Purity and Anointing: Perfect Love Part 2

The bride is a picture of contentment as the water overflows from within becoming purer as it flows out of her.  

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Jesus continues pouring out living water, liquid love into the heart of his bride.  This is the act of love he has been performing for all eternity.  Because He is Love, he never stops the flow of his love. It’s who he is. 

Jesus is still kneeling next to his bride pouring perfect love into her heart, the water splashes out, overflowing onto others around her, Jesus continues to pour into her.  

This love purifies, sanctifies, and washes the bride clean; removing spots and blemishes. 

Jesus pours, purifying thoughts, motives, desire, water runs deep into the soul of the bride cleansing every intent of her heart.  The purification runs deep within yet the bride is being transformed on the outside as well.  Her motives for why she does things changes her natural appearance making her attractive to the world around her. 

Jesus pours and sanctification occurs, this perfect love prepares the bride to be received by the Father.  The living water of God’s love sets the bride apart making her holy, nothing else can sanctify like the love of God, no religious activity, no sacrificial service.  Only the Love of God through the blood of his Son, Jesus the Christ.  It’s the anointing of Christ’s love that consecrates the body to be received into Eternity.  His love and only his love poured out, continually poured out without measure.  

Jesus pours and the bride becomes spotless, without blemish; sanctified.  She receives and Jesus loves, his pours and pours out a love that is perfect and holy making his bride one with him.  

The overflow of Christ’s love entitles the bride to reverence and respect, makes her productive and conducive to spiritual blessing.  The bride receives the flow of sanctification from perfect love aware that this is the only way to be pure and holy before our loving Father in heaven.  

The bride is a picture of contentment as the water overflows from within becoming purer as it flows out of her.  

Jesus lays by her side and pours his love into her, the living water washes the bride from all impurities.  This love conquers all sin and cleanses with forgiveness.  The bride opens up her heart to receive a forgiveness that can never be explained.  

As Jesus pours out over his bride he declares, “That’s it, your position is to receive to the point of overflow.” 

The bride takes a deep breath, relaxes, and receives.  She appears to be at rest yet this is her assignment, to posture herself to receive the unexplainable love that transfers to others as it splashes out and overflows.  

The bride laughs with ecstasy as she receives, realizing that this is the only way to touch others so they will experience the love that transforms; love that brings life to the dead.  She’s ecstatic as her mind imagines the lives that will be changed by the overflow of this perfect love; the Love of God. 

Jesus embraces his bride.  As he caresses her, perfect love flows from his heart to hers, every imperfection filled with his love.  The bride becomes flawless in his embrace. As love flows from the bridegroom to the bride they become one in perfect love. His desires have become hers.  His compassion for the lost, the sick, those who are outcasts floods her heart. 

This union and transformation of the bride into the image of Christ himself will impact the world in ways that nothing else can. 

Jesus and the bride are one. 

I see Jesus laying on the ground, resting, content, I see the bride laying on the ground, resting, content in the overflow of perfect love, they are one; indistinguishable.  This is the place where change occurs, real-life transformation.  

As we enter into the overflow of God’s Perfect Love, union with Jesus; we will be empowered by the Spirit of Grace to impact those around us.  

God has proved his love by giving us his greatest gift, Jesus his son, therefore he will not withhold anything else he has to give.  There is nothing left to condemn us.  

Jesus whispers, “My perfect love is the weapon that conquers all, nothing can stand against this love.  This is the life I have prepared for you, to live in my love Oh my beloved.” 

“There is no power above us or beneath us—no power that could ever be found in the universe that can distance us from God’s passionate love, which is lavished upon us through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One!”  Romans 8.39 

Jesus lays by his bride, lavishing her in love that overflows, splashing out onto a thirsty world. People come running to the bride and the Bridegroom from every nation and tribe. 

How he satisfies the souls of thirsty ones and fills the hungry with all that is good!” Psalm 107.9


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Featured Image by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash


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