Bring to your memory everything that God has done and raise your expectations to see Him do so much more in the upcoming season!

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I was recently in early morning prayer, spending some time with the Lord and thanking Him for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do.

As I prayed, I was reflecting on how when you step out in faith to pursue God’s prophetic destiny for your life, you’ll often find yourself on the edge of your comfort zones. Walking by faith will often keep you in need of the Lord to breakthrough for you because God is the only one who can do the impossible in and through your life. My wife, Autumn, and I are always going for it in life. We are believing for God to do so much in our lives, ministry, and business. I began to pray about some of the prophetic words He has given to us about this upcoming season and the Lord spoke something so profound to me. He said, “Remember.”

I knew that the Lord was saying to remember the history that we have together. To remember every time that He has come through for me. To remember every promise that has come to pass once you’ve gone through to process. I felt the Lord charging me to remember every victory He has won for me. As the Lord spoke this to me, I knew this was not just a word for me, but for so many in the body of Christ in this season.

The bigger that you believe for, the more things that will come your way. You have history with God, remember it! I don’t know what you’re going through. You may be experiencing spiritual warfare, some kind of sickness, or infirmity. You may have financial pressure or a prodigal son or daughter. Whatever it is, know that the Lord has been faithful to you before and He will be faithful to you again!

This is a season to stir up your faith and remember all that God has done and believe that He will be there with you every step of the way as you go after everything He has promised to you and all the things He had called you to do. In this season, remember your prophetic words. Remember everything that the Lord has spoken to you in the quiet of your prayer room or to your heart in the middle of a service. Remember the scriptures that align with the prophetic words that God has spoken over your life. My friends, remember how good that God is and how faithful He is, and watch your faith rise!

In this hour, you must understand the power in this word from the Lord. Bring to your memory everything that God has done and raise your expectations to see Him do so much more in the upcoming season! Saturate your life in the power and the presence of God and align yourself with Him. Just remember and keep moving forward with the Lord. You will see your Kingdom purpose fulfilled. God will come through for you! Remember!




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