Prophetic Warning: We are Being Spiritually Molested!

What is taking place in this nation is a RAPING and PILLAGING of the righteous seed.

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*Be forewarned. This is a shocking word, revealed in a shocking manner. Yet, I believe it indicates the seriousness of the hour. Please make this a matter of prayer.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had two extremely troubling dreams where I was attacked, and I knew they were demons. The Holy Spirit revealed this attack was not necessarily personal, but corporate. I believe He revealed it to me in this manner to jolt us awake and expose the true nature of things now taking place.

The enemy is trying to RAPE the CHURCH.
He is desperate and his aggression has no limits.
His JEALOUSY over those who are called the sons and daughters of God has reached levels of insanity and he can no longer contain his rage.
What he can’t freely have, he’s determined to take by force.

There is a demonic principality at work in this land that seeks to rob us of our PURITY BEFORE THE LORD. He wants to impregnate believers with CORRUPTED SEEDS. Because of his absolute hatred for the righteous seed, he’s determined to DEFILE and PERVERT it. Our spiritual adversary seeks to defile our faith in God and pervert our intimacy with the Lord. He is looking for any OPEN DOOR to do this and will do whatever it takes to HAVE US AS HIS OWN.

What is taking place in this nation is a RAPING and PILLAGING of the righteous seed. This is spiritual molestation. You will know this spirit is at work when you feel put upon, forced, or violated. Holy Spirit never forces Himself on anyone and God never violates our free will. We must remember and rediscover the true voice of the Shepherd in these critical days. This demonic attack will be disguised, for if it were obvious, we would never consent. The devil traps us through fear. He will make us believe we have no choice but to comply for our own safety. But, we must not comply. We must fight for our freedom and wrestle out of his hold! This is the call to believers in this urgent hour. We are being ASSAULTED and MOLESTED by forces of darkness who are determined to not only rob us of our inheritance but forever alter our spiritual birthright.

The most effective weapon we have in fighting this assault is our FAITH. It was Abraham’s faith that was credited to him as righteousness (see Genesis 15:6). In like manner, it is our absolute and unwavering faith in the God of Abraham and the power of the cross that can defeat and nullify this spiritual attack on the people of God. It may be applied differently to each person, but we must all be on our guard against this spiritual attack. Discern carefully the spirits at work behind the laws and initiatives being implemented in our nation. Recognize the hidden source of these plans and apply your faith accordingly.

We cannot allow the enemy to violate us. We must see this demonic spirit at work and ask the Holy Spirit to infuse us with the faith of God to stand against this attack and maintain our righteous testimony. So, RISE UP RIGHTEOUS ONES! Say NO to the demonic forces assigned to rob you of your righteousness and defile your testimony. Take up the sword of the Lord and the shield of faith with which to take your stand. This is the HOUR OF THE RIGHTEOUS REMNANT. RESIST the devil and he will have to flee.

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. (1 John 5:4)

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