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The greatest challenge to the fulfillment of a promise occurs in our hearts.

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An echo can travel for miles through steep mountain canyons. The sound of an echo bounces off hard rock mountain walls and continues to be deflected until there are no longer any hard surfaces to deflect its sound waves. An echo will end its course of travel when it reaches a soft surface where the original sound is finally absorbed. This why sound studios have soft foam walls to absorb all sound. Only a soft surface can capture sound.

God has spoken words of promise to many people in different circumstances. His promises always carry a promise of fulfillment and only one issue can prevent their delivery and fulfillment. The sound of a God-promise is looking for a softened heart where a promise can be received instead of bouncing off the hardness of unresolved anger, unforgiveness, and unrighteous judgment.

Our greatest spiritual challenge is not demons, toxic people, or challenging situations. The greatest challenge to the fulfillment of a promise occurs in our hearts. This is the only area of life of which we have control. God can fulfill impossible-sounding promises if we give Him a soft and pliable heart.



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