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Do we believe that we carry the Kingdom of Heaven in us? 

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Where is your place in Kingdom work?  Another way to ask would be to say, “Where is your sphere of influence?”

God has been extending His Kingdom onto the earth through us, His sons and daughters.  

At first, Adam and Eve were exercising their authority and dominion on the earth, as He intended.  Then their sin and disobedience forfeited their authority. They lost the kingdom at that point.  

Yet, hallelujah, we are being brought back to the kingdom because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  

We are being restored and put back in our original place, our original position, and released from the curse of original sin. 

Our relationship with God is being restored first, for all else stems from that!  In that restoration, we are being restored to our authority.  We, as kingdom kids are daughters and sons who will be citizens of the heavens and live in continual relationship on the earth.  

Do we believe that we carry the Kingdom of Heaven in us? 

Wherever our influence extends to we can have that sphere of influence.  There is power in having an influence on one another. We can influence positively or negatively.  Let’s look at some scriptures for the Godly influences:  

“Give true justice to your people, honorably and equally to all.”  (Proverbs 72: 2-3)  

Are we deeply rooted?  The roots of your vineyard went deep into the soil and filled the land with fruit.  Because of your favor on your vineyard, blessing extended to every mount of influence.”  (Psalm 80: 9-10)

Where is your mountain of influence?  Remember years ago, we were all instructed and taught about the  “Seven Mountains of Influence.”  Maybe it’s time to revisit this teaching again. Here they are:

1.  Religion

2.  Family

3.  Education

4.  Government

5.  Media

6.  Arts

7.  Business

These are still the keys to taking a nation for the Kingdom of God.  Let’s ask God which one of these mountains (spheres) are we designed for?  Then, ask God to be specific about how you can influence that specific mountain.  

If God can give intricate details on designing the temple, He is big enough to give specific details on your mountain.  

Our hero, come and rescue us!  O God of the breakthrough, for the glory of your name, come and help us.  Forgive and restore us, heal us and cover us in your love.”  (Psalm 79: 8-9)

KINGDOM PRINCIPLE:  Restoration will occur when we call on our hero, our God of the breakthrough for the glory of His name.





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