Sacrificial Lamb

He is the only way—All else is a fraud

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God chose His only Son

as our ransom before time began

The sinless, spotless Sacrificial Lamb 

was sent to save the souls of man

Jesus knew there’d be pain and agony 

and that some would not ask to be set free

but Jesus was willing to pay the price

He willingly died in place of you and me

Jesus experienced excruciating pain

but never once did He ever complain

He asked His Father to forgive us 

stating that He would take our blame

Jesus carried our cross and became sin in our place

There is no greater love: He is mercy; He is grace

Jesus lived His entire life in complete obedience

yet treated as a criminal and betrayed with a kiss

A crown of thorns was placed and pressed upon His head

each puncture releasing His precious blood of red

Liquid love was pouring from all His broken skin

Jesus broke the curse and deceit of original sin

Jesus was slapped and spit on

He was mocked and stripped

He was repeatedly scourged at the pillar

and beaten with a lead-tipped whip

Jesus was given a robe for the King He proclaimed to be

and a reed stick for a scepter and knelt before in mockery 

Above His cross was the crime for which He was accused

The sign was labeled “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews”

It was nine in the morning when they crucified Jesus

He was nailed to a cross by His hands and His feet

Darkness fell and covered the land 

starting at noon and ending at three

Jesus said,

“Father, it is finished—

I entrust My Spirit into Your Hands”

and with that said, He breathed His last

Rocks split; the earth trembled

the sanctuary curtain was torn in two

Finally, many believed that Jesus was the Messiah

and that each word He spoke was the truth

Jesus was taken from the cross and laid in the tomb

He arose on the third day, no longer in gloom

Jesus is seated at the right hand of God

He is the only way—All else is a fraud

Jesus accomplished the mission He was sent to fulfill

He was crucified for our sins on a cross on a hill

Jesus is the Savior sent from the Father above

He is our Redeemer—He is Lord—He is Love

The earthquake announced victory over death

as many of the righteous were raised from the dead

They walked into Jerusalem as a sign to say

 just as Christ has risen, so shall we one day

”For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” 

John 3:16


Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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About the Author

Debbie always had a desire to write a book, but didn’t have a clue as to what the content could be. Children’s books and short stories piqued her interest most. She had dabbled with writing family-oriented poems, off and on over the years, but became overwhelmed with a hunger to write about God and His love in her late fifties. She started seeing God everywhere she looked whether it was in a deck of cards, movie titles, nursery rhymes, popular sayings, flower petals, or a baseball game. She finally realized that prophecy was being fulfilled when one of her sons told her that her poetry glorified God and was meant to be shared. The Lord’s words from an encounter in 2011 immediately returned to her. She had found her own way to speak about God just like He told her she would. Debbie is sharing her poetry in hopes that it will nourish and strengthen souls for the Kingdom of God. She refers to her poetic style as floetry, as it is the move of the Holy Spirit flowing from her heart to another. Her desire to flood the prisons with her book is due to God’s belief in her, and in her belief that no one can cast the first stone, but that everyone can help someone who is in desperate need of a Savior. Please visit Debbie’s Home Page for more information.