Pursuing Courage: Stepping Away from Fear

Like a screeching smoke alarm, fear causes anxious thinking.

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After being jolted awake from a ‘dead to the world’ kind of sleep, I clumsily stumbled downstairs. Heart pounding. Fear rising. Wondering if I should have called the Fire Department, before rushing to investigate.

Thankfully, there was no sign of smoke or fire—anywhere.

Fear is much like a smoke alarm jolting us from our comfortable lives to remind us of our great need for courage. 

But, unfortunately, courage doesn’t come knocking on our door to politely invite itself into our hard life circumstances. Instead, courage comes as we stand, fearfully, to our wobbly feet in our darkest dark with hearts pounding in hot pursuit of answers to life’s big unknowns.

Like a screeching smoke alarm, fear causes anxious thinking: How will my bills get paid? Will my marriage survive the stress? How will our children possibly grow up to be kind in such an unkind world?

Friend, please don’t allow Satan to be entertained by your fears or your life circumstances.

Get up! Go, in hot pursuit of all that Christ is—with all that you are. As you press into His power at work within you, courage comes and fear can no longer paralyze or define you.

Go, Dear One! You are wise, strong, and capable of living in progressive forward motion. Yesterday’s worst fears are squelched by your God’s life-giving presence within you. By courageously leaving behind fear and insecurity for a life of confidence and freedom you are actively pursuing courage, day by day.

So, carry on, courageous one!

LaTan Roland Murphy


Featured Image by Ruvim Noga 

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