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I certainly would encourage you to slow down, don’t be tempted to rush.

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All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NASB)

Have you noticed how, as the New Year begins, folk set new resolutions, usually to diet or exercise, or both? Another popular resolution is the beginning of a new Bible reading scheme, maybe even for the first time. I recently read a post pertaining to this subject by Pastor Jim (The More I know about the Bible, the more questions I ask when I read the Bible); who isn’t beginning a new reading schedule but instead highlighted the importance of asking questions while you read the Bible – a healthy pursuit. It was this excellent post that inspired me to share a bit about my Bible reading practice.

For a few years, I used a Bible reading plan which took me through the entire Bible in one year. I became aware of how often I fell behind and that my reading was not what I would call great quality. I did gain some insight, but it was very often shallow. After trying out some other options which didn’t work well for me, I arrived at a simple plan. This new plan involves reading one chapter per day over the timespan of three years using the YouVersion App on my tablet; the App keeps a record of my progress, but I read at my table, taking notes as I go in a journal. I make use of the cross-references from my NASB study Bible in my note taking. I find this slower reading schedule to be very rewarding, blessing my walk and producing more material to share on Devotional Treasures. Some subjects that arise, such as the recent series on the names of God, make it into an A4 notebook for deeper study.

Another recent development is reading my Bible and following along with the audio reading at the same time. I find it particularly helpful to stop my mind from wandering off. I have been using this in conjunction with the repeated reading of one book of the Bible as described in an excerpt from a book that is an invaluable little volume on how to study God’s Word by a great student and teacher of it  – How to Study the Bible for Greatest Profit by R. A. TORREY: “Rev. James M. Gray of Boston, a great lover of the Bible and prominent teacher of it, says that for many years of his ministry he had “an inadequate and unsatisfactory knowledge of the English Bible.” The first practical idea which he received in the study of the English Bible was from a layman. The brother possessed an unusual serenity and joy in his Christian experience, which he attributed to his reading of the Epistle to the Ephesians. Mr. Gray asked him how he had read it, and he said he had taken a pocket copy of the Epistle into the woods one Sunday afternoon, and read it through at a single sitting, repeating the process as many as a dozen times before stopping, and when he arose he had gotten possession of the Epistle, or rather its wondrous truths had gotten possession of him. This was the secret, simple as it was, for which Mr. Gray had been waiting and praying.” From this time on Mr. Gray studied his Bible through in this way, and it became to him a new book.” This may not suit everyone, but I certainly find it beneficial for me.

In my recent experience, reading Scripture is like a bike ride in the Fife countryside; it is slow and methodical; you have time to see, hear and breathe in all that is around you. Sometimes on your bike ride, you just need to stop and soak in the scenery, watch the birds, or gaze at the clouds sailing by. I remember bike rides from years ago because I took my time, soaking in the experience. Yes, that is how I see reading the Bible!

Dear Reader, how do you read your Bible? I certainly would encourage you to slow down, don’t be tempted to rush. It is a personal experience, a meeting with God. Take your time to feel His presence and hear what He is saying to you today.



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