Being in the proper position to flow with what God is doing is critical in this season.

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I was recently in a time of prayer and the Lord spoke this to me, “Reposition. I need My Kingdom people to reposition themselves in alignment with what I am calling them to do in the month of June.” The Lord has not spoken to me about a specific month or period of time for several seasons. So, when the Lord spoke this to me, I knew this was a strategic and significant word for the body of Christ. I truly believe that we will see some powerful things come to pass in the month of June. I also sense that it is important for each of us to be in the proper position so that we are ready for what the Lord wants to do. We need revival in the church before we can see awakening in the world. I believe one of the keys to seeing this come forth is to intentionally reposition ourselves to get into alignment with the plans of the Lord for this month.

This repositioning that the Lord is asking for each of us to do will look different for everyone. You may need to have a mental repositioning of your focus or perspective. Our mindset can either set us up for fulfillment or favor. We must have a Kingdom mindset in this season to see the Kingdom advance. This repositioning may be about getting into key alignments with other believers. Every minister and ministry has a specific mandate and anointing that they carry. You will benefit from aligning with different people and ministries in different seasons of your life as the Lord leads you. Listen for the Lord to show you where to align or realign. You may need to reposition who you are aligned with in the month of June.

We can also reposition ourselves by committing to a period of prayer and fasting. Fasting will always shift you from one level or season to what is next. Consider going on a fast to allow the Lord to reposition you this month. We can also reposition ourselves by evaluating how we are spending our time. Are you wasting your time on things or tasks that are unfruitful? If so, shift how you are spending your time and see how it repositions you for more.

Whatever the Lord speaks to you about repositioning, reposition in the month of June. Being in the proper position to flow with what God is doing is critical in this season. Each time the Lord has spoken to me personally about repositioning myself in any area of my life I have experienced an explosive breakthrough when I am obedient to shift. In the month of June, reposition and be ready to step into something new with God. There are powerful things on the horizon for the body of Christ and God does not want a single one of His sons or daughters to miss out on what He will do. Let the Lord reposition you so that you can manifest the Kingdom assignment He has for your life in this season!



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