Rick Joyner’s Word For the Week: Increasing Light, Part 2

The degree of this dependency on government grew with each new crisis because this was the course our nation had chosen.

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The first thing God said about His creation that was “not good” (see Genesis 2:18) was for man to be alone. Loneliness is not good, and it is not the normal state for anyone. We were not created to navigate through this life alone. We can learn to endure it and even prefer it, but we can never attain to the highest level for which we were created independent of others.

However, neither can we attain to the highest level of spiritual maturity—interdependence—without going through the stage of learning independence. Just as team players cannot relate to or be useful team members until they know what part they play, we must come to know who we are before we can rightly relate to others. We should embrace and learn all we can from the stage of independence but never let this become our ultimate goal.

We must also distinguish between codependence and interdependence. They may sound similar, but they could not be more different. Codependence is ultimate immaturity; interdependence is ultimate maturity. Also, codependence is a form of helplessness, interdependence is ultimate freedom born from a healthy decisiveness of knowing who we are and where we are going. This also enables us to relate strongly to others who are likewise strong in knowing who they are.

Perhaps no other nation in history began or grew with the level of independence experienced by the United States. This independence matured into a nation of remarkable interdependence as different states, industries, and cultures learned to relate to one another in a healthy and productive way. With fallen mankind, this will never be perfect or without conflict, but it was exceptional as compared to perhaps any civilization in the past.

After the economic crisis that led to the Great Depression, America changed course and began a historical retreat toward codependency on government. The government promised to make life much easier for everyone, and in some ways it did, but at a terrible cost—the personal freedom that is required for achieving the greatest human experience.

The degree of this dependency on government grew with each new crisis because this was the course our nation had chosen. This increasing dependency is fed by school curricula designed to condition students for compliance and dependence while penalizing creativity and independence in thought or action. As the wise continually warned, with each step backwards into codependency, there would be a corresponding loss of freedom and ultimately our potential.

This national retreat is now almost complete as our citizens are treated like children that must be micromanaged in just about everything. Those conditioned to be codependent on government have, for the most part, lost their faith in God and themselves, as our government has become their god, ultimate provider, and trust.

There is truth in the saying, “If you do not change your direction, you will end up where you are headed.” Where we are headed is toward totalitarian control and total dependence of a population on government. Whether we change our direction as a nation or end up where we are headed, will likely be decided soon. We are now dangling close to the precipice. However, we do not have to follow this path personally.

Biblical prophecy has much to say about the end of this age of near total world domination by a single globalist power. The only globalist power in biblical prophecy before the coming kingdom of God is evil and under the direct authority of the devil himself. This evil government will be presented first as the ultimate benevolent leadership with the wisdom to save mankind from destroying itself. However, its true nature will be the most cruel and devious control over all by a small elite that is specifically anti-Christ and anti-Christian.

This evil government will try to make the world think “resistance is futile” but it is not. The resistance of even a few will help lead the world into a bright new day and the highest level of human achievement—true interdependence on our Creator and one another. And not just on mankind, but on the whole of creation. The lion and the wolf will lie down with the lamb. Children will play with cobras, and no one will hurt anyone else again. It will be the ultimate state of true interdependence.

We must never lose hope. We must turn our hope into faith, and our faith into decisive action. Speaking of the time of this anti-Christ “abomination of desolation” in Daniel 11:32, we are told, “By smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly toward the covenant, but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” Those who know their God will not be passive but will display strength and take action, including defiant action as Daniel and his friends displayed before the ultimate totalitarian authority of their time. True faith makes people strong, decisive, and action-oriented. True faith is in the One with Whom all things are possible.

This new world we are here to prepare the way for, the kingdom of God, is not only possible but also inevitable. It is the sure word of prophecy from our God who cannot lie. This year, we will look at some things that will help us see more clearly where we are going, and if necessary, change our trajectory. To do this, we must align ourselves with the One who is coming soon to set the whole world free and make it what it was created to be.


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