Prophetic Dreams: The Handlers Behind the Scenes

The long-prophesied “roar of the lion” will only come from an awakened church that is zealous enough to challenge those who dare attack our young.

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A lot of eyes are on fixing 2020, exposing medical tyranny, and ousting corrupt politicians. More and more people are realizing the need to speak up about the immoral and illegal activities that are destroying our nation from the inside out. But even as we continue to stand for the truth and pursue tangible evidence of wrongdoing, God wants us to look behind the scenes. He wants us to see who is pulling the strings and calling the shots in this demonically-driven agenda. And He wants us to see how they’re doing it. Dark magick is being performed by camouflaged agents who have traded their souls for money and betrayed our country to the highest bidder.

I’ve had two prophetic dreams in the past few weeks that call us to look deeper into the problems we face and call out the demonic source of our warfare.


In this dream from May 24, I was in a library of sorts and looked up and saw a skylight. Through this window I saw, what appeared to be, a fake witch flying on a broom in the sky directly over our building. It was fake because she looked like a Muppet. I could see the stitching of her arms and legs and the stiffness of her movements. And yet, her eyes were piercing, and watching us below as she flew overhead.

Then, I look directly above me to see through another skylight. I see this fake witch has landed on our building, poked her head through this overhead window, and is now looking down at us with this silly smirk on her face. She’s looking from side to side as if to dare us to look at her. It was apparent that she was supposed to elicit great fear in the onlookers as to the supposed powers she possessed. Without any apprehension, I look up and say, “What do you think you’re doing?” I was not impressed with this manufactured show of fear and I gladly challenged her presence – and performance.

The next thing I remember is walking into a room to meet some of the actors that came to perform this show. I look at one of the young men who is dressed in black and immediately know he was the one pretending to be the witch. He’s smiling like he knows that I know. I shake his hand and communicate the irony that “he” is pretending to be a “she”….and actually fooling a lot of people. I can’t believe more people don’t get it. The last thing I remember is seeing a young girl being taken up to the attic where she is supposed to learn the ropes to this new form of the dark arts.

As I prayed about this dream, two things stood out. First, was the absence of any fear. I knew I was seeing things through the eyes of the Spirit. What was supposed to be a shocking presentation of witchcraft to the crowd below was almost comical to me. I was looking at the scene as one who clearly saw the difference between what was true and what was false. I immediately saw the absurdity of this show and was unafraid in calling out those who were trying to fool everyone else into this manufactured fear.

The second thing that stood out was the fake witch. She was clearly a Muppet because of the way she was designed and the way she moved. When I researched more about the difference between a puppet and a Muppet, I discovered that Muppets are a very specific type of puppet characterized by the actor handling them. It is the actor behind the scenes that give the Muppet its character and persona. Thus, the Muppet becomes an extension of the actor portraying them.

Many have said that Joe Biden is a mere figurehead; a front man, a “puppet” president with no true ability to lead. Based on this dream, I would suggest he is more of a Muppet. Though I cannot confirm this, I wouldn’t be surprised if “44” himself was the actor behind the scenes, pulling the strings to Biden’s movements. Many would agree that this is probably Obama’s third term. How many more Muppets are performing a show that’s intended to produce fear and anxiety? It’s only when we see them for what they truly are that their deceptive spell is broken.

Interestingly, it is also said that the Muppet Show is “…known for its … burlesque nature, physical slapstick, sometimes absurdist and surreal humor, and parodies” (Wikipedia). Given the now-viral video, showing Biden’s fall up the steps to the airplane and him having no sense of direction at the podium, one almost has to wonder if this isn’t being staged – a show. Talk about an absurd parody! Another interesting fact is that the Muppets is now a registered trademark of the Walt Disney Company – a conglomerate that glamorizes the dark arts.

But, why would the Lord show us this? Why would He use these kinds of symbols to get our attention?

First, I believe He is showing us how to be totally free from any fear of the devil’s presence. It’s by viewing everything through the eyes of the Spirit. Satan knows the only power he has over us is deception. Once we refuse to accept his lies, we are free from his control and can clearly see how small and pathetic he truly is. We can then boldly challenge his counterfeits to neutralize their impact.

Second, is the call to look behind the scenes. What we are seeing out front in mainstream media is but a false presentation – an absurd play that has little to do with the truth or reality. Unfortunately, many are being fooled by the show being performed. Unable to comprehend this dark art form being used in the present-day, many have been taken in by this display of supposed power. I believe the Lord wants to remind us; IT’S NOT AS IT APPEARS.

Third, we must take responsibility for where this is headed. At the end of the dream, a small child was being led into the “high places” (attic) to learn this witch’s craft. Unless we rise up and shut this down, an entire generation is being led into the dark.


In this second dream from June 6, I found myself in a dungeon with other captives. I could see that the prisoners were purposely starved and uncared for. We hadn’t known each other that long, but because of our mutual plight, we had formed a bond of fellowship. We tried to encourage each other that it wouldn’t be long until this was all over. One of them was so thin, that he was afraid to even hug me. But we were steadfast in our faith.

The next thing I see is one of these prisoners meeting with their captor. The one in charge is posing as a compassionate woman and she has a doctor with her to “care” for this patient. They were checking out some of these captives, but I have a bad feeling about it. I don’t trust her. The appointment is supposedly over and I’m hoping she lets this prisoner go. But instead, she tells him that she has to give him something and starts to grab his arm. But then she unexpectedly grabs the arm of the doctor sitting down in front of them and rubs something on his arm.

At first, this doctor appeared as a kind black man who was simply caring for a patient. But when this woman “rubbed” his arm, his eyes glazed over and he went into some sort of trance. He turns around and reaches underneath a cabinet for something. At this point, I can tell he’s been programmed and has no idea what he’s really doing. And, his appearance had changed and he looks like Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol) and he pulls out a large black bat. I instinctively know he’s going to beat the prisoner to death. I now realize that this woman has programmed this doctor to kill his own patient. He doesn’t know that he will do it, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to help.

I wake up.

This dream is not hard to interpret. It illustrates the reality that we live in a captured country. We are being held hostage to an agenda that seeks to destroy us. They are trying to starve us to death. Not only are they not feeding us the truth, but they are also literally trying to destroy our natural food sources. It also clearly demonstrates how the medical establishment has been controlled and manipulated to kill its own. Plus, they have hijacked the entertainment industry to desensitize us to their methods of destruction.

But what we are shown is not just the “what,” but the “how.” There is outright witchcraft and mind-control being used to achieve their evil plans. This is foreign to most of us – especially those in the West. We’ve been clueless about the occultic practices that have been utilized against us – for decades. Calling them conspiracy theories and whacky right-wing views, we have been unwilling to consider the reality of these dark arts being performed. THIS is what the Lord is calling us to SEE.

From both of these dreams, I believe the Lord is calling us to penetrate the darkness with spiritual eyes and a supernatural perspective that cuts through unbelief and deception. He wants us to acknowledge the “how” of these wicked agendas so that our prayers can be targeted, and our responses are effective.

An example of what I believe the Lord is suggesting is found in Acts 16:16-34. It’s the story of the apostle Paul calling out the demonic interference in the slave girl. After following him around for days in the public square and distracting others with her demonically-inspired prophecies, he finally calls her out. It says he became “greatly annoyed.” It seems he put up with it for a while but finally got tired of the constant irritation and distraction. He knew the source of her so-called prophecies and boldly renounced the demons that were speaking through her.

I believe it’s time for some church leaders and pastors to become “greatly annoyed.” Many recognize the demonic interference and believe they can just put up with it in order to avoid a scene. And yet – until those demons are called out, people will stay in bondage. The fact is, that Paul and Silas were thrown in prison as a result of his actions. But, remember what happened? It was a divine setup for a miracle. Heaven touched that prison and caused a supernatural earthquake that broke the chains of all the prisoners. It resulted in the jailer and his entire household coming to faith. Rather than Paul’s rebuke being seen as a setback in his ministry, it became an opportunity for a miraculous breakthrough.

The long-prophesied “roar of the lion” will only come from an awakened church that is zealous enough to challenge those who dare attack our young. It’s time to stop “putting up with” the devil’s deadly disruptions and expel him from our territories. The power of the risen Christ far exceeds the power of his deception and it’s time we start exercising our authority to reclaim what’s ours.


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