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For war is raging in the spirit realm, but understand this, the enemy is losing ground every day!

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“Your President is praying! He is seeking Me, pursuing Me! The signs will be given in the skies, and the earth will speak as well.

When spiritual eyes are not open, many react in the natural, and in most cases, prematurely. This is so with a man that I watch closely. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. For he is questioning everything without speaking. But he will speak soon enough! He has responded out of pressure, but he will soon see the light, and he will revisit an old friend! For this, you can trust!

So now I tell you this! This one called Biden, his heart is calloused, and he is troubled. For panic is upon them, and they are fully aware that their time is coming to a close. They will try to distract and engage again with intimidation, but I have sent Angels all around this nation, and around your, President called Trump.

For war is raging in the spirit realm, but understand this, the enemy is losing ground every day! I am allowing the battle to continue for more reasons than you can comprehend. You must understand the mystery that I see far ahead, and what I am allowing, is uncovering a significant, deep realm of darkness that has been hidden for many seasons.

For it is I, My power, My voice, that has uncovered the darkness that many thought was not possible to reveal. The hidden agendas, plans, and decisions that are schemed each day are coming to an end.

In the days ahead, as righteousness sweeps through a nation, many leaders will address the facts and admit the wrongs. Some will be given grace, some will be given mercy, but there will be those that pay a price for wickedness.

Keep your eyes fixed to the December month, for it shall never be forgotten.”


Written by John Natale


This is an updated edition of a post originally published on John Natale Ministries

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