Roses: The Fragrance of God

Is it possible I truly smell our Lord God?

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I had only been a Christian for a short time… weeks and was invited to a ladies’ bible study. I didn’t know anyone in attendance other than the woman who invited and drove me to the study.

It was a wonderful time of sharing the scriptures. Even though I didn’t understand all of the verses, I was eager to learn. After a while, it came time for prayer. There were different prayer requests; some for family issues, children and husbands away from God, healing for family members and friends, but most of the time, we just worshiped our Lord. The way the women prayed, I knew they knew Him intimately.I was enjoying myself during the time of worship and started to smell a faint aroma of roses. I didn’t raise my head, (even though I wanted to), because I didn’t want to appear disrespectful.  However, as time continued, the smell of roses became stronger. With my head still down, I began to think, There is such a strong fragrance of roses, is someone putting on perfume while we are praying? Surely they wouldn’t put their perfume on now! Are they needing to go somewhere and are hurrying to leave and opened their purse? Does it have a broken cologne bottle inside? It smelled like it was right next to me! 

The aroma got stronger and stronger. It was the most deeply intense, but so enjoyable aroma of roses I had ever smelled. I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to sneak a peek at the woman beside me. She was still praying with her head bowed down. I looked at her purse and it was in the same place; it wasn’t opened. I then knew it wasn’t her so I thought, If it’s not her, then who is it? I continued to look around the room. No one was moving and all had their heads down. I was perplexed. I lowered my head wondering, What is all this about? I smell roses but don’t know where it is?

At the same time, one of the women prayed, “Oh, thank you Lord for revealing Yourself to us today! You truly are the Rose of Sharon.* Thank You for honoring us with Your presence and Your essence!” Everyone in the room joined in her chorus of praise. I joined in with the thought, Is it possible I truly smell our Lord God? He’s really here; in this room? Wow! I didn’t know this is possible! Thank You, Lord, so very much for allowing me to smell Your fragrance even though I didn’t understand it to be You! We continued to praise and after a while, the fragrance left and we stopped our time of prayer and departed to our homes. I excitedly told my husband all about it that evening.

I have not smelled that wonderful fragrance since that day at the ladies’ bible study years ago. But, I still remember His treasure clearly and hope, one day, I can breathe in the Roses again. It will be awesome when you do too! You will never forget your moment with Him. 


*I am the rose of Sharon, And the lily of the valleys. Song of Solomon 2:1 NKJV


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