Protecting the Credibility of Our Voice

We are not called to widen the scope of an audience by what we speak but to help people move deeper in their intimacy with Jesus.

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A passion for causes and issues can be a good thing if directed by the Spirit. How we handle our passion will determine if our voice is credible and trustworthy.

Our credibility is compromised when we speak from a pool of emotions not yet disciplined by a fruit of the Spirit – self-control. People lose credibility when they attach the prophetic gift to premature declarations empowered by undisciplined passions. Some who minister in this way perpetuate their ministry by offering a stream of dramatic proclamations providing the naïve with yet another emotional clickbait to feed their undisciplined passions. At this point, a ministry becomes an industry requiring increasing levels of promotion to keep it alive.

Protecting our credibility for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom involves dying to self, reining in our ambition, and challenging our need for continual affirmation.  We are not called to widen the scope of an audience by what we speak but to help people move deeper in their intimacy with Jesus. That depth is where trust and rest are experienced when the world is in turmoil and dueling prophetic voices are offering conflicting words.

On the other side of the coin are those who are equally uninformed and toss out the label of false prophet each time a prophet prophesies an uncomfortable reality. Refining and redefining are taking place in the Church regarding prophetic insight. While opposing parties dig in their heels to defend their respective positions, pause, and allow the Lord to speak to you personally.

You do not need a prophetic interpreter to filter what God is revealing to you. We all serve the same God who uses the same Spirit to reveal the truth and interpret reality. Trust the Lord to lead you through the dense forest of conflicting prophetic voices. As you journey forward, the Lord will make your path clear and sure. In the end, you will possess credibility only available to someone who follows the voice of the Lord, not the shouts of conflict and division.


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