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We should be far more concerned about making God’s history books than about making man’s history books.

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The greatest vision we can have in this life is to be like Christ. As we become like Him, we will begin to do the works He did as He continues to work in and through us. We can only do this by abiding in Him. We abide in Him by continually growing in our love for Him, and we do that by getting to know Him better. Since the primary objective of the Lord’s life was to do the will of His Father, as we mature in Him, this will become the primary objective of our lives.

To become one of the greatest lights in this world, we do not need to become famous. We do not even need to do great or heroic exploits. Some of the best-known people on earth tend to be the least known in heaven, and some of the least known on earth are the best known in heaven. Being well known in heaven is a far greater accomplishment than being well known on earth. So, to be what He has called us to be, we must keep our attention on what the Lord thinks of our actions, not on what the world thinks.

I was once given a glimpse into “the books of life,” which are God’s history books. His history tends to be quite different from those written by men, which are inevitably from earthly, human perspectives. This does not mean they are completely inaccurate, but at best, they are superficial with only a partial understanding. God’s history books are absolutely accurate, complete, and the only history that will ultimately exist.

To make men’s history books, one must do something exceptional in the eyes of the world. We can do something remarkable to make history yet live our lives poorly. In my experiences with heaven, things like faithfulness, endurance, patience, and faith in daily life are esteemed far more than singular, exceptional actions.

Those who never do anything to make the news or earthly history books but live faithful daily lives, resolving to do all, even menial tasks, as unto the Lord and to grow in their love for God and people are the greatest heroes in heaven. Their lives will have a much greater impact for good than those who do things to make themselves famous in this world.

That is why Jesus told His disciples, who had just returned from preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, and doing amazing exploits, not to rejoice in those things but to rejoice that their names were written in heaven’s books of life. We should be far more concerned about making God’s history books than about making man’s history books. Those who live relatively mundane, unexciting lives, but live them well, will be greater heroes in heaven than those who do extraordinary things but do not live well.

We will be great heroes in heaven if we do all, with all our hearts, as unto the Lord. Let us begin this year by resolving to sanctify our lives in this way. This is the path to true riches and the only fame we should care about—being known by Him. Let us all resolve to stay focused on doing what pleases God, not just what pleases people.

What does a day look like that pleases the Lord?


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