Rediscovering True Wealth

For weeks, the Lord has been reminding me that we are in the process of returning to the backing of a simple faith.

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A significant movement in world financial markets is taking place. I used to consider such things as something mysterious or too complicated and not the business of the Church. Now I see those movements in a different light. They are prophetic reminders that the physical movements we see happening on Earth always follow what has taken place in the realm of the Spirit. 

Historically a commodity like gold stores and preserves value. Gold is not typically used as an investment. It protects wealth and has been doing so for millennia. It’s not like a 401k or a pension plan, or even a gold certificate held in an IRA account. These programs only make promises on paper of future fulfillment. These investments are becoming increasingly volatile as the global financial market becomes unstable. Gold is a historic in-your-hand kind of wealth that is now drawing the attention of individual investors and nations.

A group of nations has formed a financial alliance called BRICS (Brazil, Russian, India, China, and South Africa). They have purchased thousands of tons of gold. It has been suspected this group will use that gold to create a new currency based not on the thin air of paper money and promises but on gold, something the United States abandoned decades ago as the backing for our currency.

Other nations beyond the original BRICS group who have vast amounts of debt are now joining the BRICS alliance. These nations are also buying gold in record numbers in hopes that when gold has been eventually revalued, the increase in their original investment, along with the support of a new global currency, will offer them enough of an increase in value to clear their debt and make them solvent.

The developments currently taking place in world economics can provide indicators for believers of something not always visible or easily discerned. A return to a gold standard in nations now seeking freedom from the U.S. dollar hegemony is a return to what has always been considered something of historical value, like gold. The reevaluation of what constitutes true wealth is an indicator of coming change, both in the natural and in the Spirit.

For weeks, the Lord has been reminding me that we are in the process of returning to the backing of a simple faith. This reevaluation of our personal faith and how we do Church will require a return to a simplicity that has the passion and motivation needed to take the steps of faith required to meet the challenges we will face in the coming days. This kind of faith is backed by a simple spiritual commodity – the faithfulness of God and His ability to fulfill what He has promised. Simple faith is the historic spiritual gold standard of the Kingdom because it is backed by God and has proven for centuries to never fail us in times of need. If we build that kind of storehouse of spiritual wealth, nothing that comes our way will leave us bankrupt of hope.


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