Rick Joyner’s Word For the Week: The Last Battle, Part 4

There is likely more prayer going up to the Father today than any other time in history, yet most of it is about us instead of His purposes.

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“The Last Battle” is the battle for our own hearts and minds. Never in history has there been such a mental and emotional assault on humanity as now. As we continue to dig deeper into II Chronicles 7:14, we will see it is one of the most powerful texts in Scripture for dealing with the basic issues of our hearts and minds. Obeying this one verse will draw us closer to the Lord, which is the ultimate answer to every human problem. Of course, this will also help us become more useful to Him in healing our world.

Again, the four demands of this Scripture are to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways. Our failure to comply with this one verse is a major reason for the trauma in our country. As this verse is unfolded before us in increasing depth, we will see it contains the essence of our purpose and answer to every human problem.

It seems rare to find anyone walking in humility and not trying to exalt or promote themselves. There is likely more prayer going up to the Father today than any other time in history, yet most of it is about us instead of His purposes. How many are truly seeking His face and turning from their wicked ways? We repeatedly hear, “God would not let our nation fall because it is doing so much for Him.” Really? Have we not made it illegal to preach His word or even mention Him in public? Did He not allow Israel, the only nation that represented Him in the world at the time, to be taken into captivity when it turned from Him? He is the Almighty. He can raise up even the smallest, weakest nation in the world to do His will. Are we not the most arrogant nation of all to presume to be indispensable to Him?

Jesus said He sanctified Himself for our sakes (see John 17:19). We too must sanctify ourselves for the sake of those we are called to serve. That is why we must be patient and consistent in devoting ourselves entirely to fulfilling the call of II Chronicles 7:14. In it, we will find not only our calling but also a powerful lifestyle that can transform our lives possibly more than anything else. The most powerful life we can live is one that is fully obedient to the Lord. He is our Lord only to the degree that we obey Him. And when we fully obey Him, the power and purpose of His kingdom will be revealed through us.

Many know the four elements of II Chronicles 7:14, but how many heed them? To know the truth and not obey it brings judgment on us. So let us use our high calling as priests of the Lord to humble ourselves, not just to know these truths, but to know them so deeply we fulfill them.

True humility is one of the most attractive characteristics a person can have. In Philippians 2:3 we are commanded to esteem others more important than ourselves. If we humble ourselves, God promises to exalt us and give us grace, which enables us to abide in Him. This realm or condition of abiding in Him is above any condition or problem on earth. To walk in His grace is to walk as He did when He walked the earth.

Jesus was the Creator, as we see in the Gospel of John, Paul’s letter to the Colossians, and other places. He is the King above all kings who sits on the highest throne next to the Father. Yet He is “gentle and humble in heart” (see Matthew 11:29). The Highest One is also the humblest. Moses, the greatest prophet of the Old Covenant, was also described as the humblest man on the face of the earth (see Numbers 12:3). Humility is an obvious characteristic of true spiritual maturity. Are we growing in this, or do we remain “yet carnal?


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