Satan has Asked to Sift You as Wheat

You cannot follow your feelings, perceptions, or opinions of man in the days ahead.

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Listen to My counsel and heed My words, sons, and daughters. You must prepare. Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but it is the LIVING WORD that will defeat his plans and purposes. You must be grounded in My written Word so the Living Word can fully manifest through you.

You cannot follow your feelings, perceptions, or opinions of man in the days ahead. The principalities and powers hovering over the nations are causing spiritual clouds to darken My ways and blot out heaven’s presence with the glory it brings. To the measure of the written Word hidden in your heart, to that same measure will My Word COME ALIVE in you to displace the plans of the enemy. That which has already been written in heaven’s record is about to be made MANIFEST. 

The earth realm is seeking to overtake you, but the Living Word is stronger. This is not merely a mental exercise of reading words on a page for that which I write is alive.  Heaven’s pen has power and the ink of My blood cuts through the darkness like a fine-edged sword. But you must take the scrolls and eat them if they are to be food for your soul and weapons of destruction against the enemy. You must feed on My Word for your very life depends on it.

Do not yield to the fears about your physical body or temporal needs. Focus rather on that which pertains to your spirit. My Word is SPIRIT and it brings life and promise. The enemy cannot touch that which is born of the Spirit. He cannot steal, kill, or destroy that which has been breathed from My Spirit and sealed with My blood. The eternal covenant I made with My people can never be revoked and will stand when all else fails.

Know that NOTHING can go beyond My purposes. Lucifer is having his way, but not without My oversight and boundaries, for even he is under My jurisdiction. He knows the power of My Word, more than many double-minded “believers.” Just as he tested Me, he is testing you. You must be prepared to give the antidote to his accusations and the answer for your hope. My Word inside of you must go from words on a page to convictions of the heart for he knows the difference. Do not fool yourself and come up short by presumption. Your deliverance from the wilderness and ministry from angels can only come when the Word and Spirit have come alive through the testing and trials.

I tell you to store up My Word in your heart for the WORD and the SPIRIT are meeting in the desert to overturn hell’s plans.



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