Rick Joyner’s Word For the Week: The Signs of the Kingdom, Part 2

America also needs a left and right-wing to be who it was created to be.

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Last week we introduced findings from the America’s Values Study commissioned by Marc Nuttle and carried out by George Barna and his team. To the great surprise of all involved, the findings indicated Americans have not been turning to the Left, as we have been led to believe, but rather decisively back to traditional, conservative values.

The study also indicated this dramatic shift to the Right by an increasingly strong majority of Americans is in reaction to authoritarian methods used by Leftist leaders trying to force their “wokeness,” “cancel culture,” and sexually perverse philosophies on Americans. One flashpoint that outraged even those on the far Left was the revelation of sexual propaganda being taught in our public schools to our youngest children. This was the “bridge too far” for many Americans, which began the major pushback. The question is, how far will this pushback go?

In 1987, I had a two-and-a-half-day prophetic experience about coming events and trends in the world that would lead to the greatest move of God ever—the harvest Jesus said would come at the end of this age. I wrote about this vision in my second book, The Harvest, which became an international bestseller. This was touted by Christians around the world as a timely message of hope. I saw and wrote then about several things we are now seeing in this extraordinary movement.

In fact, about three-quarters of what I saw in that experience has already happened. The rest now seems to be unfolding. One major event I saw in 1987 was that America would take a hard turn to the Left politically but then turn back to the Right, never to turn to the Left again. Then I was given a warning: we must resist turning too far to the Right.

When Bill Clinton was elected president, I thought this had to be the hard turn to the Left. Then, when Barack Obama was elected president, I was sure this was the hard turn to the Left. Finally, when Donald Trump was elected president, I assumed this was the permanent turn back to the Right. I was wrong again. Though I don’t have a great track record for judging the fulfillment of these events, it seemed impossible to me that America could even turn farther to the Left than President Joe Biden has jolted our country. Government leaders may still be confused by this, but the people are not. The people are decisively turning Right.

As I have said since 1987, just as an eagle must have a left and right wing to fly, America also needs a left and right-wing to be who it was created to be. However, if too much weight suddenly shifts to the extreme end of either wing, this can cause what pilots call a “death spiral.” The Democratic Party has already swung far to the extreme Left, and the people are reacting by swinging back to the Right. Though we may lose altitude, we will not crash. However, as I was shown, we will face a major challenge not to swing too far Right and spiral in the other direction.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being extreme Left and ten being extreme Right, America has, throughout its history, been about a six—center Right. However, after reading the first results of Marc’s study, I realize the American people may now be a seven or higher on this scale and trending further Right. Reactions to an offense tend to be more extreme and prone to violence than the original offense. Thus, we are now in a dangerous place. As our federal government and many state and local governments continue their authoritarian ways and disregard the American people, listening only to the vocal extremists, the danger of violence increases. For this, we must pray and do what we can to control.


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