“Run to Me — Not Away From Me!” Says the LORD!

Let My Truth keep your feet firmly grounded and established on The Rock.

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I hear The Spirit say, ”Maybe you thought you could run and hide, but My Eyes see you!

I see everything. I know when you sit and when you rise. I AM behind you, in front of you, and beside you.

My Thoughts are constantly about you. Beloved, let My Love fully encapsulate you. Open your heart to Me. Don’t give thirty, or fifty, or even ninety percent. I want all of your heart.

You see, for you to Know and Understand the fullness of My Love, I must be given permission to inhabit every part. Yes! Completely and unreservedly, you must surrender to My Presence, or else the Magnitude and Power of My Love will be diminished and short-circuited.

If only you knew the depths of My Love for you. I tell you, there is no mountain high enough to keep you from My Love, and no ocean ever deep enough to flood it.

Oh, how the world has distorted the true meaning of Love. My Love is pure and undefiled, unconditional and unwavering. My Love is fierce and divinely jealous; It’s constant and unchanging; and when fully embraced, it brings Freedom and births True Identity, Divine Purpose, and Destiny.

My Love does not wait for you to become well deserving or worthy of it. No! For My Grace by-passes all your failures, shortcomings and weaknesses.

I loved you even before you knew Me, or had the capacity to recognize or respond to My Love.

Beloved, If you are lacking, or deficient in knowing and experiencing the depths of My Love for you, it is not because I have been unwilling or even slow to demonstrate My Love to you, but rather because you have resisted Me, and you have refused to make room for My Love.

For those who ask most of Me, will be given more liberally by Me.

A heart that is fully open to Me, is filled to overflowing, My Child. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Thoughts of inadequacy and guilt will cripple your Faith, and will only create higher walls that will block My Love from reaching you and ministering through you to others.

I AM looking for yielded vessels, those who will not wait to feel ready or qualified, but those who have fully embraced My Love and accepted My Grace, My unmerited favor, as the only requirement and source of empowerment in which to bring meaningful change into the world.

Yes, in Love I chasten, but this is needed in order to guard and protect you, for My Chastening Love prevents calamity and unnecessary suffering.

If I were to remain silent, you would surely fall into the hidden traps set for you by the hands of your enemies. So Embrace My Loving discipline, and let it keep you from stumbling and being taken off course.

Let My Truth keep your feet firmly grounded and established on The Rock. Do not be like the heathen, who harden their hearts to instruction, but be a lover of My Truth, and let it keep you free and walking in Faith and Victory.

Again I say, make room for Me. Allow Me permission to Love you, even if it brings confrontation and discomfort to your flesh.

Give My Love the liberty to correct you and reveal your areas of weakness. This is not to harm or condemn you, Beloved, but rather to mold and shape you into a greater likeness of My Divine Nature.

Be flexible and not rigid. Let My loving Hand bring a greater conformity to the design of your Divine Creator within you.

As you yield to My Way and My Will, I will dazzle the world with the Beauty of Who I AM in you.

So let Me display My Glory through you, that all who see you, will behold My Wonder working Power and Majesty on the earth.

Listen! Incline your ear, for My great Love is drawing you out and bringing you into My Heart in this moment.

I AM waiting eagerly for you to forsake everything else, just to be with Me, for the more you give to Me, the more I can give of Myself to you.

Beloved, know this day, that My Love for you is everlasting, and with strong cords that cannot be broken, I have bound you to My heart.

So come draw close! Run to Me, and not away from Me!”


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