chip, Munk, and their Chipettes). I will also be sharing about the trauma and sorrow of unexpected deaths of beloved family members, friends, and pets. Also included will be small chapters of books and articles just to name a few.

It’s been quite a journey so far, and I hope to help others with things I’ve learned along the way. I look forward to sharing them with you on a weekly basis…

Oh, yes, let’s remember to look for those happy beats moments.



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