Rick Joyner’s Word For the Week: Signs of the Kingdom, Part 4

No matter how intense it becomes or looks like our republic has failed, we will never lose hope!

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With the encouragement of the great revivals and moves of God beginning to emerge, we are told in Joel and Malachi this will be the “great and terrible day of the Lord.” It will be both “great” and “terrible.” The devil always seeks to counter what God does, but the Lord always wins. We are also told that, along with all the darkness of these times, the light will win and the nations will come to it (see Isaiah 60:1-5). Never forget this.

I had a dream in 2015 about a most terrible darkness that would come on the United States, an evil from the deepest depths of hell that would attack across the U.S. Southern border. This will be the flashpoint that will cause the states and the people to turn against our federal government. They will become outraged that their government had allowed such to happen by not defending our border.

In the dream, I saw federal agents flee for their lives from certain states. I then saw the United States break up into several smaller confederations of states, which would form regionalized coalitions for common defense. Then my dream fast forwarded further into the future, and a new federal government was beginning to win the trust of the states again. This gave me hope that America would once again become the United States.

It has now been more than eight years since that dream. When Donald Trump became president and immediately took steps to close our borders to uncontrolled, illegal immigration, I thought maybe we would avoid the horrors I saw in that dream. In just two years, the Biden administration has made it worse than ever, and we are now drawing closer to what I saw in that dream.

I share this again now, so no matter how intense it becomes or looks like our republic has failed, we will never lose hope! This is a severe discipline from the Lord for the way our country has turned against Him. Still, the Lord will not allow America to be destroyed. He will not allow this because He remembers all who sacrificed and gave so much to build and preserve our freedoms. For their sakes, He will save us.

In 2018, I was given another dream in which I was shown American history from heaven’s perspective. I was stunned by how different heaven’s perspective is from our human, earthly perspective. I wrote about this in The Second American Revolution/Civil War book and cannot recount everything here, but at the end of the dream, I saw where we are now. A second American revolution/civil war doesn’t sound good, and it will be terrible for a time. However, in the end, it will be great.

What is unfolding will be another revolution/civil war. One side will seek to destroy our republic; the other side will seek to save it by restoring the Constitution to its rightful place as “the supreme law of the land.” Our Constitution is not Scripture, but it was divinely inspired and will one day become our supreme law. To date, it has never been fully implemented. We could not have allowed slavery or many of the other evils which have been released into and through our government had our Constitution been followed.

In the dreams, I was shown what to look for when God intervenes and restores us—a great new leadership of true shepherds who love the Lord and His people and will risk their lives to protect them. They will lead us in the way we must go.

Since “judgment begins with the household of God” (see I Peter 4:17), we will first see this in the church, but also in every nation that turns to Him. The Lord will raise up great champions of righteousness and justice who will war against the evil and insanity that hireling shepherds have allowed to come on our nations. Then the heart of the people will become strong and resolute to seek the Lord and His ways, and it will no longer be a cliché that our greatest days are ahead—they will be.

The church has true shepherds but not many. Our country also has true leaders but few. In both, Jeremiah 50:6 applies: My people have become lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray.” This will change. America will truly become the “land of the free” with “liberty and justice for all,” not just for some. Many other nations will as well in preparation for the coming kingdom of God.


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